How to build a high converting landing page?

By Roman Berezhnoi May 30, 2019 1.67K views

How to build a high converting landing page?

Landing pages are very useful marketing tools that are used to promote business, to market a new product and increase conversions with a special proposition.

Most online entrepreneurs know the importance of landing pages so they often want to know how to create efficient and high converting ones. In this short article, F5 Studio web team are sharing with you some of the important things to know while you contact a web development team that specializes in landing pages creation.

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Think over the offer

As said in the intro, a landing page is a selling tool. So start by thinking over the services you would like to offer come out with clear and catchy titles. Then tell about the benefits you provide to your customers and how a new client will be better off with you.

Remember, you literally have about 2-3 seconds to catch your visitors’ attention and convince them. Apply the three points below:

  • value;
  • uniqueness;
  • specificness

Looking at some examples of high converting landing pages can inspire you to create your own content.

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The structure

The structure of your landing page should be built in a way to take your potential customers from their first clicks to registration or purchase through well-positioned calls to action.

To better understand how high-quality effective landing pages look like, find some examples on the internet and study them. finding good landing pages isn’t difficult. But knowing the secret behind them can be difficult.

High converting landing pages are well structured. Every section or component is located at the right place for the intended purpose. Texts, images, buttons, colours are very important, which make up the overall structure of the website. 

What is the structure of a Landing page?

The structure of a landing page is a succession of well developed and logically structured blocks, which in the form of a unique story lead the visitor to the intended action. It is not possible to tell what block should be placed before the other since because this depends on a number of factors such as the target audience, the purpose of the site, the product or service that you want to provide etc.

However, as an effective assistant, you can use the AIDA marketing strategy.

AIDA is an abbreviation of four simple words:

  • A – attention:
  • I – interest;
  • D – desire;
  • A – action.

Simply put, this is a marketing concept model, invented back in 1986 by a marketer. It is used in all advertising campaigns, and landing pages are no exception. The goal of this strategy is to attract the attention of visitors, hold them and push them to action.

Before you begin, you need to identify and to research your target audience as doing so will help you understand the order in which you should arrange the blocks on your landing page.

To better understand the portrait of a potential buyer, find solutions to the following problem:

  1. The purpose of visiting your landing page;
  2. Purpose of the purchase;
  3. Major and additional decision-making factors;
  4. Possible objections;
  5. Your benefits.

Once you have answered the above questions, an understanding of the AIDA concept will emerge. Further, it is very important to correctly formulate your idea, which will help to sell copywriting. 90% of success depends on the semantic aspect of sentences, headlines, their values ​​and motivation. If the headings or the structure of the selling text for the landing is not catchy, do not expect a good result.

The structure of the landing page with all its elements should gently lead the visitor to the intended action. Here, everything plays a key role, starting from the whole website design, to the suggestive arrows. The whole difficulty in developing a Landing page is to find the balance between informational and commercial content, the amount of printed text and graphic elements. The structure of the landing page must combine marketing and direct sales, but it should not be intrusive and reveal value to the consumer.

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The site should be convenient

Today, responsive design not a luxury, but a necessity. As practice shows, landing pages with the highest conversion always have either a mobile version or a design that adapts to different screens.

This is very important, as almost half of the visitors use mobile devices to browse sites.

It is also important to conduct a usability analysis before launching the website. You must make sure that the site is user-friendly and understandable, and that it works correctly on all devices. All images and videos should be displayed, and all buttons should work. See F5 Studio’s guide for user interface design.

Structure of the website

Focus on the customers

If you check some most of the best landing pages, you will see that they all focus on the customers, not on the product. In other words, they clearly outline the benefits the buyer will get.  

Developing a high converting landing page requires a delicate UI/UX design approach and good knowledge of the best practices in corporate website development.

When building a landing page, you do not have the opportunity to provide the visitors with a lot of content. Therefore, you need to emphasize on the benefits they will get from your products. Also, avoid using common marketing words and phrases because they have become so boring to users on the Internet that they automatically ignore them.

Hope it will help you to create a perfect landin page to achieve your business purposes.

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