Social media marketing

When it comes to promoting a product or service on the internet, you have to take social networks into account. Social Media Marketing, or SMM, includes various methods of promotion on social networks, which are a very important source of attracting the target audience. It should be noted that website promotion on social networks is significantly different from other types of digital marketing, and therefore requires a professional approach.  We will help you build a good reputation for your brand and good relationships with your target audience.

How promotion on social networks helps your business

One out of every three people in the world (from 7.7 billion people) and more than two-thirds of all internet users use social networks. So social networks are a practically inexhaustible source for the formation and expansion of your potential customer base.

The simple and personal communication of social networks gives you the opportunity to receive almost instant feedback from the target audience and promptly adjust your marketing actions. 

If clients complain about your business you can use social media to respond quickly and appropriately. The ability to do this on social networks can save the reputation of many companies.

People expect customer service and support to be available on social media. You can profit from these expectations. Good customer service and support also makes your new audience more likely to buy.

Users of social networks are distinguished by a higher brand loyalty, and the percentage of repeat purchases among them is much higher than  users who come to your site from other channels.
We help you profit from social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter.

Your benefits. Our key expertise

Authentic followers. You need sales to make money. That’s why we help find a genuine audience that actually cares about your content and will buy from you. Finding this type of audience is challenging but it is the only way to get a good return on your investment in social media.

Make more from algorithms. All social media use algorithms to control the order and presentation of posts. We explore opportunities in algorithms to get more benefits organically. This helps you closely interact with followers and attract a relevant audience.

Hidden needs analysis. You need to constantly improve your products and services. Social media is a great place to get more information about hidden needs. We can help you create a breakthrough product or highly improve your services.

Social Media Marketing Services

Strategy Development

  • Identify the target audience.
  • Study the interests and behavior of the target audience.
  • Determine the vector of audience interests.
  • Conduct customer niche analysis.
  • Develop of a general strategy for company presence in social networks.
  • Select tools that optimally solve client needs.
  • Determine the impact of SMM on a client’s business.

Content management

  • Create content plan
  • Adapt existing content (articles, news, posts) for various formats (blog, Twitter, Facebook).
  • Write texts formatted to each of the social networks.
  • Write texts in blog format.
  • Write in Twitter format.
  • Write and distribute releases.


  • Community branding.
  • Integrate the site with social networks.
  • Integrate the online store in social networks.
  • Introduce incentives for entry into the community.
  • Create of landing pages.
  • Create tabs manually.
  • Use services to create tabs on Facebook.

Advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

  • Analysis
  • Set up campaigns
  • Creation ad content
  • Monitor and support


  • Use of automated monitoring systems.
  • Monitor social networks and blogs manually.
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of the campaign.
  • Set target campaign actions.
  • Calculate the cost of the target action.
  • Carry out analytics of changes in the information field.
  • Conduct research on social networks.

F5 Studio social media marketing process

At the start of our work, we receive briefings from you and discuss a strategy that will create a community that best meets the needs of the target audience. We study your brand, products and services. We analyze competitors and reveal your advantages. We identify corporate, product and service selling points and transform them into creative solutions.

As a result, we prepare the main internal document of the company – the General plan, in which we determine the goal of the project, the main criteria for evaluating the work, the target audience, tools for attracting it, rubrics and types of content that will best meet its needs.

After the approval of the Plan – the strategy for the implementation of the project, we begin to create a content plan. We make a content plan and approve it with you before publication.

We work professionally on content. Content is divided into 5-7 categories and 4 types (official, public, cognitive, entertaining).

After that we launch social media campaigns, monitor results and optimize.

In the early stages we support your service and sales assistants if they need to interact with customers through social media.
During campaigns we create interim reports to optimize the campaign.

In the final stage we create a detailed report with marketing data, analytics data and our suggestions.   

What platforms does the agency F5 STUDIO work with?

We work in all popular social networks, as well as in professionally-oriented social networks. The advantage of sites like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin is a huge audience, but they lack some of the tools that are available on highly specialized resources. That’s why when developing the concept and plan for an advertising campaign, we take into account each client’s specific needs, and use the platforms best suited to meet them. Each social network has its own nuances, so promotion prices on social networks can vary greatly depending on your business and the goals of the advertising campaign.

With us, you get an individual and creative solution that helps your business grow.