How to get your Woocommerce store stand out from the crowd?

By Roman Berezhnoi August 19, 2021 131 views

How to get your Woocommerce store stand out from the crowd?

It seems easy to build Woocommerce stores on your own and sell your products and services. In fact, you do not need high technical or web development knowledge to create a Woocommerce site. 

But you must add a unique professional look to your online store to make it stand out from the crowd. There are different techniques and ways to apply to develop your online store into a full-fledged eсommerce site. 

The blog will discuss these techniques and ways to design your Woocommerce store in a professional way.

Focus on the navigation process

Well-designed navigation in your website offers an efficient customer experience. Proper navigation design adds a professional touch to your online store. 

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First, you must trim the navigation of your Woocommerce site. You can lessen the number of clicks by simplifying the navigation process. Thus, you can guide your customers quickly to their targeted destination. 

The online stores showcase the most popular links and pages in the front. A clear menu structure helps the customers to reach their sought-for pages quickly. This way, the customers can complete their purchase processes soon. Moreover, the navigation impacts website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) immensely, as the search engine bots can easily find all pages of your site. 

If a user has to click too many times to reach a particular page, the customers leave the store and search for an alternative. But it doesn’t mean that you should create a flat website structure.

You may also optimize the menu to make it more user-convenient. Make a clear and sorted menu to keep it simple yet effective. 

Add a Live Search Option

The inclusion of a live search option to the navigation menu of your Woocommerce website makes the site more user-friendly. You may add a search bar to your store via default options. You can also customize the position of the search bar with a plugin or custom code. You have to place the search bar in a position so the customers can access it easily. 

You must allow your customers to search the products or services and find the result right before the menu tabs. Customers need to see the most popular and relevant products available in your Woocommerce stores.

Search options with real-time search results will increase the customer experience. You can include the Woocommerce Product Search extension to add the live search option.

The live search option lessens the customers’ efforts and time on your online store. The time-friendliness and effortlessness satisfy and delight the customers and trigger a quick conversion.

The presentation of website redesign
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Arrange the Products into Categories and Subcategories

You have to boost the product discoverability to better your online store’s market performance. Arranging the products into categories and subcategories at your Woocommerce store can bring more customers. It has become an innate design flaw to create online stores without categorization. 

Consumers intend to categorize items while searching for products on a Woocommerce store. Categories and subcategories help the customers to find the products quickly. Moreover, proper product categorization makes the process straightforward. 

The main reason behind the categorization of the products and pages is to increase Search Engine Optimization. Consumers are able to discover the products on the search engines like Bing or Google. You only need to add long-tail keywords on your page to draw the attention of more consumers. Categorization leads to customer satisfaction. Users can sort out their desired products quickly with the help of categories. 

The customers do not need to scroll through different pages to reach the targeted one. Use relevant keywords in the categories and subcategories on the menu. 

Add reviews from real customers on the online store

It is necessary to show genuine customer reviews to your online store. In today’s time, social proof carries profound significance to win the customers’ trust. Thus, the customer review section is important, indeed. 

Your main motto should be to highlight the appreciative customer reviews to conquer the customers’ hearts. It is very crucial to differentiate between original and fake reviews. 

Try to publish the verified reviews to gain the consumers’ trust. You can allow the customers to check the feedback from the box in Woocommerce> Settings> Products. This way, the registered customers can leave their comments in the box after purchasing products from your site.

You may also install plugins to collect a lot of genuine customer reviews. 

Focus on the product description

One of the most neglected sections of a website is its text content. You must ensure that your website content must be unique, updated, and relevant. Most of the sites copy content from other websites, which is very unethical and unprofessional. 

It is much easier and quicker to copy content from another website, but the result may not be a healthy one in the long run. You may use plugins to collect product information from different websites. This is fine. But, your product description must be innovative and original to rank high in the search engines. 

There are ways to make your website page look way more attractive yet professional by incorporating custom images and videos. In this case, you have to remember that both the description and videos must be your creations. 

Boost up the speed of your store

You might own a Woocommerce store that runs at a slower speed. You must boost your website load as fast as possible. Both customers and search engines rank a website based on the loading time. Two of both pages may take 10 and 12 seconds to load respectively. Here, the first page is the faster one. 

According to research surveys, users usually get disgusted if the loading time crosses 5 seconds. Within these 5 seconds, you may lose a number of your potential customers. 

You can check your page loading speed with Google’s PageSpeed Insights. You have to enter the URL and hit the ‘enter’ button. You will see your page loading time. You will also receive suggestions to increase the loading speed.

You can optimize your Woocommerce website with images to boost the loading speed. Images have a deep impact on customers while purchasing the item online. You must ensure the high loading speed of the image. The image quality must be of high quality to attract customers, but sometimes bigger images can take much loading time. If the images take too much time to load, you may again lose customers in the race. In that case, you have to resize the image with an image optimizer to increase the loading time. There are also other tools available to keep a check on your website page loading speed.

Use a Lightweight and Impactful Theme

A lightweight theme at a Woocommerce site seems impressive to the customers. Select a suitable theme that goes with your store type and products. It is better to select an appropriate theme from the in-built styling options.

Try to choose a theme that does not compel you to learn the coding language for editing purposes. Anyway, you can order professional UI UX design and web development services, this team can help you for an affordable price.

Add advantageous customer features

It is necessary to always add some additional features to the Woocommerce store via snippets. You may wish to customize the checkout page by including or excluding some sections. Plugins will help you to add customized payment options, file upload options, and download-invoice options.

There are other features that you can add to any place you need them in your store. It includes discounts, subscriptions, and infinite scrolling, etc. You have to remember that you cannot make your eCommerce site slow by installing too many plugins.

To Conclude

The blog has suggested plenty of features that can make your Woocommerce store stand out from the crowd. These techniques will make your online stores more active with a professional touch. You can implement these simple tricks to create and develop your dream store without any heavy knowledge and experience. 

So, let’s begin with the ventures to create professional Woocommerce stores right now.

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