Age-friendly: UI UX design thinking for senior citizens

As UI UX designers, we know that it is important to protect users. This means that we must avoid prejudices and focus on who we design for. The fact is, we design such a wide demographic of people, which includes the elderly. Trends indicate that

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Privacy policy generators which you can use


Many website owners believe that no one reads the privacy policy. But this fact does not negate the point that your privacy policy is important, especially if your website achieves business goals. Why do I need privacy policy pages? A privacy policy page helps your

5 minute read

11 Link building tactics that can hurt your site rankings


Every SEO professional knows that links (along with content) are the foundation of SEO. Links continue to be a significant ranking factor. But the latest updates to the Google algorithm concern links. We predict the fall of low-quality PBN (Private Blog Network) and links with

5 minute read

SPA or PWA or Serverless


Every day, web applications are becoming more and more popular due to their attractiveness and efficiency. Users are drawn to these factors and many of them have begun to choose applications instead of websites. Based on personal observations and experience, I want to share my

2 minute read Chrome browser

How to Quickly Fix Mixed Content Warnings on WordPress sites


Chrome has announced a number of steps to gradually block mixed content. The corresponding message was published on October 3 in the Chromium Blog ( Mixed content: unprotected elements transmitted over the HTTP protocol through pages with an SSL certificate. For example, images, audio and

7 minute read

FOMO marketing


Marketing has always used the features of the human psyche. Marketers use various strategies, including FOMO-marketing, to motivate people to make purchases. In this article, we will discuss how to apply “FOMO” to motivate customers to shop from your online store using real life examples.

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