Tips to make product pages more effective

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Tips to make product pages more effective

Product pages are the core of ecommerce. The homepage remains at the center of attention when you create an online store. Visitors first see the homepage when they land on a website and this is why the homepage gets the most attention. The core objective of any ecommerce website is to boost leads and lead to a high sales rate. In other words, you cannot generate more sales without impressive product pages. You can consult ecommerce website development experts to design your product pages more effectively.

You need to create excellent product pages to generate conversion rates, or; all your efforts to promote and market your products will go in vain. Without any delay, we directly come to what you need to do to develop well-designed product pages. 

Product Pages: The basics 

The product page of an ecommerce website contains data about a specific product or service like product/service description, price, color, size, reviews, delivery information, and other significant information associated with the customers’ query. 

You can take examples of the product pages of the world-famous ecommerce sites. In their product pages, you first see a series of options and, you need to click on one to confirm your product choice. After clicking on the specific product option, you can click to learn more about the product. A new page will open with detailed information about the item, like description, measurements, installation instruction, and supply details. 

The product page of Quality floors 4 less (F5 Studio redesigned this site) offers the customers every detail they need to know about the product before purchase. You can incorporate a button to your product page and it will help the customers add the item to their cart. 

The section has discussed the basics and the central objectives of the eCommerce product pages. 

The presentation of website redesign
F5 Studio’s project. See the presentation of redesign ecommerce site.

Product pages: Best case practices

The content and design of the product page play a vital role in the customers’ shopping decision as visitors do not know anything about the product (like touch, feel, or wear) or services. It is necessary to design the product pages to make the customers feel the urge to read the entire product description provided on the page and decide whether they will purchase the product or service. 

You can implement the following practices to create brilliant and impactful product pages at your ecommerce site.

Use of clear and large images

Websites always use human models to showcase their collection of apparel to create a real-world view. Details are available in the form of descriptions as well as stories. Researches have shown that content enriched with pleasant and attractive images captures the attention of around 94% of viewers, whereas lack of relevant images decreases the percentage. 

Attach user-generated content

You can encourage your consumers to post their images while wearing your company products. It enhances your brand credibility and influences others to buy the product. Usually, merchants allow customers to add their photos via reviews. 

Customers’ reviews are a great source of user-generated content. But you have to moderate customer reviews and to protect the form against bots and spammers.

Develop a robust CTA (Call to Action)

The call to action button serves a prime role in a product page. Your CTA (Call to Action) power is a golden opportunity to influence your audience to take action and become your customers.

The CTA button should be near the list of the essential items in the ecommerce product pages. You can implement CTA from adding items to the cart to purchasing a new product or service. As per the F5 Studio’s ecommerce website development experts, the buttons must be easily recognizable and compelling to visitors (read more about 3 steps to create best call-to-action buttons)

While setting up a CTA, you need to consider the regional differences. You ought to remember, specific items have different meanings in different countries. 

Incorporate videos

As the customers cannot touch the products, a demo video is the best option to show the customers the whereabouts of the product entirely. When you offer the customers a comparatively complex product or service, a visually informative and descriptive video on your ecommerce site has a profound impact on the minds of potential buyers.

According to the research conducted by Stacks and Stacks, consumers who see the demo videos are 144% more likely to add the items to the cart. 

Any modern ecommerce platform has features that help to add video to product pages. 

Create a sense of urgency

Another effective practice prevalent in the product pages is to create a sense of urgency. A quick sell-out of products can turn viewers into customers quickly and, the strange feeling of missing out on attractive products functions as the main stimulator. 

Take the airline companies as an example. Airline companies use the scarcity concept while selling their last few tickets. In this process, these companies offer their buyers as little time as possible to complete the purchase. The final two hours of free delivery, and the last few items in stock are the methods to create this urgency. The ecommerce website development professionals can guide the company owners the best in this matter. 

Assess your price & discounts

Customers are likely to compare products and product prices of different companies before purchasing. As mentioned before, numbers carry grave significance in web pages. Customers like to know whether the price is old or updated on, or whether the product is a huge sale. You can highlight the prices and offers to motivate the customers more.

You may focus on the offers your ecommerce site provides to the customers. Even when no discount is available, you can show the customers how much money they save by purchasing from your site. These messages have positive effects on the customers. 

