Age-friendly: UI UX design thinking for senior citizens

As UI UX designers, we know that it is important to protect users. This means that we must avoid prejudices and focus on who we design for. The fact is, we design such a wide demographic of people, which includes the elderly. Trends indicate that

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Importance of keyword research in today’s business


Keyword research is the procedure of finding the right phrases and words that individuals use while using search engines to search for different products and services on the internet. It forms an integral part of every online marketing campaign. The aim is to find out

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How to build the best corporate website


A lot of people think that the corporate website is a good source of information about a company and the first place for people to find out about it. Well, then why do business owners get boring and ineffective websites? And how to build a

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Bad SEO Content Tactics


Selecting the right content tactic is an important process. You invest a lot of money before you can actually see any results. Wrong tactics a waste of time and money. From F5 Studio content marketers’ experience, we have come up with a few pieces of advice

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Our case. Web design for ordinary businesses


Web design and UI UX design are much easier when you’re selling the hottest new technology or the most fashionable products. What if you’re selling rental of agricultural machinery and groundwork services? Corporate website design doesn’t mean “boring.” Honestly, it is both a difficult and

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ADA compliant website


Many people know that the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is often associated with physical locations and accommodations. It means wheelchair accessibility, access to service animals, and the use of Braille for people who are visually impaired. But the ADA requires businesses to ensure

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