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Do you have a project that requires a front-end developer? Our experts have the necessary programming skills and extensive experience in front-end development and web design. Our developers are experienced in HTML, CSS, JS frameworks, and libraries.


How do you choose the best front-end developers

A front-end developer is a specialist who is careful about the look, feel, and overall design of the site or web app. In other words, front-end developers make sites and applications visible to people.

Our dedicated front-end developers cover all your HTML/CSS/JavaScript/UI needs.
The price or hourly rate of a front-end developer depends on tech skills, experience, and soft skills.

Tech skills of front-end developer

Basically all F5 Studio front-end developers are able to work with a variety of technologies, however each developer is more specialized in one specific tech platform.

Front-End Languages

  • JavaScript: With its frameworks and libraries.
  • HTML5: It’s something every front-end developer needs to know.
  • CSS3: CSS3 includes modules and comprises the code for every graphic element—from backgrounds to font—that make up the look and feel of a website.
  • AJAX: JavaScript + XML.

Front-end frameworks

  • Bootstrap
  • AngularJS/Angular
  • jQuery
  • Semantic UI
  • Pure.css


  • WordPress
  • Woocommerce

Experience of front-end developer

In F5 Studio we use the common gradation to estimate the experience and skills of front-end developers.

Junior front-end developer

It is the next professional level after beginner. So the junior developer has the experience and base knowledge about front-end development. The specialist has a lower hourly rate. But to hire a junior developer can be more expensive than a middle or senior developer because he works slower on new or complex tasks thereby requiring twice as much time as a middle developer. So, the junior is perfect for simple tasks such as bug fixing. Usually, junior developers should be supervised.

Middle front-end developer

This specialist has 2-3 years of experience. He can gather project requirements and offer a few options to complete a task. So, mid-specialists are perfect for a wide range of tasks. The middle-front-end developer can create quality code and improve the existing code.
You should hire a middle front-end developer for the majority of web projects. However, you need to consider that mid-specialists have less experience in solving tasks of any complexity.

Senior front-end developer

Senior front-end specialists have an understanding of the full scope of the project requirements.
They have a profound view of project development to suggest the most efficient way to develop a project. The senior front-end developer can provide a full-on ‘development-deployment-launch’ process.
The senior specialist can create many innovative advantages for your project if you are ready to pay him.

Lead front-end developer

He has the most experience in all web development aspects such as design, code, integration, and testing. The lead front-end developer can solve architectural problems involving many systems. Lead developers have the ability to manage multiple teams.
Therefore, you should hire the lead developer for a really complex web project development that would take years.

Soft skills front-end developers

All our front-end developers know how to work in a team and collaborate with backend developers. They also understand technical specifications and documentation, understand other people’s code, and can identify and correct errors. The frontend developers recommended by us are ready to participate in all stages of creating and improving your web projects by providing reliable optimization and functionality.

We will help you hire a front-end developer according to your requirements.
You will get a detailed profile for each developer.
You can conduct an interview with our developers before hiring to evaluate his experience, as well as discuss the features of the project. A technical interview is carried out with our engineer and technical leader on your part.
To hire a front-end developer contact us.

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