How To Crawl JavaScript Websites

By Roman Berezhnoi April 5, 2019 1.89K views

How To Crawl JavaScript Websites

Do you want to build interactive JavaScript website? It is a greate idea. But many business owners have questions for an SEO relating to JavaScript: Can search engines see the content and index it. In other words, is it good idea to use JavaScript for corporate sites development?

The problem with creating a site with JavaScript frameworks is the inability to have pages with a unique (or individual) address. In addition to the main page, search engines can not add anything to the index – because there is nothing else. The script on the page allows you to load information without the need for updating.

The technology on which Java Script websites operate is a symbiosis of Javascript and XML – that is, a web application. In turn, React is a view, a drawing of the code that visualizes the elements.

Why are interactive JavaScript sites so popular?

The popularity of JavaScript sites is due to their ease of use. For example React offers the advantage to build User-friendly landing pages at a cheap cost as the development process does not take much time. It increases the page load speed and saves more traffic especially when it comes to mobile devices.

Modern Google tools for webmasters make it possible for users to understand the status of a page — that is, they see how a new fragment is loaded thanks to alerts, indicators, and so on. If you avoid this error and a small percentage of people who have javascript disabled, we return to the first problem.

JavaScripts sites indexing

In December 2017, Google announced that from the second quarter of 2018, the existing scanning rules were canceled.

AJAX sites have always used the anchor parts of the address (denoted by # – hash). But such a spelling cannot be read by search bots. Instead, the search engine requires hashbang – a combination #! By replacing the hash with hashbang, Google indexes js.

As a result, your page URL should look like this:!name

Such links can be used in the site map.

Underwater rocks

Despite their simplicity and clear steps, js site indexing can lead to unpleasant consequences for the site.

  • Implications that cannot be predicted. Changing the address of several hundred of the same type of goods can lead to a “subsidence” of the site. Alas, it is impossible to accurately predict the consequences. Implement new versions gradually, in small sessions – then search engine optimization will not spoil anything.
  • Malfunctions in speed calculation. Since the bots read both versions of the site, it is not clear which one they choose as a basis for determining the loading time. Since there is no possibility to check the page version separately, the only solution is to create both versions with equal indicators.

Before you decide to lunch a new update or make any change, try it on the “draft” version of the site. Another tool will be Googlebot for sites – a tool that allows you to “see” your site through the eyes of a search bot.

How to optimize JavaScript sites for the Google search engine?

Website promotion on js is reasonably in doubt among SEO representatives. Optimizing JavaScript websites for Google search robots is the same as optimizing simple HTML-websites (except for indexing, which we discuss above).

  • The content of the site should be simple and useful to the user. In order to hit the top positions on the Seach Engine Result Pages, you should emphases on the content.  write articles keeping your target audience in mind and not the engine robots.
  • When promoting an online store, pay attention to the product card, as well as its brief description and title as this is the information your potential buyer will see first in Google search results.
  • Promote your site in a blog, on social networks, agree with partners about references. Generate live link mass – this is the best search engine promotion site.

Google requirements for JavaScript sites

Since the old rules for creating an HTML version have been cancelled, now Google essentially doesn’t require anything – it only gives additional recommendations on how to implement JS website promotion.

  • Sign in to the Google Search Console as the site owner. This way you will get access to the tools and analyze your site.
  • Compare both versions of the pages in the scanner.
  • If the site has content created in Flash and you want to index it, it should be converted to supported formats.

Now Google crawls better websites based on JavaScript frameworks than it handled a couple of years ago.
If you doubt to choose JavaScript technologies for your business website, it is possible to create a modern website by using WordPress. It is possible. Our WordPress developers combine WordPress with JS libraries. So F5 Studio WordPress web development team can help you.

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