Everyone wants to interact with technology without spending too much time and effort. The right UI/UX design makes the user’s journey clear, amazing and memorable from the moment they begin using it.  We make your digital presence beautiful, easy, low-tech and useful. This will help your business get more clients.

What good UI/UX design can do for your business

The right UI/UX design increases conversion rate. If all steps are clear, more users progress to the final stage of making a purchase or completing desired actions.

The more friendly the UI/UX design of a site or app, the more people that will use it. People are very happy to share positive experiences with others. Word of mouth remains the most powerful way to get customers. Also, good UI/UX design indirectly improves search engine ranking.

The overall effects of good UI/UX design for a business are loyal customers, increased revenue and reduced internal cost.UI UX design for websites, web apps, mobile app


Goal-oriented. We no longer have to choose between smart and beautiful. Compromise is bad in UI/UX design. Our solutions must help achieve your business goals regardless of your business size or the industry you are in.

Stop wasting your internal resources. Our UI/UX designers focus on users and concentrate efforts on what users want. This approach reduces your costs for advertising, sales and customer loyalty. Investing in good UI/UX will benefit your business.

Your brand style. Most users won’t even notice good UI/UX. With good UI/UX, it will make it difficult for your users to shift to competitors. So we combine best practices with our own ideas to create the best UI/UX solutions.

Crafting UI/UX design with F5 Studio

How do you get true professional UI/UX service among thouthands of agencies and freelancers?
Almost all agencies describe their design process in the same words: Research/Discovery, Plan, Wireframing, Prototype and Launch. They also point to the importance of user research. In reality many agencies can’t investigate user experience or don’t do it. But in many cases you need research to create a great website or application. 


  • Our UI and UX designers have a lot of experience in different design services, but over the last 2-3 years they have mostly specialized in UI and UX design only. The experience has included failures, winning projects in many industries and knowledge in complementary disciplines.
    This has helped designers understand best practices and generate their own ideas, so you can get a quality solution.
  • Each of our designers often works in multiple workflows simultaneously. This is a key point for professional growth because it helps to research and implement new front-end designs, which in turn spawns newer designs, and on and on. You will get innovative design.
  • Normally the design process is not linear and includes: researching, ideating, designing, communicating, testing and learning. Our designers spend up to 30% percent of their work hours on ideating, or conceptualizing designs. They also spend about 30% on researching. As you can see, these stages require a lot of effort, but they are what generate good UI/UX design for your business.
  • F5 Studio designers begin research by identifying the goals of a site or app and the key interfaces to study. Understanding customer needs is the next stage. This approach helps connect business goals and customer needs in a reasonable way.
  • Our designers work closely with web developers. Designers create solutions that are technically appropriate and feasible, which optimizes your cost when creating an IT product.

What is the difference between UI and UX?

UX (user experience)

The user experience is the audience’s perception of your site – what they feel, think, and do. An efficient UX design makes the website as user-friendly and intuitive as possible. Your audience should not only be able to easily navigate through your site and quickly find the information they need but enjoy it. This makes a lasting impression. The structure of your site determines if your audience happily lingers and browses, or if they leave and move on to the next site.

UI (user interface)

The user interface is the face of the site – the look and feel of the physical characteristics. The UI designers work with the colour scheme, size and shape of the buttons, layout and readability of the text, etc. They develop the style to give personality to the project and provide a correspondence between visual design and logical structure.

UI and UX are two different concepts that fulfil completely different aspects of a site. However, they join together to achieve the best result: to convey important information to your audience in a beautiful, convenient, and understandable way. Using real-world experience and our own skills, we create exemplary web projects that are able to interest and attract the attention of a wide audience.

Stages of webdesign development:

Analysis and definition of tasks

When developing UI/UX design, we carefully collect information about your project, consider the target audience, and determine the best strategy. Afterwards, we will discuss in depth with you what your ultimate goal is to ensure the optimal format for your site.

Market research

We will do the studying for you. We will examine the capabilities and features of your competitors to evaluate how to make your site successful in the market. This research allows us to bring out what your business can offer that others can’t. Our focus is your success.

Structure (information architecture) design

Based on the purpose of the site and predetermined tasks, we will design a convenient and logical structure for your site. This foundation will guide the audience’s attention and actions.

Visual design

When creating website pages we carefully consider possible user scenarios, create several working layouts, and draw every detail of the user interface experience. All the visual elements are expertly designed to give your site a professional look and feel.