5 Things To Consider Before Building Your WordPress site

By Roman Berezhnoi March 30, 2021 149 views

5 Things To Consider Before Building Your WordPress site

Having the perfect content for your website can be a good thing, but not considering some major factors that’s required for you to build your website before launching can cost you more time and money.

To avoid some of the few mistakes web developers often make in the past, I’m going to giveaway five things to consider and follow- which can serve as part of your checklist when building a WordPress site.

Taking All Security Measures Into Consideration.

Your first priority when building a WordPress site is security. Hence, you have to harden your security.

There’s a wide range of tools and woocommerce mix and match coupon you can select that’s available for WordPress security. Plugins like Wordfence, MalCare and iThemes do provide an extensive suite of tools to protect your hard work from unscrupulous individuals that would like to spoil your day.

Another security measure is to protect your website from spam. One of the most annoying problems of having a popular website is spam. You have to take your time by installing a plugin that helps combat those annoying comments before you launch your website. There are many great anti-spam plugins available, but the best recommendations for WordPress include Akismet and WP- SpamShield Anti-Spam, which are all 100% free and efficient.

Having a SSL certificate for your WordPress site is more important than ever. If you’re not using an SSL certificate, Google Chrome or other browsers flagging your website may remain unsecure. This problem is obviously a bad thing, but it’s also easy to fix. Most hosts do offer a free SSL certificate for free these days, you can easily have one.

It is important also to backup your website. Technical issues can hamper even a well prepared person, so before launching your website, endeavor to do a full back-up of your website, just in case something unimaginable happens. For your back-up on WordPress, you can make use of plugins like Updraft Plus, BackWPup and WP-DB Backup- all designed by WordPress.

Prepare Your Website For SEO.

When building your WordPress site, you have to always consider the importance of SEO and the plugins that will be required.

Imagine a website that’s beautifully built with all its product and services fully hosted with a very attractive design to hold your visitor’s attention- but what if the website doesn’t get enough visitors or just isn’t found? Search engines like Google send thousands of visitors to a website only if they’re made search engine friendly.

Now, WordPress out of the box; is very search engine friendly. However, you can still improve the SEO further with plugins like Yoast SEO. These SEO plugins will quickly help you have a site map for the website, a title meta tag and description for all the important pages on your website and much more.

With Permalinks, WordPress makes creative memorable URLs to pages incredibly easy. You can pick any of the predefined structures or create something unique, but be sure everything is set correctly before launching your website. Simply login to your WordPress dashboard, go to the settings section and choose permalinks and you’ll be provided with all the information you need.

Ensure to add social share images to your site. These are the images that appear in the snippets when someone shares your website on social media, and the Yoast SEO plugin helps you achieve this incredibly easily.

Pave way for search engine indexing – this is the first step in any SEO audit. However, if your WordPress site is still under building stage, it is good practice to always turn off search engine indexing, but endeavor to switch it back on before you launch the website if you want it to be indexed by Google and other search engines, otherwise, no amount of magic or SEO will improve the rankings of your Webpages.

Use Google Analytics.

What good is for all the whole time and effort spent on creating great content, tweaking and perfecting your SEO; if you have no idea if anyone is looking at your website? To help gather all the needed information, you should create a Google analytics account and add relevant code to your website to ensure that all of that wonderful data is being tracked.

Google Analytics allows you to not only see how many people visited your website, but where they’re coming from, what browsers and devices they use, how long they stay on your website, what pages they visit, and so much more. It also allows you to set simple goals to help you track sales and the overall effectiveness of your ecommerce store and much more. The Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics plugin for example, is a Free woocommerce product bundles for Woocommerce stores and WordPress sites which allows businesses to make the most of the Google Analytics

Website Accessibility And Branding.

Your website has to have components that help your identity, your brand and provides you with more accessibility. 

In terms of expanding your brand, you have to set-up a Favicon for your website. A favicon is a logo or icon before your website address in the address bar of your browser. They are very easy to set, and most modern themes will have an option to set yours. A good choice of Favicon is a simplified option of your logo. Unless you make use of a logo with SPG format, it is highly advisable to upload an original version of your logo as well.

Making sure your WordPress site is placed nicely across all web browsers can be sometimes challenging, but with the help of websites like browsershots.org, you’ll be able to get a good idea of how your content would be viewed by the world. There are other tools you can use like сrossbrowser testing and many more.

Furthermore, you need to test your website across different devices. Tools like browsershots can be useful since they are capable of showing screenshots of how a website can look on different devices as well. Sometimes, a physical test on devices is recommended.

Domain, Hosting And Licensing.

Choosing a good host is the best decision you’ll make before a successful website launch. Choosing the right host for your WordPress site ensures that your website is safe, fast and secured. Bluehost for WordPress hosting is one of the best options since it can serve all countries and Nationals.

Choose a simple domain name that reflects your brand identity. The difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org is that WordPress.org enables you to build and customize your website with full access to files and codes that you can deploy the way you want. If you are building a WordPress site for ecommerce, there is a wide range of woocommerce shops as customer plugins you can navigate with.

Preview your website for product, media and image licensing. If you’re using third-party resources like stock images, ensure you take the time to check the license agreement and how it relates to use on the internet- you don’t want to have a copyright problem or licensing issues when your website is launched. 

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