Corporate Website Development

Corporate website development is a specific niche in web development. The main goal of a corporate website is to achieve business goals with the increasing sales, providing a high-quality company presentation on the Internet, increasing customer loyalty, and competitive advantages in your industry and location. F5 Studio offers its clients a full range of business website design and development.

What is corporate website?

A corporate website or business website represents the company it was built for. It conveys the company’s image and concept to the world and therefore, must be convenient for all segments of audience: clients, shareholders, employees, investors, suppliers and local communities. That is why developing great corporate websites requires the extensive experience and skills.

In short words the corporate website is like a company’s personal assistant or business development executive that a company owner hires to work 24/7 without days off.

Design, functionality and content should all be thought out in very great details. Several basic principles should be observed when constructing a corporate website:

  • Creating a memorable design using elements of the corporate Identity
  • Focusing on the user needs 
  • Becoming personable
  • Emphasizing on the usability
  • Creating high-quality unique content
  • Functionality
  • Reliability, Stability and Adaptability.

Also the modern corporate website must be mobile, socially and emotionally driven.

Your benefits. Our key expertise

Exclusive corporate website design. The company site design is developed from scratch according to your request, goals, features and target audience. We use the latest technologies and keep the future of our clients in mind. We will develop the most simple, convenient and user-friendly resource to create more awareness and credibility of your brand

Solving problems of any complexity. We have enough experience to say with confidence “there are no limits for us”. Whether it is a simple site with textual and graphical information or a complex project with the development and implementation of non-standard functions, integration of third-party components. The answer is always the same: “Let’s do it!”

Liability under the contract. We exclude the likelihood of disruptions in the terms and the requirements for unforeseen payments for the development and promotion of a corporate website. which clearly spells out all the terms, responsibilities and the number of tasks assigned to us. There are no hidden additional fees.

Laptop with html code and office buildings show schematically corporate website development

How F5 Studio creates corporate websites? 

Developing a turnkey company website is one of the most sought after services in our company.

The first step is identify business goals.What is your primary goal of a corporate website creation? Do you want to increase the value of your brand? Or do you need to raise funds? To generate leads?

The next is a comprehensive analysis which, the success of the project rest on. That’s why, In order for projects to meet the needs of the target audience, we approach their implementation only by examining our clients’ businesses and products, their customer’s preferences and the competitive market in which the deal.

Last but not least, is your website design and development. This stage begins the prototypes and designs your corporate website. Searching for unique visual solutions and usability testing allows us to create not just a corporate site design, but an interface that both you and your customers will appreciate. The future website is designed and then handed over to web developers, who implement the functionality and submit the project for testing. Once the site is flawless, it is finally transferred to you.

What result will you get?

Quality assurance 

The website should be checked to ensure that it complies with certain norms and standards. It provides a parallel interpretation of web pages on different machines, browsers and visitors. This includes testing and optimizing HTML, JS and CSS, simple SEO optimization on the page, cross-browser compatibility testing and creating a responsive version of the site to drive mobile traffic. The ultimate goal of optimization is to maximize the possible improvement in the quality of the technical component of the site in order to increase its ranking on the search engine page. This has a significant impact on further improving the position of the site with further promotion.

High website download speed

The minimum download speed for a corporate website using Google Test Speed on computers and mobile devices, regardless of the speed of the Internet connection.

A reliable partner and project support from the studio

You can be sure with certainty that after the delivery of the project, we will provide all possible support. Whether it is the development of new functions for the site, filling the resource, writing texts or other tasks. You can always be sure of us!

Effective platform for business

Your corporate website is a marketing resource, which is 100% achieving its goals. Regardless of the thematic direction of the business of the customer and complex from a technical point of view, the implementation of the project, we develop sites that leave no one indifferent. All projects are developed by us to a state of complete readiness and do not require modification.

Prices and warranties

The cost of corporate website design and development may vary depending on the amount of work. However, a more accurate price can be given based on the project brief.

F5 Studio as the corporate web development agency always adheres to the terms of the contract: we give legal guarantees of the terms and conditions, thereby protecting the interests of each customer.

The advantages of cooperation with F5 Studio:

We are experienced. More than 6 years in the web development field

We are transparent. Fixed price after our estimate is approved by our clients

We provide quality assurance services. We perform a rigorous test to make sure our products are flawless

We are reliable. Meeting production deadlines, effective business solutions.

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