Writing an Effective eCommerce Email Copy: Ultimate Guide

By Roman Berezhnoi June 15, 2021 121 views

Writing an Effective eCommerce Email Copy: Ultimate Guide

Due to the increased shift toward remote work and social distancing during 2020, the eCommerce industry has never been as popular as it is today. According to data, 95% of all purchases will be made via eCommerce by 2040, with 25% of the population already using it. Additional statistics indicate that the cart abandonment rate is close to 70%, with 50% of customers prepared to pay more for better eCommerce shopping experiences. 

Email marketing for eCommerce is a crucial part of what makes a successful online shop. Through email copy, you can pitch sales offers, reengage cold leads, and, otherwise, manage your brand’s image very efficiently. Let’s take a deeper look at how writing effective eCommerce email copy can help your online business grow in 2021.

Perks of Writing Effective eCommerce Email Copy

Why should you use email marketing to promote your eCommerce storefront? Based on research, 28% of customers like to receive promotional emails at least once a week. 81% of customers are also more likely to continue purchasing from an eCommerce store if they receive promo emails regularly. 

As a communication channel, email is still very relevant despite faster and more convenient channels being available. People like to receive emails and read them through computers and smart devices alike. That’s why you can gain the following perks by investing time into eCommerce email copywriting:

  • Ability to address each customer personally through their email inboxes
  • More precise targeting and customer profile definition compared to other types of marketing
  • Ability to create FOMO through exclusive personalized offers, discounts, and offers
  • Access to comprehensive analytics which can help shape future email marketing efforts
  • Low maintenance costs and high ROI compared to other marketing methods

Writing Effective eCommerce Email Copy

Write a Representative “Welcome” Email

Welcome emails are extremely important, given that they are the first email copy your customers receive from you. Studies have shown that brands with good welcome emails experience 13% more revenue than those that don’t have such emails as part of their marketing. 

Your welcome email can either be a one-off or a series of several emails introducing the customer to your eCommerce store. It’s best to make these emails automated and to send them to anyone who in any way subscribes to your newsletters. This will showcase your foresight and professionalism, giving people enough reason to check your store out themselves.

Use your Subject Line to Hook the Recipient

Subject lines are a “make-or-break” element of any email marketing campaign. Given that many people access email accounts via mobile, the subject line of each email will often determine whether they will open it. Make good use of your subject line by explaining “why” you are contacting people (be it a sales offer, a newsletter, a tutorial, etc.). 

It’s good to address the recipient by their name in the subject line and not to rely on cheap sales tactics such as capitalized lettering. You can also order website review to write new and rewrite old content on your website to match your new email copy strategy. A great way to entice interaction is to attach a coupon to the subject line and then use the opening line to explain its use.

Personalize your Copy as Much as Possible

Speaking of personalization, email content can be adapted to the recipient just like in social media marketing. Personal pronouns are the first elements you should use as much as possible. Then, you should also address the person you are writing to by their name instead of “customer” or “client”. 

Doing so will warm people up to your brand and ensure that they check out your offer. While it may be tempting to do so, don’t write a single email and mass-send it to everyone on your mailing list. Segment your customers based on their shopping preferences and how they came to be on your mailing list. This will give you a good indication of how to approach each customer profile and personalize your email copy as much as possible.

Write Fewer Impactful Sentences Instead of Writing Fluff

Attention deficiency has become the norm when it comes to consuming online content. People will be much more inclined to read through your eCommerce email copy if it is short and to the point. Avoid writing long emails with unnecessary fluff and focus on the main points instead. 

Learn how to say more with fewer sentences, and people will find the time to read through each email as a result. Use external links and PDF catalogs to supplement your email if you want to inform your customers beyond that.

Mix your eCommerce Email Content

Writing exclusively sales-oriented emails for your customers will alienate them from your store altogether. You may have added a new Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart to your site and want to introduce its features to your customers, for example. There is a wide range of topics and email trends that you can incorporate into your eCommerce email copy. Those include:

  • Covering eCommerce industry trends
  • Writing blog posts and creating a newsletter about them
  • Offering tutorials about your products and services
  • Informing customers of your storefront innovations
  • Presenting exclusive sales offers based on their shopping habits

People love it when brands they follow present them with something other than just sales content all the time. Try to come up with different types of emails to write as updates or newsletters, and your customers will appreciate it.

Schedule your eCommerce Emails to Avoid Spamming

Lastly, it’s best to rely on a scheduled email marketing system as opposed to sending emails sporadically and without a proper plan. Create an email marketing calendar and make use of tools such as Google Calendar to create a strict schedule. This will make it easier to manage your storefront on off days while writing email copy only when it comes up on the schedule. 

Similarly, your email recipients will not have an impression that you are spamming them constantly and instead look forward to your emails. Pace your content instead of bombarding your mailing list constantly, and the decision will work to both sides’ benefit.

Marketing your eCommerce Store via Email in 2021 (Conclusion)

There are plenty of reasons why you should use email marketing for your online store even though social media marketing may be more tempting. Start by placing a “Subscribe” field throughout your website with the promise of industry news, sales announcements, and exclusive offers. 

Give people a good reason to subscribe to your mailing list and then follow their trust up with a good email copy. The fruits of your labor will show quickly thereafter and ensure that you convert more people into customers than you did before.

Author’s bio. Jessica Fender is a copywriter and blogger at UnemployedProfessors with a background in marketing and sales. She enjoys sharing her experience with like-minded professionals who aim to provide customers with high-quality services.

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