Can User-Generated Content Help Your Business?

By Roman Berezhnoi May 25, 2021 265 views

Can User-Generated Content Help Your Business?

There was a time when people had limited sources of information. For the local, regional, or international news, they have to depend on newspapers; for entertainment purposes, they had radio or television which was also the source of information. The number of gossip magazines and other sources was really limited.

With technological advancements, the contents are getting better and having far-reaching effects. From the last decade, the paradigm has been changed and more and more people are getting engaged in creating and sharing content through varieties of mediums.

If you want any kind of business-related news, you can depend on Bloomberg. Any information related to business, business personalities, reports, etc. is available there. You can also follow and communicate with your favorite business personalities or companies on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Medium, Reddit.

Today, the modern generation prefers not to pay much on cable as they can enjoy numerous user-generated content on other platforms, like YouTube. This platform is also perfect for learning different skills.

So, it is quite clear that user-generated content is getting huge popularity nowadays and from top-class politicians to celebrities, everyone is using such content to collect information and share those.

In the present situation of the pandemic, the user-generated content has got even more popular as people get virtually connected as going out has got restricted. According to certain surveys, it has been seen that people’s screen time has increased at least 33% than before. The user-generated content is not only about creating and sharing content, but it is the method of connecting people virtually when they are apart physically.

So, if your company is looking for an effective method of establishing itself, it is time you can take the help of user-generated content. To delve deeper into the concept, you need to know certain facts.

What Is User-Generated Content?

The term ‘User-generated Content’ is kind of ambiguous. To be specific, these are contents that are created and shared by individuals and do not belong to any brand.

For example, when you click a picture of your meal and share it on any social media, your aim is not to always tell whether the food was good or bad, rather you aim to share what you have in your meal today. So, your goal of creating such user-generated content is to share the information. 

If it is noticed from the business perspective, content creators can be the employees, consumers, vendors, contractors, or anyone related to the brand. Doing SEO becomes easier when the professionals use user-generated content. This is why it makes sense to order professional SEO services to include user-generated content to the SEO strategy of a business.

Now, the question is, what kind of content should you create and share? The content should be simple and flexible. You can create videos, images, articles, social media posts, customer reviews, or any other type of content and share those on different social media platforms.

To understand the user-generated content in a true manner, you can take the example of Facebook. The entire platform is designed with user-generated content. You open an account on this platform, make friends, get to see other’s content, create your content, and make people view yours and give their feedback through likes, shares, and comments. Facebook is one of the most popular brands that promote the maximum user-generated content around the world.

Importance of the User-Generated Content

To be specific, user-generated contents are more trusted than any other branded content. Establishing the brand is initially difficult as customers find it confusing to believe it instantly, especially if it is the new one in the market.

Posting your brand on social media can only get 28 percent more engagement than the usual company post. The engagement can be increased up to 54 percent if you make social media posts of that brand and also can influence the purchasing decision of the customers. Several studies have shown that around 93 percent of consumers trust such customer content, created by any brand, more than any other content.

How the User-Generated Content Can Help Your Business?

As user-generated content is so engaging, it is a useful tool for your business. So, it is very important to know how to use user-generated content strategically to benefit your business. Though it is quite challenging, still your business will get the benefits of such content. The usefulness of user-generated content depends on certain factors like the type of store you operate (eCommerce or brick-and-mortar store), type of thing you sell (any product or service), amount of budget you have kept for marketing, etc.

Today, we will talk about three ways how businesses can incorporate user-generated content and get the maximum benefits of it.

Providing Incentives to the Customers for Reviews

Reviews are one of the most important formats of user-generated content. It has been seen that around 95% of consumers go through reviews before making any kind of purchase. Five or more reviews can increase the conversion rate up to 270 percent. No matter which industry your business belongs to, the properly-written review can decide the fate of your business. If you consult the SEO professionals, you can get to know how to incentivize the customers.

Once a consumer finds a review with five stars along with catchy photos and positive feedback, they will choose you over your competitors. So, it is also your responsibility to push your customers to leave positive reviews so that your business can gear up.

It is really difficult to trust any business in 2021 without any online footprints. In comparison to a business that comes with so many reviews, your business will stay behind if there are no reviews. The trust level of consumers increases for the businesses that come with so many positive reviews than the one that comes with no reviews at all.

Therefore, incentivizing is a very useful method of getting positive reviews from consumers who have lots of experience. These reviews with photos and videos will help you to generate user-generated content so that you can fulfill the expectation of your present customers and build a base for the new customers.

Not only your consumers, but your employees can also leave user-generated content so that it becomes helpful while recruiting new employees or developing strategic partners for your business.

Induce Brand Recognition with Influencers

Due to the surge of social media personalities on different social media sites, influencer marketing has become a new trend in modern days. From any big and established brand to any small local shop, everyone is involved in this influencer marketing strategy. Influencer marketing means controlling the reach and audience of your competitor to promote and develop your brand.

Influencer marketing makes your business reach millions without spending much on the marketing strategy. You can make a celebrity use your product or service at a certain amount in your ad and make them help you to reach their millions of followers through their social media account. Thus, the brand gets its recognition overnight as people prefer to follow their favorite celebrities and you can get your advertising done at a much lesser cost.

Establishing a monetized relationship with influencers is the best method to increase your reach. Through this method, you pay the influencer for creating a piece of user-generated content so that your product or service gets the maximum highlight.

There is another benefit of the influencer market for establishing your brand. You can send a free sample of your product to the influencer that they can use while creating user-generated content.

Empower the Fans of Your Business

One mistake that many businesses make is to overlook the basic customers who are there for your brand for years. They are the true customers and satisfying them continuously can increase your customers more in the future. There are 93% of customers who are loyal to the brands if they have met their expectations and did more than that.

Therefore, the brands should strongly hold this loyalty and use it to empower their customers to become leaders in specific industries. You must provide tools and other resources to your customers so that they can speak on your behalf.

Google My Business comes with a Question & Answer section where the consumers can ask any questions regarding your business or give answers to those. Not the business holders will answer the questions, but this section is entirely for the consumers who will answer from their experience.

The motto behind such questions and answers is to get real reviews of the products from real consumers and not from the businesses. So, getting loyal and unbiased comments for your business is now easy. There are lots of other ways to keep your customers happy. Be creative with your loyal customers and let them speak for you.


So, whether you have a large or a small business, user-generated content can steer the wheel of success for you. if you are an established brand or a small coffee shop in your locality, using user-generated content can expand your reach. Generating such content is not difficult as you just need to meet the expectations of your customers and do something special for them. You need to meet the values, visions, and missions of your company while serving the customers while generating user-generated content. Thus, you won’t do much to get such content and it will happen automatically.

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