Digital marketing for law firms

By Roman Berezhnoi October 13, 2020 128 views

Digital marketing for law firms

The competition on the legal market is fierce and being the best lawyer isn’t enough to be successful in this business, now. The main reason is the legal market is grossly oversaturated. It has been for years and will probably continue to be.

If you want to find enough decent clients legal marketing is a significant step for the success of law firms. With well thought out and executed strategies, it is possible to achieve excellent results in attracting and retaining customers. 

What is legal marketing for law firms?

Legal marketing is a positioning strategy for law firms in the market to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time. The execution of this strategy will enable you to show the world what your specialties are and what problems you solve. It is what will bring to your business not only customers but the right customers. 

The first step to “get there” is to change the way you see advocacy. Digital legal marketing is a little bit different from what most people know as marketing. The internet has changed the way we do business. 

If you believe that billboards and newspaper ads are going to do the job for your law firm, you are mistaken.

Your responsibilities for your clients have not changed, so you should create informative and educational material about the services you provide. It can be done through videos on the YouTube channel, blog articles, Facebook, Instagram posts, etc. Having an SEO optimized and responsive website is also mandatory. In other words, you need to use digital marketing for your law firm.

Well, let’s go deeper, then.

Why invest in digital legal marketing?

Word of mouth is still a widespread practice in acquiring clients in law, but it is far from being the only one and may not be the best for new law firms. Implementing digital marketing strategies with professionals allows you to reach more people and win potential audiences. And a good relationship is the most effective way to retain customers.

Have you ever heard the phrase “those who are not seen are not remembered”? Well, if you don’t show up, who’s going to hire you? Putting digital marketing actions into practice brings your brand closer to your target audience and turns customers into admirers of your work. Nobody will hire a professional who doesn’t trust them, and that goes for any profession. At this point, digital legal marketing comes in strongly, as it allows you to show what your strengths and expertise are to the client. 

As a trusted attorney, you need to be present in the lives of your current clients. If you invest time in your target audience’s daily life to clear up small doubts and help the audience in joint problems, it leads you to gain authority. And just as legal marketing helps to build trust, it also helps to make that authority. 

Qualitative legal website 

It is nothing new for anyone that most consumers search for products and services on the internet. In the legal market, most of the time, a potential client’s first contact with a law firm is made through the digital environment. Having an excellent online presence and a good website for lawyers is no longer a detail. Your site should act as your own personal on-call sales representative. In short, this means that your site needs to be a  professional tool for your firm.

To make your site of your firm’s number one marketing asset., you must consider these aspects: 

  • FAST 

A good website is essential to generate credibility and more business for your office. After all, a website for lawyers is a real business card that can start good partnerships with clients. So if you intend to increase your prospecting potential and bring more results to your office, starting with a website is the first step.

Where do you begin?

Identifying your target audience is the only way. It is the basis of your marketing. Unfortunately, many business owners ignore this step. But it is a bad idea to start from a simple design for a common site of a law firm. Visually appealing and authority based on the great user experience design, right color scheme, brand identity. You can’t create the good UX design without understanding your target audience.

As you can see it is a challenging task to create a professional site for a law company. For this reason, we strongly recommend hiring a digital agency from Top Lawyer Web Designers Of 2020 or another list of professional agencies.

When hiring, pay attention to agency’s approach. At F5 Studio we provide customers research to understand their pains, needs and expectations. To do so, our UI/UX designers combine traditional marketing methods with Value Proposition Canvas approach. This way is really cost-effective, so our clients get a qualitative website design with brand identity that includes professional logo design.

Of course, website design is only half the battle. Your site should flow well. The professional digital agency selects the right stack of technologies for your site and offers experienced website developers. Most digital agencies offer you WordPress development services to create a site for your law firm. Actually, in many cases WordPress is a good platform to create an attractive business website. You can find benefits of WordPress in the article about the process of creation and redesign of corporate websites. The common practice of website development process in digital agencies is testing before the site will be launched. Professional web developers make a site fast and responsive.

How much does it cost? Is it expensive? You can get a professional website with custom web design, basic SEO for $1,000. Of course, if you need specific solutions, the cost of a website may be higher than $1,000. From our experience, the average price of a law firm site is rarely over $2,000-2,500. As you can see it is a small investment for this business.

The section of a webpage of lawyer fiirm site with Themis statue
The full presentation of the project on Behance

And you will get more advantages, if you hire a digital agency. It is impossible to promote a website without content, search engine optimization and other digital marketing techniques. 

SEO for the sites of attorneys

Search engine optimization is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines. SEO services are a set of specific techniques which by doing this, you increase your web authority and be found by clients who need lawyers in your field. In short words, SEO is a part of your marketing to attract more clients from search engines (Google, Bing).

