Nowadays, it is impossible to build an effective business without being present on the Internet. But, how do you stand out among the thousands of options? The answer is simple – beautiful, custom web design!  We, at F5 Studio, know the keys to developing a site design that will attract the widest audience. 

Your benefits. Our key expertise

The main benefits you get from our design services


The structure and layout of the site should be functional and simple to accommodate the needs of the audience. A site can be aesthetically pleasing but if the customer cannot find the information they need, they will quickly grow frustrated and leave. Custom website design is necessary not only for the image of the business but for its customers. 


Amidst the thousands of other sites, how will yours stand out? You need something special that makes your site memorable. Our specialists at F5 Studio can give life and personality to your text and images, turning a casual visitor into a regular customer.


How will your site be found by new customers? Search engines love good design. It is important, even in the early stages, to consider the structure in order to achieve high success rates in the search results.

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Types of web design

How do I choose the right website design?

Depending on the design, it is typical to divide Internet resources into separate groups. Before you begin to develop the visuals of a specific project, it is important to establish which group it will belong to in the future. Depending on various factors, sites are divided into the following types:

By topic

This group includes themes like futuristic, classic, magazine, retro, etc. It all depends on the subject to which the project is dedicated. The main idea behind this is that the design should fit the character of the content. Imagine if a site for accountants was designed like a colorful comic book. The theme clearly would not fit the topic or the audience. 

By color

This emphasizes the color palette of the site. Is it dark and edgy, or light and fresh? What is the most dominant color, and what energy is it emanating? Most sites are created with a very simple palette. It is important to remember that sometimes simple is better. Websites with only a few contrasting colors are easier to view than those with many bright colors.


This is based on the nature and volume of material that is posted on the site. This type is best suited for resources dedicated to one topic. It is best to keep it as simple as possible and a minimalistic, custom web design would bring out the best of the brand. From the point of view of the developer, complex design projects take the most time, because it is necessary to consider not only the artistry but also the ease of use.

According to the schedule – artistic, standard, or clean

On a good site, you will find a balanced combination of graphics and text. They avoid the temptation to put all of their favorite pictures causing visual overload. This type is considered to be the perfect harmony between informative and aesthetically pleasing. 

According to the features of the screen – adaptive, rubber, or fixed 

It is important to understand that nowadays most sites are viewed through tablets or smartphones. Therefore, designs catered to desktop viewing are a thing of the past. They have been replaced by designs with an adaptive layout.

Why work with us?

We, at F5 Studio, have a team with vast experience in the development of custom web design for portals of varying complexity and scale. We know how to effectively present your brand on the Internet! 

The advantages of working with us:

High download speed. Regardless of the number of graphic elements on your site, it will load as quickly as possible. Speed is essential to not lose the attention of the viewer. 

Reliability. At each stage of development, we test the product so that when it is published there will be minimal risk of errors. Whether your audience is browsing your site from a tablet, computer, or smartphone, your website will run flawlessly and look beautiful. 

Deadlines. At the stage of drafting the technical specifications, we stipulate the terms and strictly adhere to them in the process of creating your design. You will receive your website exactly at the agreed time without any unexpected surprises.

Reasonable price. We, at F5 Studio, offer professional, custom web design at a fair price.