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Hiring a design expert for your project is a great way to reduce project costs without compromising the quality of your project. You avoid having to invest in office space, software, and equipment, as well as temporary employment overheads.
We find you the best design specialist for your specific needs.


F5 Studio specialists

If you hire web designers, UI/UX specialists, and graphic designers from F5 Studio, you can be sure to get quality results.

Our designers cover these fields to create the high-quality design of websites, web apps, and mobile apps:

  • web design (design direction, creative concept)
  • UI design (the interactive elements)
  • UX design (dealing with user behavior)
  • brand identity design (logo, brand fonts, and colors)
  • web banner design (display ad, sliders)

Our designers are experienced in various different industries that will help to understand your business:

  • corporate, finance, startups
  • e-commerce sites
  • beauty and healthcare
  • landing pages
  • rental, real estate

What do you get from F5 Studio

Our designers are different from the rest.

F5 Studio designers skills

We focus on tasks that are relevant to your project goals.

Strong research skills

Every design starts from research. Our designers know key points of the research process and know how to use it for optimal results.

Design thinking

A design is defined by what it conveys, so what is the value of your message. Our designers focus on the values of your business and integrate this into your website design.

The technical constraints

Our knowledge about tech constraints leads us to find smart solutions with a blend of innovation and creativity.

Growth mindset

Every single interaction, situation, action, and reaction allows us the opportunity to learn and find the best solution.

The hiring process of dedicated designer

Contact us to share your requirements. Our specialist will contact you to set up a meeting when you will get detailed profiles of our best-qualified designers. You can conduct an interview with our designer before hiring to evaluate their experience, as well as discuss the features of the project.

Finally, you will need to confirm your metrics and workflow. Once everything is done we will begin the design cycle.


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