How to create amazing and effective sliders on Woocommerce sites?

By Roman Berezhnoi October 19, 2021 99 views

How to create amazing and effective sliders on Woocommerce sites?

Ecommerce sites use sliders to show new products, discounts, and offer the potential customers the latest updates to entice visitors to purchase. But is using sliders a good idea for an ecommerce business? How can it help to make more money? First, you need to know whether your site requires sliders. If yes, you must discover what kinds of sliders will work the best for your site.

In the article, we will guide you with a detailed view on how to create powerful Woocommerce sliders.

The advantages and disadvantages of using sliders

Before you ask to design sliders in your Woocommerce store, you must be aware of both the pros and cons of using sliders. Sliders are, indeed, not applicable for each website. The section will discuss the positive and negative impacts of sliders. 


  • Sliders have strong visibility and catch visitors’ attention quickly. On most sites, visitors first get to see the slides when they visit an e-shop. The sliders, featured with bold fonts and appealing images, highlight the company products, services, team members, location, and other significant details. The visitors can make a quick idea about products, hot deals from the sliders. 
  • Sliders are space-effective. One can showcase multiple contents at the same place of a page. 
  • You can always use sliders to inform the audience about the latest information and updates. You can use sliders for various purposes like discounts, special offers, using FOMO-marketing strategies, etc. 
  • You can disclose a wide range of new-launched products or the list of your top sellers on one page.
  • Sliders play the best role for photographers, artists, or graphic designers. If you are one of the above, you can showcase the portfolio images through sliders without using a large gallery on the specific page. 


  • Sliders with large image files might slow down your website speed. If you do not optimize the sliders, it can be a big problem for the conversion rate of a website. Many visitors can leave the site. 
  • Sliders are not always mobile-friendly. In that case, you need to choose the sliders carefully that will work equally well for desktops, tablets, and smartphones. If not, sliders are prone to cause a dull user experience. 
  • You might use sliders to display multiple offers at the same time. It is better to stick to using one slider to generate the best effect on viewers otherwise sliders confuse your visitors.
  • Sliders are not the best to generate more clicks. According to many researches, only a few website visitors click on the sliders while visiting a site. Most clicks occur on the first slide that is visible to the audience. 

In brief, you don’t have to use sliders in your ecommerce site only to use one. You may use sliders when it serves a specific purpose and brings positive potential changes following your business plan. You need to decide what format and layout are best to create the sliders based on your targeted audience and content. 

The presentation of website redesign
Quality Floors 4 Less is a great example of using sliders to catch visitors’ attention

How will you create a slider with Woocommerce?

The most appropriate place to develop a slider is, to begin with, a plugin. Various free and paid options are available for Woocommerce and WordPress. First, you need to understand the significance of each one before you consider them. You must have the answers to the following questions:

Does the plugin meet your commercial requirements?

You need to be sure whether the sliders show the necessary contents like products, deals, discounts, blog posts, videos, etc. Can you add other features like animation, texts, buttons, etc?

What about the сost?

You need to know whether the plugin is free or paid. Do you need to pay for additional features? Is it a one-time investment or do you need to renew the process annually? 

How to use the plugins?

Some plugins can be easy to use, but some plugins can require technical knowledge or web development skills. 

Do the sliders work smoothly on devices of different sizes?

You will want your slider to look the best on every device to all the visitors. Make sure that the plugin you select works equally well on desktop, tablet, and smartphone through an automatic resizing process, without any complications.

Can you optimize the speed?

You must ensure whether the plugin developers consider the speed. Do the demos and samples load quickly? 

You can read the reviews to find out the best option. 

Does the plugin have good reviews?

You should check the plugin rates and see whether people like it or not. If the users complain about the plugin, what the most common complaints are?

Is the plugin well supported?

Support forums and a ticketing system are positive signals for making a decision to buy a plugin. Also it is reasonable to ask a vendor about the plugin updates to work with the latest version of WordPress.

How to create more attractive and catchy Slider Images?

You may use photo editing tools to design your slides. You can also create the slides directly with the help of the plugin. Also, you can hire a professional designer, who specializes in banner ad design services. These are some of the best slide design practices.

Use of high-quality Images

Quality image is the base of a slide. You must make sure that the subject should be the central focus and everything is clear to the viewers. You need to choose large-size images if your slider is full-width. 

Creative and unique content

If you wish to add text and buttons to your sliders, you can consider the slider to expand beyond the normal central alignment. You can place the content at any side of the image to highlight it. Make sure the content is creative enough to catch and retain the attention of visitors. 

Use of faces

You can use faces in your slides, if possible. According to researchers, parts of our brains respond to faces more quickly than to other forms. To attract the attention of your visitors you can use faces and express a specific emotion through facial expressions. For example, a smiling face always offers positive vibes. 

Choice of font and colours

The choice of fonts and colors must align with the brand and design of your website. The right choice of color and font makes the content appealing for the viewers to read. You can place the content at the top of the images to keep them at the top of the attraction point. Various ways are prevalent to make your fonts look highlighted on the background image.

  • In case, the image content is not the crux of your slide, you can darken or lighten the color of the image. Create a strong contrast between the background color and the font color.
  • You can use white space to focus both the image and the content. The white space drives the viewers’ attention to the pictures and texts more.
  • Use a darker background behind the light-colored texts to make the content more readable.
  • You can apply a small drop shadow to make the fonts pop up from the background.

One of the most significant factors is to create clear color contrast between the texts and background. 

Tips of conversion with sliders

The main objective of the sliders is not always to generate more sales. It also updates the viewers with the latest information and displays new products and services. Anyway the professional ecommerce website development company always adds buttons and links to instruct the viewer regarding their next steps.

Calls to Action

You must drive the viewers to take action. The CTA must be in central focus with bright color and right fonts.

Clean Navigation Process

You must make the navigation process easy for the visitors to offer them more information. Use arrows and bullets to smoothen the process.

Less Complication

Less complicated sliders attract more viewers. The use of animations, colors, and visual effects with the right message makes the process fun for the visitors. 


The slider with accessibility to the differently-abled visitor is the best to choose. Right color contrast, alt text, and mobile-friendly slides make the visitors more attracted to your site. 

Concise Texts

Make the points clear and concise. There is no need to add paragraphs to every slide.

Ways to Optimize a Slider for Speed

  • Use the smallest size of the image if needed to enhance the speed.
  • Reduce the image size and compress them before the upload process.
  • No need to add images unnecessarily
  • Turn on the plugin-specific speed settings
  • Make use of image CDN
  • Host off-site videos

Final takeaways

While adding a slider to the WooCommerce store, you need to ensure whether the process is apt. Firstly, you need to decide who your targeted audiences are, and how to optimize the sliders for those specific visitors. You can contact an experienced ecommerce website development company to create powerful ecommerce sliders.  

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