Principles to generate leads through SEO for SaaS companies

By Roman Berezhnoi April 6, 2021 352 views

Principles to generate leads through SEO for SaaS companies

Generally, the B2B companies struggling to generate leads through SEO have common complaints we hear in our conversations.

  • The company’s, despite investing adequate resources for producing search engine optimization or SEO content, aren’t achieving desired results. They would love to see their SEO content performing well, but improving the SEO ranking and generating adequate traffic and leads a bit challenging.
  • The company’s competitors are a step ahead of them in the organic search results, and it isn’t easy to catch up and complete. They would love to understand and find a competitive method, but they lack additional resources to understand how.

Here in this article, we have presented techniques, ensuring your efforts in the content will drive relevant traffic and generate valuable leads.

When the principles mentioned here are followed properly, they will increase your likelihood, and in no time, you can achieve the results you have been waiting for.

B2B SaaS Content Marketing Strategy for SEO

Before we move ahead with the principles, here are few things you need to keep in mind.

  • People, when talking about content for sites of SaaS companies, are specifically mentioning blogging. But the principles we will discuss later apply to all the content, which includes everything from the home page, service pages to your blog articles.
  • Now search engines over the last few years have become sophisticated meaning the fundamentals for search engine optimization have evolved. It is no longer sufficient to write blogs or content with the right keywords. The search engine is now rewarding the content websites with high quality and relevance for the users. The principles mentioned here focus on that.

Prioritize intent but not keywords volume

When aiming to generate revenue but not merely traffic, it will be best to generate content that shows the prospects in the research of the buying phase of the buyer’s journey.

The biggest advantage of focusing on the content marketing efforts around keywords indicating buying intent is the possibility of producing more predictable results. No doubt, higher-volume keywords can bring in good traffic, but their quality will be low, and the results will be less predictable from the conversion standpoint.

So before you create content, you need to enquire about the problems, challenges, obstacles, and pain points of the customers related to your solution.

Using the answers as a starting point will help you use the right tool for discovering the keywords that have the highest potential to generate conversions. 

Understand your customer’s problem

Despite having a clear understanding of the customer’s problem, many company websites and the contents fail to showcase it. Thus the potential customers fail to understand the problem-solving capacity of their products.

The essential reason that supports this popular marketing concept is that the buyers want to be understood. The most effective way to show them you understand and have concerns about them is by communicating the pain points and problems on your page.

The most reliable ways for identifying the specific problems of the customers include

  • Interviewing your customers
  • Interviewing the sales of the customer success team
  • Getting customer feedback through community hubs, customer support tickets
  • Search in Google for the keyword your business is using to target people.

When you can express your problems better, the audience will find your content more compelling.

Know the impact of unable to solve a problem

Raise your customer’s interest in your business by illustrating the problem they might face when the problems remain unsolved. It is yet another aspect of creating user-focused and empathetic content.

Making your target audience understand what happens when they don’t solve their problems will show your understanding of their pain points and help create the tension required to move them ahead to invest in a solution.

Prioritize benefits over features

It is quite evitable today that the SaaS companies highlight their product features more than the benefits. However, explaining the payoff clearly will help the customers understand how they will benefit by choosing your products.

Thus, it is advisable to cover the benefits and then move ahead with the design features, functionality, or technology. Keep in mind it is not the features but the benefits of the product that will help drive customers.

Clear your customer’s questions

Having structured content or a FAQ section can greatly improve your chances of appearing in the top search results. Adding a featured snippet for providing your customers with the answers to the most common question is a helpful way of removing any concerns or objections that can delay the conversions.

For this, you can use the data you have collected while trying to understand the customer’s pain point. It will include the basics like

  • What is your product all about?
  • What is the use of your product, or how can it help?
  • Where can a customer find more details?

Prioritize architect pages for topics

Building a page around a particular keyword isn’t enough. The search engine algorithms have evolved greatly. It is all about how relevant a page or topic is to the audience. To be more specific, here are the two characteristics that you need to consider.

  • Including a topic comprehensively
  • Connecting two different pages on the website that revolves around the topic category you are trying to rank

In simple words, today’s search engine is rewarding those websites that are comprehensively covering their topper category. So keep this in mind.

Consolidate contents and keep updated

There can be instances where a business with different pieces of the same topic competes for the ranking. It can be taken as an opportunity to pick up multiple pieces and join them together to create single content that is exceptional and is much likely to rank higher than any individual pages on their own.

In case you have poor-performing content, it will be better to improve it as it will greatly help the users and the search engines focus on the content that performs well.

Finally, your content needs to be updated consistently. Given the current search engine optimization nature, if your content is performing and has high-value keywords, the competitors will create content to outrank you. Thus, by updating your content regularly, you can stay ahead of your competitors.

Create content for authority but not word count

Given how the search engine algorithm has changed over the years, keyword density and word count have become less relevant. Today writing for the users and having quality content is the best strategy for gaining authority in the topic category.

Some of the best ways to increase the content authority include.

Creating content by an individual brand with adequate expertise in subject matter

A well-researched and created content from a known industry source will have higher quality than content put together haphazardly. This is especially applicable for regulated industries like formal medical or legal education, where the credentials are considered an important sign for subject matter expertise.

Developing content with authoritative

When you focus on producing content that is more comprehensive than the competitors, you will have the search engine favoring your content. But keep in mind this does not necessarily mean word account. The operative content simply needs to be the best at explaining things.

Prioritize user experience

People love websites with a good UI/UX design. So if you are sending the user to a page with a poor user experience or if a user visits several sites before finding your website, then it can be a drawback to your SEO performance. 

Thus, following the best user experience practices has become evitable for both your website design and the type of content you are creating.

A website with good UI/UX design will have improved tracks with Google. Also, it will greatly increase the conversion rate of your site. If you create content to generate leads and revenue for your organization, it will be beneficial to follow CRO’s best practices which include.

  • Making compelling and relevant offers the users
  • Testing user behavior to optimizing conversions
  • Displaying a clear call to action

This is why it is a good idea to order professional UI/UX design services

Types of content for varying channels

There are various channels a company can use for SaaS SEO content marketing to generate leads and content which works best for them. For instance, when planning to drive traffic to content through community promotion or social media, it will be beneficial to create thought leadership pieces, expert interviews, or in-depth stories that make the readers share them.

To understand what type of user experience your content should provide, you need to understand your target audience. This approach will offer you the best way to structure your content which will help you rank better. Also, you can contact content marketers who will help you create the right content strategy.


These were the principles you can use to acquire new customers through your site, blog and social media. We have already seen how valuable and beneficial they can be when you approach with the right SEO marketing strategy. I hope the article will help you achieve desired results. Also, you can delegate your site optimization to professionals who provide advanced SEO services for B2B companies.

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