How to Find the Best WordPress Plugins for Your Business

By Roman Berezhnoi January 21, 2021 136 views

How to Find the Best WordPress Plugins for Your Business

With the right set of plugins embedded in your background program, you can dramatically (and instantly) improve the performance, aesthetics, and efficiency of your website for yourself and your viewers.

With the many options available to the average webmaster, the challenge of finding the best WordPress plugins can be nearly impossible.

Ultimately, you only need one line of rogue code or a cluttered installation to turn your previously beautiful and elegant website into messy code, awkward themes, and broken features.

Not to worry.

It’s hard for all of us to pick up, install, and review through the myriad of WordPress plugins to do once and for all to determine which ones are worth your time and which ones aren’t.

So, without further ado, here is a list of our top 12 WordPress plugins for 2021.

1. SeedProd

SeedProd is the best drag-and-drop landing page builder for WordPress with convenient page functionality and maintenance mode. You can use this plugin to let users know that your website is about to launch.

The plugin includes several elements for the upcoming page template, including a countdown timer, social media posting, conversion tracking, and more. It’s a fully responsive and beginner-friendly plugin.

2. BackupBuddy

It is essential to back up your WordPress files and databases regularly. The backup saves you from losing your entire database and your website files due to hardware failure, DDoS attacks, data theft, etc.

BackupBuddy is the best WordPress backup plugin because it makes it easy to set up full backups, automatic scheduled backups, store backups in the cloud, restore websites, and perform migrations. It also allows you to perform quick scans for malware and avoid any security issues on your website.

3. Jetpack

Jetpack is a security plugin that protects your site from spam attacks, unauthorized logins, and even evil eyes :). It is a leader in essential WordPress plugins to support your site. It’s a handy tool for securing pages and accomplishing image optimization, traffic growth, website performance, and more. Jetpack creates sitemaps so that search engines can point to your site right away. Because it continuously monitors your site, you’ll receive instant notifications when problems occur.

4. WeMail

WeMail helps you manage multiple email campaigns most easily. In particular, you can easily create an email theme and manage your newsletter directly from the WordPress dashboard using the drag-and-drop editor. There are several email gateways, and you can switch between them all. Moreover, WeMail supports integration with more extensive WP plugins, such as Elementor, WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, and more.

The great news is that WeMail offers up to two packages for free. Only one plan is a high-quality package, and its price depends on the number of subscribers you want to manage.

5. Redirection

Redirect is a WordPress plugin that manages 301 redirects, checks for 404 errors, and sorts any gaps in your site.

This is especially useful if you migrate pages from an old site or change your WordPress installation folder.

6. RafflePress

Who doesn’t love a gift? Gifts are a great way to reach a new audience, connect with current users, and deepen your connection. The RafflePress plugin provides a campaign builder for dragging, so you can quickly customize your gift.

You can create a landing page specifically for a specific gift, and you can prevent one-time fraud. Users can also easily target or share your contest on social networks.

7. RankMath 

Getting your site to the top of the first search page on Google or other search engines will give your business a big boost. To achieve such a game, when there are so many competitors, you need plugins like RankMath.

You can hardly allow your business to get lost on the deep, many search engines pages if your company relies heavily on website sales or advertising. RankMath will help you raise your page SEOs in terms of your game, which can help you rise in the rankings where your goods and services are exposed to a more significant number of search engines.

8. Insert Headers & Footers

Headlines and footers often contain important information to direct customers to the right places on your website or reach your company. Simplifying the process of adding headers and footers to a WordPress website without changing your theme makes it easy to add titles and footers.

With this plugin, you can save time and effort to optimize and customize your header and footers.

9. Timetable & Event Schedule

This plugin is excellent for creating a dirty and clean-looking calendar of events, where you can add custom column names, features, event header avatars, and background colors. Regardless of your business type – be it a sports studio, gym, children’s activities, or various classes and workshops – you get precise, fixed, and planned events that can be scheduled with the Schedule and Event Schedule add-on.

Create only a positive experience for your users with easy navigation, clean design, and fast-loading events. Many different shortcodes allow you to customize your site.

10. WP Super Cache

This is one of the must-have add-ons for any WordPress website. Why is this necessary? To reduce the hosting load and quickly deliver website content to your browser.

This plugin generates static HTML files from your WordPress blog and replaces large WP-PHP scripts for your web server. Then it takes less time to load the page, and users get information faster. After caching, a file can be transmitted a thousand times to 99% of visitors. All login and comment details are shown to users and cached.

11. WooCommerce

Considering the vital WordPress plugins for e-commerce, you should stop by WooCommerce. This plugin is viral and is widely used to manage online stores, and is fully adaptable, open-source, and capable of e-commerce. You can easily create an online store and start selling quickly. It’s the best WordPress plugin for launching new or existing business websites and designing and building websites for customers.

This plugin allows you to manually set up a new online store with product sheets, checkout, payment gateways, different rates, automatic tax calculation, and other features. WooCommerce product video plugin by WooCommerce will let you add feature video to your products to become more visible to the visitors.

12. Woo Sell Services

The WooCommerce plugin provides all the features to correctly display all products, manage orders, and receive payments online. WooCommerce is free and allows you to sell only physical and digital products online. However, suppose you want to extend its functionality to sell online services. In that case, you can add Woo Sell Services to WooCommerce, which allows you to sell services with WooCommerce while selling a product with many more advanced features.

With Woo Sell Services, you can sell services as products, allow vendors to add questions, add reviews and ratings to services, and easily manage services in a spreadsheet. This plugin also provides a special chat between vendors and customers, chat email addresses, real-time alerts, and a widget’s superior service status.


Managing a website without adding plugin features is almost impossible. Whether you want to engage users with email-selectable forms, add social sharing buttons, compress images to improve your website’s speed, or optimize your content for search engines, the plugin helps you do just about anything your website comes to mind.

Also, plugins significantly improve the user experience, which means more excellent connectivity and better opportunities to reach a wider audience.

If you’re looking for which plugins to add first, these popular trusted plugins can help you start.

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