Reasons why your ecommerce site should have a blog

By Roman Berezhnoi January 4, 2022 353 views

Reasons why your ecommerce site should have a blog

Getting attention from customers, their satisfaction, and boosting loyalty for your e-commerce site can be made simple with an application of blog posts. Most of the business functions have turned online. Further, online shopping is the most preferred mode today. 

For a successful transaction on an e-commerce site, blogs can be a vital component that creates impressions about the product and helps to boost purchases. 

Reasons why blogs must be put on online store

Show you product and services for informational searcher intent

The prime intention of a blog post is to showcase your offerings and your products. Blog posts are write-ups that enable viewers to know about offerings and how you can satisfy their interests. Blogs are written to testify how you retain your potential customers. Further detailed and interesting facts about a certain product that provokes the customer to pay regular visits. Consequently, devMoreover, blogs about company events or company history can be put on shared news. In the same line, to grow the customer base, headlines of a special event may be shared on social media. Inquisitive to know further about more, about the event they may land up on the brand-specific webpage.elop visitor trust as well as build brand awareness.

Demonstrate your expertise in competitive niches

The best way to explain expertise in the business is the way blog posts are developed. Businesses must accept the problems being faced by the customers and assert them to resolve the issues as quickly as possible. 

Individuals may approach for further information. This is why your content must be detailed and filled with valuable information which matters to others. The impressive blogs may be used as guest posts.

Get more social media traffic

The more you share your own content on social platforms, the more likely those posts are to be re-shared by other brands and your own clientele, spreading your name and pulling in new website visitors on a wider scale. Blogs are a great way to create content for your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest business pages.

Increase your search engine rankings

Ecommerce site blogs allow you to use many SEO techniques. 

Build internal links. In your posts, you can naturally link to product, category pages you reference and other articles on your site. Use anchor text for keywords optimization.

Target long-tail keywords. Write posts that answer very specific questions and you may hightly increase your valuable traffic.

Receive more backlinks to your site. Someone will find your content useful and want to link to it on their own site or blogs. Backlinks are signals of trustworthiness of your site. So they can help you climb in the SERP!

Refresh your content. For the search engine fresh content as well as high-quality content is required. If you are worried about footfalls of customers dropping with time, this problem can be eradicated by updating old blogs by using interesting facts and figures. 

Points to consider while preparing blogs

  • It would be beneficial to include product announcements, overviews, and back stories of your products.
  • It would be beneficial to incorporate fun facts about the product
  • Provide guides and manuals for product installation and use
  • Explain to customers about features those matter
  • Provide FAQs efficiently

The proper use of keywords in blog posts increases the possibility to make the search easier. If an e-commerce business wants to grow its customer outreach the blog posts can work amazingly. We recommend you to read more about keyword research.

How to add a blog post on Woocommerce site

Adding one to a Woocommerce store is easy, because WordPress is a blogging platform. If you use another ecommerce platform ask ecommerce web developers how to add a blog.

  • First, create a blank page and title it suitably
  • In the WordPress dashboard, go to Settings → Reading. Select your new page in the dropdown beside Posts page. Click the blue Save Changes button at the bottom.
  • Then, start creating posts! You can do so by going to Post → Add New. Then, add content like text, images, and videos using the same block editor that you used for your site pages. Make sure to add a featured image if you’d like a picture to show up in your blog feed.
  • Add your new page to your main menu. Go to Appearance → Menus and find the primary menu. Check the box beside your page in the list to the left, then click Add to Menu. Finally, press the blue Save Menu button.

If you need any help with your Woocommerce store, you can order professional WordPress development services

How to write effective blogs

  • It is a hard process to acquire ideas about creating a blog post successfully. Provide customer research, read forums and social media posts to find which problems your customers need to solve.
  • The credibility of a blog post is how it is perceived by the user. Just be honest and speak from your heart.
  • Proper usage of photos and videos can enhance customer satisfaction in reading the blog posts. 
  • The bloggers must keep in mind who the end-users desire. Blogs with interesting content can increase traffic.

Factors affecting blogs

  • While beginning to write don’t be biased
  • You need to avoid behaving like a salesperson
  • What mostly is the knowledge of the product
  • Emphasize more about properties of the product
  • Imagine yourself in customer shoes and what all you deserve and what you produce on blogs for potential customer conversion
  • Impressive blogs are a gateway to attracting more customers.

Relation between ecommerce and blogs

Ecommerce businesses need customers to achieve financial goals. The blog posts are additional sources of relevant and valuable traffic. Hence the blogs must be well acceptable to the customers. Blogs are a responsible pivot point to gain customer acquisition. All the credibility of blogs is related to the quality of blogs. It means blogs can’t be a low-cost way to find more customers. In other words you have to invest money in professional writers,  marketers, and SEO to boost your traffic and sales.

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