How to Create Irresistible Headlines for Your eCommerce with SEO Intent

By Roman Berezhnoi December 1, 2020 230 views

How to Create Irresistible Headlines for Your eCommerce with SEO Intent

We put a lot of emphasis on the headlines whenever we browse the web. Whether we scroll through social media news feeds or check out our favorite bloggers, headlines are what intrigues us to read on. The same applies to eCommerce despite its apparent reliance on product descriptions. 

According to Small Biz Genius, 2.1 billion people will shift to eCommerce shopping by 2021, with 52% of customers stating they would never switch back. Likewise, published research indicates that eCommerce sales are expected to reach $4.8 trillion globally in 2021, with 95% of total purchases being online by 2040. 

This indicates that innovative business ideas related to eCommerce should place a high emphasis on professional SEO copywriting in order to stay competitive. However, writing irresistible headlines which readers will click on is easier said than done. Let’s take a look at what makes SEO-centric headlines important for eCommerce, as well as how you can write your own going into 2021.

The Benefits of Writing Irresistible eCommerce Headlines

What’s the correlation between writing SEO-powered headlines and eCommerce platform’s performance? Based on 99 Firms, 85% of customers conduct research before making an online purchase, with 43% of eCommerce traffic going through search engines like Google. In practice, this means that a customer looking for an “affordable microwave” will look for said microwave on Google, Yahoo, Bing, or a similar search engine. These search engines rank results based on current SEO trends, trends which vary depending on the industry. 

Online shopping, or eCommerce, relies on blog posts when it comes to generating SEO traffic, in addition to well-optimized product descriptions. The aforementioned blog posts all come with their respective headlines and can significantly impact your eCommerce platform’s performance with global search engines. This is why entrepreneurs with eCommerce aspirations should place emphasis on writing and optimizing headlines for SEO intent going forward. Among others, some of the most practical benefits from writing such headlines include:

  • Higher global brand awareness and industry authority
  • Establishment of a professional and reliable brand image
  • Better conversion rates and brand loyalty due to newly-built trust
  • Ability to write evergreen content with long-term value
  • Lowered paid marketing costs due to emphasis on organic optimization

Advice for Writing Headlines for eCommerce with SEO Intent

Write First, Optimize Later

First and foremost, it’s important for your headlines to stand out through their creativity. Starting the writing process with SEO in mind can lead to headlines which may come off as spam and generic. This can lead to the opposite effect of what you are trying to accomplish – increase your SEO ranking and attract new customers. 

Start the process of writing your headlines by doing just that – writing. Don’t think about keywords or formatting before you even know what type of headline you will come up with. Platforms which specialize in writing papers and services such as Grammarly and Hemingway Editor can help you brainstorm and format your headlines prior to SEO. Afterward, you can approach inserting keywords to make headlines more SEO-friendly.

Use Highly Relevant Keywords

Next up, it’s very important what kinds of keywords and phrases you will implement into the eCommerce headlines for your website. By definition, a keyword can be anything which is relevant to your product portfolio. 

For example, using the word “book” throughout your headlines is a good choice if you primarily sell book publications through eCommerce. Make sure to only use keywords which closely relate to your niche in order to signal your SEO intent to global search engines. 

A professional platform with on-page SEO services can offer guidance and assistance if you are unsure on how to implement keywords manually. Don’t stuff your headlines with too many keywords since this can detract from the value of your headline in the first place. Aim for a balance of creativity and technical optimization to get your SEO intent across more successfully.

Keep Them Short and Simple

The most powerful headlines are those that appeal to a wide audience. Specifically, the shorter and simpler your headlines, the better their reception will be. As such, you should aim for headlines which are under 10 words in length and use everyday lingo to communicate their page’s content. 

Avoid using technical terminology, niche references, or abbreviations since they can come across as overindulgent and drive away potential customers. While it’s true that industries such as AI, data science, or even SEO itself are full of technicalities, it’s up to you to simplify them. Treat your headlines as if you would explain a complicated term to a close friend and then apply SEO keyword optimization to them in editing.

Call Readers to a Certain Action

Actionable headlines are great for eCommerce since they can easily be correlated to your own products. Calls to action are a typical marketing strategy which involves literally “calling” a reader to an “action.” That action can be anything from “check out our latest products and tips on how to use them” to “improve your living space easily.” 

Calls to action such as these can become integral parts of your eCommerce headlines and allow you to do two things very effectively. You will boost your site’s SEO ranking and intrigue readers into buying your products through the provocative call to action within your headline. As was the case before, trending keywords can be added to your CTA-based headlines before they go live to further improve your SEO intent.

Intrigue Readers with Questions

As people, we are inherently conversational creatures and like to think about answers to different questions. You can use this psychological mechanism to your advantage by creating headlines which revolve entirely around questions. If you want to write a blog post about starting a cosmetics business, you can formulate the headline as a question rather than a statement. 

This will intrigue readers to go through your article, and you can use this to implement native ads or product placement for your online store. However, it’s important to always follow up on the questions you pose and answer the topic by the end of the article. 

Writing eCommerce headlines which rely on click-bait without tangible value will only work in the short term, after which your reputation as a brand will suffer. Questions are a great way to engage your customers and improve your SEO intent, so make sure to consider their implementation.

Hook Them with Numeric Data

Statistical data which relates to your brand’s success on the market or with existing customers is a great addition to any headline. Likewise, conducting market research and publishing it on your eCommerce blog can add a lot of credibility to your platform as a whole. 

Numeric data of any kind can help engage your readers more directly since numbers are inherently objective in communicating certain information. Because of that, writing your headlines with numbers, percentages, and other forms of empiric data is a great addition to your SEO strategy. 

A practical way to write headlines with numbers is to simply focus on writing the article itself before tackling the title. Choose a representative, engaging numeric data point from the article and write your headline around it. As with other headlines, it’s essential that you follow up on and expand on the headline rather than ignore it in the article itself.

SEO and Creativity go Hand in Hand (Conclusion)

Finally, there’s no need to limit your creativity to a single headline per page during your production phase. Take the time to write several headline types for each article you want to publish on your eCommerce platform. This will give you an indication of which types of writing suit your sensibility, as well as what clicks well with your readers. 

Brainstorm the headlines for each post you are about to publish to strike the best balance of SEO and your original creative vision. Once you settle into a routine of combining keywords with the information you originally wanted to include in the headline, your writing will drastically improve. Subsequently, your SEO ranking will rise, and more people will have the opportunity to enjoy your eCommerce platform in 2021.

Bio: Helene Cue is a writer, editor, content writing & marketing expert, as well as a business expert working closely with different online professional writing services. Helene is dedicated to her writing career and enjoys creating articles, blog posts as well as academic essays, and research publications. Students with the “I need help to write my papers on time” fall into her area of writing expertise, and she enjoys helping them. Helene likes to spend her time with music, wine, and light snacks after a hard day’s work.

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