How to create an About Us page that rocks

By Roman Berezhnoi October 19, 2022 345 views

How to create an About Us page that rocks

F5 Studio has been creating business sites since 2013, and we notice that a few business owners focus on creating an About Us page. That is why the About Us pages often look boring and do not work for a business.

But F5 Studio’s experience in corporate site design shows that the About Us pages drive many visits and allow building relationships with visitors. Web tracking data confirms that. Hence, investments in an About Us page have high returns. How to create an About Us page that rocks?

Why do people visit an About Us page

In short words, an About Us page is about curiosity and trustworthiness. Visitors want to know more about your company before making decisions. 

Capitalize on the curiosity of your visitors

If you review your web tracking tool report, you may see more people visit an About Us page than just many other pages on your website. Why is that?

People are naturally curious, and not only about products or services. They also love stories and learning more about companies. An About Us page quenches the thirst for curiosity. You should know about the nature of the interest of your potential customers to capitalize on that.

Show off your uniqueness

No one else is running a business like yours for the same reasons that you are, and an About Us page is a great place to tell this.

Each company has its unique story that sets your business apart from the competition. It is a great idea to highlight the most important differences. Besides, your story may resonate with your visitors if people have met similar hardships and triumphs as your company.

Solidify your company image

Do not forget about trustworthiness. An About Us page is a great place to affirm exactly what your company is and how you want to be perceived by the world.

Do not create positive illusions like illusory superiority. It is a bad idea. 

How to create an About Us page content

Now you know why About Us pages drive traffic. How to use that if you want to improve an About Us page content or create it? 

First, review the UX design of an About us page. Second, evaluate what this page looks like. Often people think that an About Us page design can be ugly. Third, you determine the About Us page goals. Why should this page be a part of your business site? What do you want to get with the page? What will visitors learn about your company on this page? 

Here are a few suggestions that may make any About Us Page interesting, meaningful, and valuable for visitors. But remember that this list is by no means extensive because it depends on your target audience’s needs, industry, and cultural specifics.

Let customers know where you are

You’d be surprised to know how much better some customers may feel after learning where your business is based. 

Mention the location of your office and where your product is shipped from because it can help buyers buy from you. Also, mentioning where your business is from can further build trust with people.

Sometimes, location can be a selling point. 

Include the company’s selling points

Your company’s selling points should draw potential clients’ attention to it. Hence, building an About Us page around these points is a good idea. For example, if your selling point is an affordable shipment policy, focus on why and how you created it. 

Do you use renewable materials to produce your products? Explain why it is essential.

Many business owners and marketers try to identify a unique selling point. But it is a challenging task in the modern world. In fact, you do not need to create a unique value proposition because competitors can replicate your product easily enough.  Many companies do not highlight their company, products, or service differences, and potential customers just see something like that, “We are the good guys who have been doing these things for many years because we can. Contact our manager Harry.”

Tell your company story

As mentioned earlier, your business’s story makes you unique (and it can be a great selling point). There is no other story like yours, so you must draw attention to it.

How did you have the idea for your business?

How did you sell your first product? 

Who was your first client?

When you hired your first employee?

Sure, it’s not the only way to share your story. But you or your writers should be creative enough to tell your company story.


An About Us page should direct visitors toward the next action. It is weird to allow them just sit at the bottom of the page with nothing to do. Any marketer knows capturing people’s attention is only part of the problem. Keeping their attention is just as important. What is the next thing you want your visitors to do once they finish reading an About Us page?

You can create a Call-To-Action (CTA) to send them back to the home page of the e-commerce site or get them to move to the portfolio. If you define the About Us page goals, you will know which CTA you may use.

The bottom of your About Us page is where your reader is active and engaged with your brand, so use it wisely. Sometimes the button “Back to the top” may be a good CTA.

Also, you should update an About Us page. Well-written About Us page can build trust in ways that no other page can. But outdated page content shows neglect and destroys trust. To avoid this, just update it every six or twelve months.

There are many more things you can do and experiment with. Put a contact form, video, or photos. Some experts recommend showing the company’s faces because the human eye is naturally drawn to faces. 

By including the faces of your founders or the entire team, you can somewhat control where your reader looks. But if you’re a solopreneur, a simple profile shot of yourself should be enough to put a physical face to the company.

Regular testing and assessment can determine what’s best for your business!

What not to put on an About Us page

In short, you shouldn’t put things and UI design elements that may annoy your visitors. 

Save the hype for your social media. An About Us page is to build relations with your potential customers. 

Also, do not use an About Us page as a sales pitch. While people visiting an About Us page may be interested in your products or services, now they’re interested in your company. Keep focusing on your company’s selling points as an entity and what differentiates your company from competitors.


Sure, you can hire an F5 Studio web design agency to update an About Us page. But from our experience, the best option is to tell about your business by yourself. Many business owners and managers often do not even suspect that they are better than professional marketers or brand managers. Hope these suggestions will help you.

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