A short guide to UX Design for a better business relationship with online customers

By Roman Berezhnoi April 27, 2021 633 views

A short guide to UX Design for a better business relationship with online customers

When it comes to designing or redesigning a website, business owners generally think of the way their website looks, which of course, is not a bad thing. But most of the top-rated UX design companies agree there is more to designing than just enlarging the logo, choosing the right background, and changing the font style.

The issue here is your website will be competing with the entire world, with over 1.83 billion websites. Therefore, you need to make sure that the visitors stay on your website for a longer duration. In simple words, it means that your website must be useful and usable to offer a great user experience.

You can find a number of techniques today that can be used to improve your business website in general. However, it is the development of a strong relationship with the website visitors that have shown the most successful results. So here are the tips and tricks that can help you achieve your business goals. All these tips were created on the basis of F5 Studio’s real experience for the decision of different issues of UX design.

Levels of reading

In order to improve the interaction with the visitors, you must know how people consume online content. With constant technological development, the time span for each visitor to stay on your website is decreasing gradually. Therefore, when they visit your website, you must provide them with quality information. This is because no one is there on a website to go through the entire content slowly. The visitor’s simply looking for points or important headlines that are time-saving.

Also, don’t think that the visitors read the pages in a linear order. They stick to what they are aware of or similar details. Most consumers scan the things they find appealing, and then they will go ahead if they want to get more details. In such cases, highlighted or larger text can be very helpful and can help the users find whatever they need.

Consumers want to have control

The visitor on your website wants to control their activity even though It isn’t real. Therefore, once the visitors open your website, they must be in control of the presented content. So, it is advisable to avoid using pop-up windows, especially those that take time to load.

Allow website visitors to engage with the content of your site.

F5 Studio created website design and built website for Moodja
UX design of third-party logistics provider site. See the presentation of project

Do not make the visitors wait

Website performance is the key that makes or breaks your business. The visitors won’t wait for your page to load. Also, they do not want to know about the unnecessary details. Therefore, to avoid such situations, you must always select a good hosting provider who takes care of all the necessary things you need without your interaction. For this, you need to read the hosting provider reviews as they are always a great starting point to narrow down the list of options. Further, make sure to develop a list of all the things you want and then find a matching plan that suits your needs.

Know your visitors

Knowing about the audience helps to provide them with the content that matches their interest. Once you have acquired all the necessary information about who your visitors are and what they are looking for, you can start creating the UX design that can be customized, especially for them. For this, do not hesitate to check out the competitor’s website or look for successful design patterns, as this will help you get an idea of your own to improve your website’s existing UX design. Also it is a good idea to invest in professional UI/UX design services, if you want to achieve business results by your website.

One rule you should keep in mind is never to make the users think of your page’s details. Also, make sure that your page contains only relevant data. Further, make sure to remove any questions that might confuse the users’ decision at the end must be logical and intuitive.

Personalized journey

Knowing about the audience can help you create a more personalized approach for them. It is only by creating and developing a connection with the visitors that you can improve your brand loyalty and make the visitors come back to your website. While on the other side of your website, UX design is similar to every other website out there; you will easily be forgotten among the other greatly designed websites. Therefore, make sure that your website UX design seems like real people made it as your customers are going to feel it.

UI/UX design for a website of car transpot services. See the presentation of project.

Emphasize important things

Instead of creating content, remember that human eyes do not always prefer something written. In today’s time, humans are faster at recognizing patterns, motions, and edges. In fact, the images can catch the attraction of the visitor more than a text; just like a bold, our highlighted text catches more attraction than a regular one. But make sure never to overdo it. 

Using subtle hints, you can ensure the visitors’ attention stays on the part of the website you want them to look at. Also, remember that the less the users will think, the better your UX design will be. So, see that your website design is simple.

Include a search box

Even though you have greatly organized the webpages and developed a good UX design, you cannot include all the essential details on a single page. Therefore, by including a search box on the homepage, you can ease customers’ work to find what they want in a fraction of seconds. It is also essential that you do not use generic searches but opt for effective and fast ones.

Do not forget that the visitors, while searching, tend to make a mistake. Therefore, improve your search to correct those unintentional errors or misspellings so that even if a visitor makes a mistake, the search Feature will still function the same. Also, make sure that the users are not just informed about the error but also provided a simple solution or instruction on how to overcome the error made by them.


Now that we know the key elements that can help improve the UX design of a website, it is now time for you to start redesigning your website to ensure it stays ahead of the competitors while fulfilling your targeted goal.

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