You can check out the product pages of the renowned brands to see how they implement the tricks to enhance sales and determine customer retention. 

Sell lifestyle not just products or services 

In today’s world, brands and companies not only focus on selling products and services; instead, they talk about selling lifestyles. In brief, the use of their products can change your lifestyle. 

F5 Studio’s web designers used Glassmorphism for this web project

The essential components of product pages

No matter how you design your ecommerce platform, you must include all the below-mentioned elements on your product page. 

Attractive product description

One of the best ways a businessperson can convert visitors into buyers is to write a catchy product description. The description must include images and videos to draw the audience’s attention quickly. Also text content is the real keystone of search engine optimization.

Pictures can convey the core information about the products or services excellently, which is impossible to express only through words. You need to provide the customers with a detailed description to persuade them to buy a specific product. 

Relevant Images

When we talk about product pages, images’ role is that of the essence. You need to showcase the product from different angles with a self-colored backdrop. You can use creative photographs like lifestyle photos that show the item already in use. This way, the customers get a brief idea about how to use the product. 

These photographs are usually known as secondary images compared to clean and direct product images. Here, we tend to share  three tips on how to use images on an ecommerce site.

Tip 1: There are two columns on a product page. The right side shows the product images and, on the left side the product description. It is the most prevalent pattern that online marketers use nowadays. Try to follow the latest trends always, or; customers might need to invest more time at your site to explore your pattern and, they may switch to another similar site to save time.

Tip 2: It is better to use real-life images to make the customers feel relatable and encourage them to connect with your brand and products. These kinds of the image lead to an emotional bond and seem more reliable.

Tip 3: According to the ecommerce experts, one can use the cross-sale opportunity to boost sales. You may find the model wearing the t-shirts you are searching for also has put on a pair of attractive specs. Now, that will also arouse interest within your concerning the entire outfit, and you may proceed to buy the glasses too. It is a robust way to make the customers more enthusiastic about buying more products that they decide.

Product options

You must put several product options before the customers based on size, color, material, etc. You cannot present one option to your customers and expect them to buy the product.

The product page must inform the customers of the specifications and capabilities of the products. It is one of the vital factors affecting the customers’ purchases. 

Product availability

Availability of the products on an online shop is a big deal. The product list shows the items that are in stock at present. Any out-of-stock item, based on size, color, or shape, needs to be informed immediately. 

Tip: Customers feel down when they find an item sold out as they assume the item was available. You must make sure that the customers know the unavailability of the product before they add it to the cart.


Determine an affordable product price. Your site must mention all about the discounts and taxes on the page. Lack of accurate information may give birth to doubt in the customers’ minds. In such a case, you should consult your marketer to make the right decision. 

Tip 1: Display the delivery charge first hand. According to a survey, Americans leave their orders midway after they know about the shipping costs.

Tip 2: While running promotions, offer a discount in amounts rather than percentages. Try to decrease the cognitive load of the customers based on the price amount. 

Add to cart

It is beneficial to design the ‘add to cart’ option and validation. It is annoying enough when a customer intends to buy an item but does not find the ‘add to cart’ button. In such cases, the customers do not have any idea whether their products have been added yet or not. It can frustrate the consumers that they may switch to another ecommerce site. Make sure the options are put right and offer excellent customer satisfaction.

Concise and informative product features description

Written product descriptions are not enough to convince the customers. You need to incorporate technical specifics or product features like a tabular format. It will help the customer to understand the matter well.

Product recommendations 

You can recommend the related products on the product page to encourage the consumers to try other products or to buy related products, accessories and display these products on the tag. It is an impactful method to motivate and guide the customers to purchase new products. It will boost your company’s sales.

Wish list 

A wish list is an integral option in any product page. Most of the time, even when the visitors decide to buy the products, they forget where they have seen the product first. A wish list plays a crucial role in retaining such customers. 

The customers can make a list of items in the wish list option, and later they can complete the transaction process. A wish list also offers the customers the opportunity to wait for a coupon or discount on that specific product. 


These are all the tips that can make your product page more effective and powerful. There are several ways to optimize the product page to enhance the conversion rate, boost sales, and generate more profit. In the end, customers are the base of any business, so you need to give them a priority. Any company or brand should always take care of customer satisfaction and generate more customer retention.

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