Fixed price website

A special offer we are promoting to businesses right now is for fixed price website development. You will get a website with custom design and standard functions for just $1000. All packages include responsive web design, WordPress development, a set of pages, basic SEO, as well as a variety of other features.  To get this process started, you should define your business needs, allocate a budget, and choose the most appropriate package for your business.

What does fixed price web site mean?

A fixed pricing model is a way that guarantees a fixed budget for your new website with an originally agreed upon set of features and functions. 

The main difference from a flexible price model is that the fixed scope of project tasks is based on price packages. You can choose the most appropriate package for your business needs. 

So, a fixed price web development is the optimal solution for certain cases if:

  • you know enough about your business needs
  • your website’s business needs are ‘basic’
  • you operate on a very limited budget
  • your project’s timeline is short term 

The fixed price model is more transparent than flexible models, because fixed price website models are based on a clear and predictable plan.

Of course, you will get a scalable website, which means that you can add new features or pages after the launch for additional fees.

The advantage of a fixed price model in F5 Studio is the low web development cost. All project processes are optimized and standardized, to ensure that our web developers spend less time and resources.

The fixed price website seems to be the most low-risk solution if you know in detail what you want your website to look like. F5 Studio offers enough must-have features for fixed price websites.

Choose your Website Package 

$1000 Starter 

Pages up to 3
Blog: No
Ecommerce store: No
4 weeks delivery time

$2000 Corporate

Pages up to 5
Blog: Yes
Ecommerce store: No
4-5 weeks delivery time

$4000 Ecommerce

Pages up to 10
Blog: Yes
Ecommerce store Yes
Up to 6 weeks delivery time

Choose your package and contact us to get it.

Features of fixed price website

Your website will be launched with the essential features to become successful from the start.

Website strategy & planning

With Value Propositions Canvas we’ll create a unique strategy of your website to show up at the top for your audience. The individual project plan will reduce all risks for your website investment.

Website wireframe template

We’ll prepare a wireframe to show you the arrangement of the website’s content, interface elements and menu, and how they work together. You can choose a wireframe appropriate for your needs. 

Custom website design

To differ from competitors and attract customers you need to be focused on your audience’s custom web design. F5 Studio designers will craft a website design based on the specifics of your buyer’s journey. 

Unlimited web design revisions

Good design is the outcome of cooperation between you and designer. But sometimes you need one other option to be feeling confident in your choices, which is why we offer unlimited web design revision. 

WordPress custom theme

To create a custom website it is necessary to use a custom theme. A custom theme means that it has the exact look and functionality you need. We create custom themes for each project. 

Cross Browser Compatibility

You want to be sure that your wonderful WordPress website doesn’t fall into the compatibility pit. Our developers and QA engineers guarantee that your website will be following the rigid directives set by the browsers.

Mobile Friendly & Responsiveness

For your customers it is important to use websites from a variety of different devices. So, we include this feature in our fixed price model. We know which things will make your website mobile-friendly and responsive. 

Google page speed optimization

In fact, optimized load speeds of web pages decrease the number of bounced visitors and increase conversions. That is why we put our whole effort into the improvement of specific pages’ performance as much as possible. 

Migrate existing or add new content

Although it is easy enough to add content to a new website, our fixed price website has a turn-key solution. Our specialists will add existing or new content manually in order to adapt content as well as to avoid mistakes.

Multi-language website

Do you need a multi-language website to extend to your audience? For the F5 Studio team, adding this feature is a simple task. Also, we will implement hreflang tags for all languages- or just region-specific pages. 

On-page SEO

By default all packages include on-page SEO features for your website. We know one-page SEO vital factors for business success in the Web, so our specialists will set up basic elements carefully.  

Google Search Console setup

Google Search Console is a free tool that allows you to check a search performance of your website. Indexing, search visibility, page errors and other useful data from Google are available for you.

Google Analytics setup

The Google Analytics is a popular tool to get data about website visitors, their behavior and activities on pages. Our developers provide basic settings and check code with Tag Assistant.

WordPress website training 

Want to set up your website or make some changes, maybe even update the content? You can do this by yourself. We provide training sessions which help you to use website creation as part of your digital marketing strategy.

Lifetime Warranty

All packages include lifetime warranty, which  includes updates or bug fixing for your website. Lifetime warranties are related to all website features that were implemented by F5 Studio developers.

Post Project Support

If you need to add new pages, provide major design changes or implement functionality our specialists can help you. Also you can count on our SEO specialists and designers support.