If you have low site traffic, no clients from web search, you can try SEO. There are basic steps 

  • provide SEO audit to find issues
  • Find suitable keywords
  • Create relevant content around keywords, optimize h1, h2, h3 on pages with keywords (on-page SEO)
  • Implement schema markup
  • Carry out a strategy of getting inbound links from other websites (off-page SEO)
  • Local SEO

From this first step, use keywords related to your search results to create content for your website. It is called semantic search. Including images or videos has been found to help search engines find related websites for the keywords entered by their users more efficiently. For this reason, you must accompany your text with images or videos.

Of course, it’d be better to entrust search engine optimization to professional SEOs. In fact SEO services are affordable. The real SEO specialists know which strategy they need to use and how to implement it in the cost-effective way. Also, you should avoid SEO agencies which provide services for $200 per month. They do nothing in most cases. Professional SEO specialists start from the audit of your marketing. Obviously, it is good when web designers, web developers and SEOs work together as a team. This way allows you to avoid some SEO mistakes at design and web development stages.

Content marketing for law firms

When you create a page on your website, you must ensure that you are giving the world the best content related to the keyword you have chosen to be the best landing page on the net. The main bargaining chip in legal content marketing is knowledge. Many lawyers increasingly see content sharing on blogs and social networks as an efficient strategy to attract more qualified clients. Professional content marketing service can help you achieve your goals with different strategies.

To produce quality legal content, you need to define the objectives you want to achieve with the strategy. Also:

  • Build content by answering real questions from your target audience
  • Map groups and online communities to spread the word
  • Make case studies to exemplify to your audience how your office solved the problem presented
  • Study and apply SEO techniques to your content
  • Produce specific content for each social network

One good thing to remember is that every interaction a client has with your site is like an interaction the client has with you. 

Also, you need to know some nuances about a content. Many SEO experts recommend creating unique content. But it doesn’t work for indexing and ranking. The main problem is to describe obvious, well-known things from a new view to be indexed by search engines.

Ensure that your content is helpful to an audience seeking legal help, or legal information. When you are drafting your content, and other communication, make sure it sounds like an actual person wrote it. It is really important that your visitors feel as though they matter to you.

Social Media for law firms 

It is possible to do digital legal marketing using the blog, social networks, and website. The professional Facebook pages are great for spreading your blog’s contents, making lives on topics related to your work, and interacting with your followers. It is the social network to enjoy the best that your creativity is capable of producing. Also, 72% of adult internet users use Facebook. So, it is a good place to get a try in social media marketing.

LinkedIn is officially a social network for professional interactions. It is ideal for sharing important acknowledgments, outstanding achievements, awards, participation in events, and various other relevant contents. Therefore, the conversation over there is a little more serious. 

The darling of the moment goes far beyond everyday documentation in photos and stories. Instagram is a more informal and visual social network, but that does not mean that it is impossible to develop good legal marketing. It is also an exciting place to accompany professionals you admire and network. You can publicize drops of practical tips, share incentive phrases, use stories to make lives or answer frequently asked questions. 

Having a social media presence humanizes you. It makes your audience feel as if you care about more things than just money. Also it is a good signal that shows you not afraid to be transparent and public.

It is important to choose the right social media platform for your goals. 

To focus on your business you can entrust social media activity to professional social media marketers. Avoid to hire the cheap options (freelancers with low rate, students, relates). You should remember about your web reputation. If you doubt that social media marketing is effective for your law firm, you can invest your money in other digital marketing techniques. 

Email marketing

We cannot ignore email marketing within the online marketing techniques that must be applied in a law firm. It is a handy tool to get closer to your clients and potential clients and establish a trust bond. Many lawyers and jurists are already implementing it. Some of the benefits of email marketing for law firms are:

  • It allows you to offer services to interested clients
  • You can use it to make a sales funnel for your office
  • Low cost of campaigns and a high return on investment
  • It is an excellent source of traffic for your website or blog
  • You have access to immediate statistics about your campaigns

These are several of the reasons why you should start doing email marketing in your law firm. To carry out an email marketing campaign for your office, you need a tool expressly devised for it.

PPC for law firms 

To carry out a PPC or Pay-Per-Click Advertising campaign for law firms, you must provide the following information: the URL of your law firm’s website, the specialist services of your law firm and your locality, and monthly budget for the online ad campaign. If your goal is to raise brand awareness and attract potential clients, we recommend PPC for your law firm. 

While online advertising platforms claim that it is easy to set up campaigns, that’s not true. Also it is an expensive way which requires significant investment. The one click for ‘car accident lawyer’ may cost from $60 to $320. Clicks for less competitive queries may cost from $3-4 per click.

That is why you need to hire an experienced PPC specialist or professional PPC services from a digital agency. Specialists help you avoid a lot of pitfalls and to spend your money wisely.

Sum up

Does a law firm need digital marketing? In some cases it may be wasting money, but in most cases the answer is obvious: Yes, it does. Nowadays even a small law firm needs a professional website, local SEO, and a social media page. 

To achieve your business goals it’d be better to entrust your digital marketing to the digital agency. Of course, you can implement digital marketing techniques by yourself. Hope this article and our blog will help you. But this way takes a lot of time and a lot of money. So, it’d be good if the article helps you to hire the right digital agency.

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