Alternative ideas to make Cyber Monday great without discounts

By Roman Berezhnoi August 17, 2021 1.91K views

Alternative ideas to make Cyber Monday great without discounts

The business people must plan for future times, especially when the sale prices have no connection with their respective business categories. You have to come up with creative and genuine ideas to attract customers and enhance sales rates. It will take enough time – so why not begin right now!

Millions of customers continue their online shopping on Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays. Business people make billions of dollars profit during this time only.

So, it is vital, indeed, to plan for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But if you cannot offer high discounts to attract your customers, there are alternative ways, indeed. 

Alternatives to make the most of Cyber Monday without Discounts

You can follow the conventional sales procedure with enough ease and confidence to make Cyber Monday work successfully. 

Every business store or commercial site offers some discount on their products throughout the year. The 30% discount on the products throughout the year might not draw the customers’ attention during holidays. There is a bigger chance of losing a lot of customers during the holidays. Here, you need to invent extraordinary ways to attract potential customers.

Moreover, discount sales are not suitable for all kinds of businesses. Some top-quality brands never believe in the discount method to delight their customers. The smaller business brands have fixed price margins. Thus, they can discount only up to 5-10%. 

Some business organizations make their services or products available at a fixed range for some specific purposes. For example, if you sell 20 pounds gift certificates, that are donations to fight climate change, reducing the price here won’t make any sense to the business. You will only raise less money. Here, you must look for other ways. 

If you find yourself in the middle of struggling to stand out from the crowd, without any massive progress, you may try the following techniques. 

Begin with a free consultation

It is one of the best ways to offer the customers a free consultation first as you think offering customers a particular service. It allows you to create a strong relationship between you and your customers, and your customers will begin to trust your initiatives.

When it comes to promoting the consultation, you must be specific about your services. You may declare something like, “We tend to offer a free, 1-hour consultation. During this, our experts will assess and analyze your demand and opportunities.”

Change the shipping options

As per the surveys, 36% of online customers stop purchasing products from online stores because of shipping charges. In that case, offering free shipping deliveries can increase the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. You can offer completely free shipping or free delivery on orders over a specific price range. Whatever your intention is, make it clear to the customers.

Donate a Profit Percentage for Charity work

According to studies, nearly 86% of the American companies donate a share of their profit to noble causes. Donation collection at the checkout helps to gain customer loyalty. The companies must take care of a few factors while doing selecting the charity works,

  • Respect and align with the customer values
  • Appeal to different range of customers
  • Be local to the area
  • Choose the charity sections associated with personal passion

There are different ways to contribute to good causes. You may donate 10% of the total purchase. You may donate more based on the customers’ choice of buying products. You may give a book to a needy child every time a certain number of customers purchase books from your store. 

It is necessary to make the customers know who you are helping and how the entire process works.

A laptop screen with home page of an ecommerce site that sells used tech
Laptopnuts is a Neumorphic website that was created by F5 Studio website design and promotion

Sell Limited (valuable) Edition Products.

Customers love to buy exclusive editions. According to the surveys, the more unique the product is, the more valuable it becomes. You, as a businessperson, make use of this idea to the utmost level. You can make the limited edition products available only on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

You may offer a specially designed coffee mug, t-shirt, or smartphone cover. Whatever the product is, you have to highlight the short-term availability of the product on the website to make the customers feel the anxiety to miss out on the product. 

Offer free eBook Download with a Purchase

You may include an eBook with each sale and make sure the book information helps the customers. You may select the eBooks based on the questions the customers ask you. For example, you sell tea leaves. In that context, you may offer a free eBook with the product that guides the customers about the boiling period for different tea leaves. The eBook must have an integral relation to the products so that the customers get benefitted from it. 

Give Bonus Gifts

Gifts add extra value to purchases. You can clear your stock by offering them to the customers as free products. Gifts like sample-size bottles or packets of body care products or cooking aids or ‘buy one, get one’ offers on Cyber Monday can increase your sale to a higher rate. The customers feel delighted to receive the day-to-day products as gifts.


These are ways to make your Cyber Mondays exciting. You need to be unique and innovative in your approach to stand out from the crowd. You can invent new ideas based on customer demand.

Hope you’ve found ideas that will help you. 

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