Want more revenue? Improve user checkout experience of a Woocommerce site

By Roman Berezhnoi July 6, 2021 154 views

Want more revenue? Improve user checkout experience of a Woocommerce site

Across all online platforms, it is estimated that around 7 out of 10 visitors leave their cart due to lengthy checkout steps. The estimate may be shocking, but a large number of mobile users abandon their carts without making a purchase. Ecommerce businesses can effectively win over such customers by sending abandoned cart emails. However, in the first place, they must try to prevent users from leaving their cart without completing their order.

There can be multiple reasons why the online store visitor leaves the cart without making the purchase. If the website loads slowly or it is poorly optimized for the mobile platform, this online store does not attract organic traffic. These factors can cause ecommerce sites to lose valuable visitors.

Issues with the checkout process also affect the user experience. Such issues can be easily fixed through simple UI/UX design and functionality changes. Following are some of the ways for improving the user experience of a Woocommerce website.

Single Sign-On and Check-Out For Users

Most users hate multistage registration processes on an online store. It is seen that more than 30% of the visitors leave the site before completing their order.  Woocommerce platforms feature single sign-on checkout for the visitor. Products like the software (with license key) and wholesale products with limited access can be accessed through Woocommerce subscriptions. The Woocommerce membership is also beneficial for managing users and products without much delay. 

Users still have the option of creating a user profile for the future. The processes are simple and easy to use. Buyers can find the “allow customers to create an account during checkout” option in the Woocommerce settings tab. Woocommerce plugin simplifies the overall account creation process and provides a payment option on the same page.

Users can also choose to enable a single sign-on option for third-party accounts. Visitors prefer this option for the following reasons.

  • No need of filling out the registration
  • A limited number of passwords and usernames
  • Use the same identity across multiple platforms.

Woocommerce social login option and allow users to sign in to the platform using their Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin, Amazon, Yahoo,  and PayPal accounts.

Maintain Transparency in Shipping Cost and Taxation

A user is most likely to leave an ecommerce website if they encounter unexpected expenses at the time of checkout. Previously people did not have to pay any taxes for online purchases. However, recent government regulations in many countries (for example in the US) have made these purchases taxable. All major retailers today pay a normalized sales tax on online purchases. 

Even today, shoppers are surprised to pay sales tax, particularly when they purchase from smaller online stores. And businesses need to make clear that the price is exclusive of taxes. The product description should mention additional charges. This will prevent customers from abandoning their cart at the time of checkout. 

Free shipping comes as an additional bonus. Online shoppers always look for free shipping even when they are spending less on their purchases. The shipping charges of an ecommerce site play an important role in attracting potential customers. You can follow  some of the practices that Woocommerce takes to maintain transparency.

Inclusion of the shipping charges in the product description

This is one of the most effective ways of informing potential customers about shipping charges. The flat rate is included with the product price.

Providing a Shipping Calculator on the Product Page

If the shipping charges are different based on the item and location, it is best to add a shipping calculator on the product page.

Mentioning Additional Shipping Charges

With this approach, potential customers are aware that our shipping charge will be added to the final product price.

Always Have A Clear and Simple Checkout Process

Long forms with too many visual distractions can easily turn down customers, so it is always best to keep the checkout process simple and easy. Following are some of the approaches for developing an easy checkout method.

Eliminate Visual Distractions

Remove all types of footer menus, navigation, and other distractions from the checkout page. It will allow the customer to complete the order without any distractions.

Develop Expectations with Clear Prompts and Cues

Guide customers through every stage of the ordering process. It is particularly helpful when the site has multi-page checkout. Visual cues like step numbers help customers to follow the process with ease.

Keep Checkout Fields to a Minimum

Avoid using too many fields on the checkout page as it is more likely to annoy the visitor. Usually, customers do not prefer to re-enter details. Limiting the field can effectively improve the conversion rate of an E-Commerce platform.

Use Single Page Checkout

Woocommerce one-page checkout is perfect for developing a single-page checkout process. It keeps the visitor focused on their purchase throughout the process.

Allow Customers to Pay Using Multiple Payment Modes

Online platforms should accept multiple payment methods for the convenience of the customers. Provide solutions that will fit the needs of every visitor. Inclusions of different payment methods help retain customers on your Woocommerce site. It also helps in improving trust in the business. 

Digital Wallet

Digital wallets are designed to store payment information that the user can access across multiple platforms and devices. Currently, it has become the most preferred mode of payment for E-Commerce transactions. Besides, digital wallets offer additional benefits to customers on every purchase.

Credit Cards

It is the most popular method of payment on E-Commerce platforms. However, one needs to have their card while making a purchase online.

Installment Payment

Online stores selling higher-priced items should offer installment payment options to the customers. PayPal provides an installment solution so that the consumer can create their custom plan through a Woocommerce deposit.

Bank Draft

Some customers prefer to pay directly through their checking accounts. Besides, these payments attract lower merchant fees. 

The most suitable option is largely dependent on the type of customer and their preferences. Irrespective of the payment method, the checkout process should not be overwhelming. 

Creating a Secure Checkout Experience

In the present scenario, it is important to create a safe and secure ecommerce site. It is one of the main causes to order professional ecommerce website development services from a web development agency

Initial customers are likely to abandon their purchase if they feel that their information is not safe. Businesses can take the following steps for securing their online store.

Adding an SSL Certificate

SSL certificates help in securing and encrypting data collected on a website. It also helps in improving customer perception. Pages with an SSL certificate show a lock symbol on the browser.

Highlighting Security Features

Consider adding badges and verbiage on the checkout page, like security checkout for all payment modes.

Offering Guarantees and Statement of Authenticity

Add reassuring text and icons on the checkout page products with a high return rate. Make the visitors aware of the return policies and authenticity of the product.

Always Have Return Policy

Never opt for return policies that are beneficial for the business. Customers should have a hassle-free return policy for their products. If the return process is complicated and includes shipping charges, it will turn down customers.

Provide Quick Shipping Options

Customers always look for fast shipping options. However, small businesses usually do not have the resources to offer quick delivery as large retailers. 

Customers mostly look for free shipping options, but when they need a product within a certain period, they will probably pay extra. Quick shipping options can help retain such customers and improve the conversion rate.


Online store owners often get occupied with various tasks and forget to track the different functionalities. Recent changes in themes and plugins can cause errors in the Woocommerce website. Even if the checkout works perfectly, the updates on the web page might not be in proper order. Always create a backup of the website and test processes. It ensures that the end-user will have a seamless experience throughout the purchase.

Wrapping up

Businesses should keep the above-mentioned factors in mind for improving the user experience of their online store. It will create a significant difference in customer retention and conversion rates. Begin with approaches that are simple and easy to implement. These changes by experienced WordPress&Woocommerce developers will surely have a positive impact on the sales and customer experience.

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