Take Your WordPress Website to the next level With WooCommerce Development

By Roman Berezhnoi October 27, 2020 363 views

Take Your WordPress Website to the next level With WooCommerce Development

If you want to create a new source of revenue for your offline business due to the recent economic crisis caused by COVID-19, it’s obvious to start selling online. 

Many people today are looking for support from local and small businesses, from retail to restaurants to professional services. To allow these potential customers to buy your products online when they are looking for protection, you need WooCommerce.

If you already have a WordPress website, WooCommerce is a convenient and reliable solution you have been looking for. Get ready to have fun and most importantly, grow your business or offer much-needed help.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is an excellent open-source shopping module that will help you attract more customers and increase the number of transactions on your WordPress website. This successful and sophisticated module is highly customizable, extensible and easy to use. 

Any WordPress customer who wants to enrich their e-commerce website can upgrade to the WooCommerce version. It is rumoured that the changes will force the administrators of the modified and fearless WooCommerce development to update their online store with custom theme plans.

Why WooCommerce?

It’s essential to choose the best eCommerce tool for your website and business. Here are just a few of the solutions offered by WooCommerce:

Customize your site for almost any business need. WooCommerce offers great extensions for all aspects of marketing, accounting, shipping and more.

Choose from a variety of payment gateway options. Paid Entry is a third-party service that provides your customers with a secure online payment method. WooCommerce can be integrated with popular services such as Paypal and Stripe, as well as many regional and international gateways.

Access to detailed documentation and support. WooCommerce has plenty of in-depth technical writing guides that walk you through everything you need to know to start an online store.

Sell ​​both physical and digital products. WooCommerce has everything you need to be able to sell physical products, digital downloads, or both.

WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin. The cost varies depending on the choices you make, the project features and services. However, you spend less money on WooCommerce than most other business solutions.

Quickly turn your existing WordPress website into a business. If you already have WordPress, you can integrate WooCommerce into your existing website and install it for free. Everything you already know stays the same.

What Do You Need to Make a WooCommerce Store?

To create a WooCommerce website from scratch, you will need the following three elements. A WordPress hosting account. That’s where all of the files on your site are stored. Domain Name: This is the address of your website on the Internet, e.g. wpbeginner.com. SSL certificate for the secure acceptance of online payments.

The above things are not free and cost money. Newbies often wonder if WooCommerce is free. Why should I pay for these things? Well, you have to pay for these three things to build any website (not just WooCommerce).

Also you need to think about choosing the hosting for your WooCommerce site. If you start choosing hosting for a site, you face a lot of things such as type of hosting, a panel administration, security settings which will affect the performance and Core Web Vitals of your site. We recommend you to read about choosing hosting for Woocommerce sites, but the main rule don’t choose a cheapest hosting.

The total cost of your online shop (WooCommerce price) depends on which services you want to buy for your website. You can easily control your spending by buying only what you need. Remember, there are more things you can add later when your business starts making money.

WooCommerce Customization

WooCommerce is as flexible as advanced WordPress technology. WooCommerce offers you a variety of actions and filters that are sufficient for any e-commerce flow. Creating a pre-product and selectively charging commissions takes less time and costs compared to other popular platforms like Magento, Shopify and OpenCart.

WooCommerce Features & Extensibility

WooCommerce sells physical, virtual, or downloadable products. It is easy for the admin of WooCommerce to manage different types of products. You can add unlimited products not only to the products but the variation of products, users, and orders as well. WooCommerce has various free themes that can make your store attractive.  

WooCommerce provides the default import and export facility, which will help those people who are right on the excel sheet but not much friendly with admin panels.

Once the products are in the system, we need shipping features to ship the products. WooCommerce offers in-store delivery, on-site delivery and on-demand delivery.

Also, shipping costs are straightforward for the company to implement. Here you can define specific prices for each product and its variant. You can calculate prices and view a summary at checkout.

The preview page og full presentation of F5 Studio's ecommerce project
AJ Flowers

WooCommerce Plugins

You can install hundreds of free and high-quality WooCommerce plugins or extensions on your WordPress site. The best plugins should integrate seamlessly with your WordPress and WooCommerce versions like the WooCommerce sidebar, and work seamlessly with other plugins you use.

Plugins can be installed on WooCommerce from your WordPress Admin Panel or downloaded from a third-party website and installed from the plugins page. Please pay attention to the version of the plugin you are installing to make sure it works with your theme and other plugins. As your site grows and changes, you can install other add-ons to meet these new needs.

WooCommerce Side Cart

WooCommerce side cart is a shopping cart on the website. When you add a product to your cart, your WooCommerce site automatically opens an animated sidebar called the WooCommerce side cart.

WooCommerce Scalability

Scalability is a combination of three things; traffic, code, and server hardware. On a given day, traffic to your online store may be managed, but on a sales day, it may exceed the calculated limit. One of the main factors that can affect the scale of your web business website and then affect your revenue generation. 

On average, your WooCommerce-based e-commerce website can make up to thousands of transactions per minute. It is possible through scheduled accommodation and maintenance.

Wrapping up

If you want to sell your products directly, WooCommerce should be your first choice as it will allow you to build your own business on a budget and it will be available daily. WooCommerce has excellent features like cheap, easy to use, scalable, secure and SEO friendly.

Thus, WooCommerce is a valuable and accurate platform that takes your online store to the WordPress platform through the WooCommerce asset manager. Full operation will increase your company’s revenue for your target audience.

Never stop marketing and never stop innovating to meet the current preferences of your company’s target customers. The more you work, the more you get.

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