What to Look for When Hiring an SEO Specialist?

By Roman Berezhnoi May 6, 2021 265 views

What to Look for When Hiring an SEO Specialist?

Presently, search engine optimization is the most important form of digital marketing. Gaining organic traffic, reputation building and the promotion of your business are goals of website optimization.

So, you need an SEO, if you want to make your business visible on the leading search engines. Read this article to know more details about doing SEO for business sites.

You can hire SEO professionals as they are the experts of the field who can provide you the best tips on promoting your business through different marketing strategies.

SEO results highly depend on the strategies of the SEO specialists and their campaigning style. So, while hiring an SEO professional, you need to consider certain important things. You need to ask the right questions to evaluate the competency, skills, and experience of the SEO public for your company. Today, we will discuss the points that you need to review while looking for SEO services for your company.

Ask for Previous Work Records

The most effective method to check out whether the SEO service provider you have contacted is the right one for your company is to know about their past working experience and records. If you have chosen an experienced SEO specialist, he/she will be happy to share their records of working and success to establish their competency.

You can verify their claim by reviewing their companies they are associated with at the review sites. Check out what their previous clients are saying about them. Thus, you can pick the right SEO professional for your company.

Stay Away from Unrealistic Promises

It is better not to work with any SEO professional who promises to serve you overnight. Getting rank on the first page of the search engines is not a goal. Also traffic is not a goal. You need valuable, relevant traffic that generates leads. But it is not easy. 

So, you need to follow the thumb rule of hiring SEO professionals. If you get something too good to be true, then be deceptive of the service. Have thorough research to know the truth and then make your decision.

Go for the Experienced Professional

While hiring an SEO professional, you need to make sure that you talk to an experienced one. Communicate with a SEO specialist well to know the years of experience and success in the field. The SEO market changes quickly and an SEO professional has to keep himself updated with the changing matters. So, while hiring one for your business you should ask about their years of experience in the business, qualifications, success rate, and their method to keep updated with the changing courses of the market.

Know Their Method of Working

As you are going to hire the best SEO professionals in the industry, you need to make sure about their working process. Check out if the professional offers a basic technical review of your website to remove any kind of problems that can lower your site SEO performance. Also, you need to make sure whether you can get personalized services from the expert and ‘off page’ SEO strategies to increase awareness of your content on other websites through social media posts, press releases, etc.

At F5 Studio we use our own SEO process to provide SEO services for business, that is SEO marketing strategy. We see search engine optimization as a part of marketing strategy. Our goal is driving relevant traffic from web search. This is the website traffic that generates leads.

Ask the Cost of the Service

This is one of the most important things you need to consider while hiring an SEO specialist for your business. Usually, the professionals mention the cost of their working hour or rate. The rate can range from $12 per hour to $300 per hour and depends on the location of the SEO specialist. Average of $150-$300 an hour for US SEO companies, but common rate is $15-$50 an hour for Ukrainian SEO agencies. That is why many digital marketing agencies from the USA and UK outsource SEO services. They get professional SEO services for a low price.

You can go according to that. Otherwise, you can talk to an SEO agency about your budget and check what kind of services they have within your budget. From the experience of F5 Studio this approach is the best for startups, small and medium businesses.

Anyway, if you pay $200-300 per month, you will get nothing. So, it is a bad idea to rely on “a cheap SEO package”. There is no professional who will do SEO for that money. 

So, these are certain important things you need to look for while hiring an SEO specialist. To increase the traffic on your website, you need to go for Search Engine Optimization. Therefore, investing in SEO services is a great investment to get maximum ROI. 

Things to Do Before Interviewing SEO Candidates

While hiring an SEO candidate, it is your responsibility to evaluate them as per your requirement and check out their skills to know whether they can solve your SEO issues with their upgraded services. So, while hiring you can use the following terms:

  • The SEO has to be a strong copywriter with significant writing and researching skills along with the experience of handling WordPress.
  • The SEO must have excellent communication abilities, specifically through phone calls, Zoom conference calls, email, screen share, etc.
  • The ability to make comprehensive weekly and monthly reports.

Hopefully, you are aware now of hiring methods, skill set, and things to remember about hiring SEO professionals. Give a boost to your business with effective SEO services and drive valuable traffic from search engines.

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