Web Design Mistakes That Will Ruin Conversion Rates

By Roman Berezhnoi October 15, 2021 109 views

Web Design Mistakes That Will Ruin Conversion Rates

Whenever you create a business website, you want it to sell. This is why everyone keeps talking about conversion rates. The problem is that you cannot increase it by simply making some visual improvements. 

Before you even think about how to increase lead generation, you have to analyze your site. You have to make sure you do not make mistakes like the following since they will ruin conversion rates. 

Unnecessary Clutter

When your landing page has too much clutter, it will confuse and overwhelm visitors. There is a very high possibility they will simply leave since they do not find the information they are looking for. This is especially true when there are way too many interactive elements added. The best web design practices for landing pages revolve around flat design since it is engaging and delivers a very clear message. 

The purpose of the landing page is to generate a conversion. You can only do this when you present the most important information and you get right to the point. Focus on the problems of the visitor and how your service or product offers a solution. 

Not Using CTA Buttons

CTA (call to action) buttons are vital for all sites. They will direct the user to a desired outcome, which in our case means an increased conversion rate. You have to add CTA buttons to generate leads, boost revenue, and drive sales. And they need to be appealing enough to stand out. 

It is not complicated to create a very practical CTA button. Just think about your visitors and offer what they would like. 

Irrelevant Images And Low Quality Content

Only add clear content that is very easy to understand on your landing pages. How important this is can easily be seen with eCommerce sites. Most of them are generic and sound boring. Just modify their pages and write unique product descriptions and leads are increased. 

Whenever you create content, you have to focus on the frustrations, fears, goals, and desires of the visitors. Never focus on the business. This makes you lose credibility. Instead, focus on the visitor’s needs and wishes. And make sure all the images used are appropriate. 

Navigation That Is Hard To Find

A very common mistake in web design is to create a navigation menu that is very hard to find. When visitors cannot find what they look for, it is completely unrealistic to think they will become customers. 

The navigation present on your site needs to be clear, preferably showcasing a very simple design. The browsing experience you offer has to be smooth. You want to let users know exactly where they are, together with where they will be able to go. Navigation menus should never be confusing. And the audience has to find exactly what it wants to locate. 

Creating Unresponsive Designs

The number of people that use mobile devices instead of computers and laptops when browsing the internet is quickly growing. This is why your conversion rates will be much lower than they could be when the design is responsive.

Never launch a site that is not mobile-friendly. And test the responsive design you create on as many mobile devices as possible to make sure layouts properly change.

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