Should I use hash links on my website?

There are various rumours about the effect of anchors on SEO. Which of them are truthful and which are not, we will find it out in this article. But first, let’s go through the theory. Anchor (hash link) is a bookmark link, which, when clicked,

5 minute read How to determine your target audience

How to find your target audience?


How to determine your target audience? This is a question that most Internet Marketers ask very often although, in fact, it is a concern that all business owners should have. Your target audience (TA) represent your potential buyers and the starting point of any marketing

4 minute read Speed up your website

How to Speed up a Website


The loading speed of your website has a big impact on your business. A website with low loading speed can totally turn your customers away while a high performing one can improve the conversion rate, the user experience, reduce the bounce rate and as a

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