Website migration: mistakes and tips

Many owners of websites worry about the success of website migration because they expect that website migration will result in traffic drop and revenue loss. Unfortunately, unsuccessful website migration is possible in some specific cases. In most cases, you will have success if you do

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Everything you need to know about SEO and UX


There’s a common misinterpretation that SEO basically includes connect building and counting important catchphrases in substance. Whereas these are two critical methodologies, look motors consider a part more than this when positioning websites. Elements of client involvement (UX) have been rolled into SEO ones. Is

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How to use Google Analytics


Google Analytics is no question, a phenomenal item for finding out stats approximately your association’s gathering of people. Out of the box, it can assist you discover out more almost your gathering of people, where they came from and their conduct on your site. But

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Figma: Pros and Cons


Are you planning to switch on to the most exceptional U/UX design tool? Then it would be best if you learned about this web design tool nicely to understand its pros and cons. We wrote this article from the experience of our UI/UX design team.

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5 Tips to Design a Website for a Lean Startup


Why is website design so important for entrepreneurs? Because people are exposed to numerous websites a day and most sites look the same. You must create a website that sets a brand apart from the rest. The innovativeness of the site is what grabs a

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