Web Application Development and Design

Web applications are one of the most popular types of software today, which combines high performance and cross-platform with ease of use and maintenance. F5 Studio team can create the appropriate Web Application for your business, depending on your business needs.

What is a web application in simple words?

This is client-server software, where the client is the user’s browser — in fact, a web application can be a website/portal and some kind of online service/system.

Every modern person uses web applications every day – checking mail, reading the news in the tape or noting completed tasks on the corporate portal.

Web application development enables different kinds of companies to cope successfully with various tasks. Using web applications you can track all employees’ work hours, even if your company has several remote offices, keep records of passenger or cargo shipments, monitor company activity, pay salaries, manage staff performance, and more.

Moreover, you can create an entire enterprise resource planning system based on web applications. Using only a web browser you can implement automation of various business processes in a company with such systems, e.g accounting, logistics, quality control, supply, and so on.

Web applications can be synchronized with various internal systems of companies or organizations, thus you will be able to maintain communication between remote branches or representative offices, monitor the process of performing tasks at different levels.

In addition to the great popularity of the web applications themselves, there are quite a few technologies with the help of which they can be implemented. One of the specializations of our company is the development of web applications. In our work, we use only the most modern and popular open source technologies, which allows us not only to reduce significantly the cost of creating and maintaining web applications but also to increase customer independence from the developer’s technologies.

Due to the expertise of our web application development team, as well as an integrated approach to solving the task, our company always ensures the creation of effective and highly profitable projects. Get a Web Application Development proposal now!

Web Application Development

Web Application Components

UI/UX Web application components – these components are not related to the actual operation of the web application. However, they are part of its interface. Various forms, notifications, statistics, settings, etc.

Structural components can be divided into elements of the client and server parts of the web application.

  1. Client components do not need additional configuration, since they exist only on the user side, providing comfortable interaction with the web application.
  2. The server-side components are created using different programming languages ​​and consist of at least two parts – the database and the web application logic. The first is the place where all the information is stored which will be processed using the application logic.

The Most Popular & Trending Web Application Development Technologies:

  • PHP (Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, CakePHP, Yii, Zend).
  • JavaScript (Angular.js, React.js, Vue.js, Node.js, Backbone.js).
  • AWS.
  • MongoDB. 
  • Java (Spring). 
  • Python (Django).
  • ASP.Net.
  • C#.
  • Ruby (Ruby on Rails).

Types of web application architecture

The architecture of a web application is the principle of the interaction of the various components of which it consists. The type of architecture depends on the logic of interaction between the client and server sides.

There are three main types of web application architecture:

Single-page applications (SPA) allow simulating the work of desktop applications. Their architecture is designed in such a way that when you switch to a new page, only part of the content is updated. Thus, there is no need to re-download the same elements, which is very convenient for both web developers and users.
SPA development uses such popular technologies as React.js, Angular.js, Vue.js, whose architecture allows to develop very flexible web applications.

Microservices is an approach in which a single web application is built as a set of small services, each of them works in its own process and communicates with the rest using lightweight mechanisms (usually HTTP). Such services are built around customers business-needs and are developed independently using a fully automated environment. In addition, these services can be developed using different programming languages ​​and data storage technologies, which significantly speeds up the development process.

Serverless architecture is a cloud-based model of build and runs web applications in which the cloud provider acts as the server, dynamically managing the allocation of machine resources, databases and storage systems. The most famous cloud-providers are Azure and AWS. This architecture allows running web applications using a flexible pricing model, in which payment is made for the actual amount of resources used, instead of paying for the allocated capacity units.


Our customers include business start-ups, middle-size businesses, and well-established companies. We help each of them achieve their specific goals.

  • During a custom web application development we provide the client with a dedicated team lead by a project manager who coordinates workflow and constantly communicates with the client by providing regular reports on the work done.
  • We adhere to an integrated approach to business and always pay attention even to small details, which allows us to form the most transparent commercial offer based on our client’s business needs.
  • We always focus on the importance of cross-platform resources with an adaptive layout as well as provide warranty service and support at the end of the project.