Sketch vs Photoshop (Infographic) – What to choose?

By Roman Berezhnoi July 9, 2018 3.01K views

Sketch vs Photoshop (Infographic) – What to choose?

There has been a lot of debates about the effectiveness of Photoshop and Sketch in the web development community. While some tend to believe that Photoshop is better than Sketch because it is time-tested, others argue that Sketch is trendy, and has gained popularity because it is more effective and easier to use than Photoshop for professional website design services.

This is article is a comparison between Photoshop and Sketch, it is meant for anyone who wants to figure out the differences between this two software.


Photoshop is a design and imaging application that works on mobile as well as desktop devices. It was developed by John and Thomas Knoll 30 years ago (in 1988), it works and runs flawlessly on all popular OS including Windows, Mac OS, Linux. So far, Photoshop has proven to be quite stable. Additionally, it comes loaded with lots of brushes and supports photo correction.

Photoshop is a bitmap editor that has plenty of keyboard shortcuts to help speed up your workflow, it is also multifaceted and can perform innumerable tasks ranging from Ul mockup and web design to photo editing and web app design.

Photoshop offers minimal web-style rendering its assets are managed through smart objects, linked smart objects and creative cloud libraries. One more important point is that it has a version that offers multiple artboards, allows the creation of different shapes and paths and offers excellent colour management. However, Photoshop is quite heavy (1 Gb +) and requires lots of RAM. That is why it can be slow if the RAM of the computer used is below the required one. Moreover, working with photoshop is tedious. Developers or users have to create over 3 file assets and save them separately. Creating iOS apps requires designers to design a large onscreen artboard and then test this on an iPhone’s mirroring Photoshop app.

Project files are stored as separate giant documents in a single folder and Images are saved in several formats, and this can be quite confusing for a novice.

Do you want to know how to add fonts to Photoshop? We recomend you to read Adding Fonts to Photoshop


Sketch, on the other hand, was developed 10 years ago (in 2008) by Bohemian Coding. It is also a  design application used by professionals but it only works on Mac devices. Compared to Photoshop, Sketch is relatively new and might still have some bugs. First, it isn’t a bitmap editor and it doesn’t support drawing with brushes or photo correction. Furthermore, unlike Photoshop, Sketch has poor colour management, it does not have keyboard shortcuts to help speed up work, and to extend its functionalities, extra plugins must be installed. However, it comes with inbuilt grids and its Toolbar tools are hidden by default.

In spite of this, working with Sketch is easy.  There’s no need to design large desktop artboard that you later preview over mirroring. Sketch Allows for easy shape adjustment. Since it is fast and lightweight, (41 MB) it doesn’t need plenty of RAM.

Sketch was made to focus on websites and the design of interfaces and icons. That is why it offers multiple artboards presets and templates to work with. In addition to that, it has an inspector of size and position that can comprehend percentages as well as additions, multiplications, subtractions, and division. Sketch can Easily translate values and tools to browsers and CSS. In Sketch a single tiny document can hold all the pages and artboards for a project.


Both Sketch and Photoshop have their strengths and demerits. However, Sketch is highly recommended when working with User Interface and app design. Photoshop, on the other hand, is your go-to software for such tasks as web design, graphic design, and photo manipulation.

On the other hand, good UI/UX design become the most important thing for modern sites, including for corporate website development. That is why F5 Studio’s professional UI/UX designers prefer to use Figma. You can read more about Figma’s pros and cons in this article.

Anyway, if you contact a professional website development agency, experienced web specialists will choose the best solution for your business.

Sketch vs Photoshop Infographics

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