eCommerce website development

The Online Business Environment becomes highly competitive with time and for businesses to survive in such an environment, effective sales techniques must be applied. Half of the web traffic is mobile nowadays, and that is why at F5 studio, we make it a priority to optimize websites for mobile devices. When creating an online store, we study your specific business needs and your target audience. Then we design the most appropriate and convenient interface that enhances confidence in the site and improves conversion.


F5 Studio has been developing online shopping websites for over 6+ years of experience, which allows us to compete with even the largest players in the web development sphere. We rely on advanced technologies and keep up with the latest trends in web development to achieve effective results for the success of your investments. This makes our web development agency a very valuable partner for small and medium businesses.

Thanks to our extensive customer support experience since 2013, our E-commerce website development services have improved a great deal. We have become more than just E-commerce Web development experts, F5 Studio has established itself among the top eCommerce developer companies in Europe and has entered the international level. We understand all the subtleties of e-commerce that we provide our clients with exactly what is required for their business to grow.

ecommerce website development services

Our eCommerce website development package meets all your business needs:

  • We make your e-commerce sites unique. Our experts study your business and build your e-commerce site in a unique way, considering your specific needs and keeping the future in mind.
  • We help you grab your customers’ attention. In order to grab the attention of our clients’ visitors, our team of designers create a good looking and easy-to-use interface that takes the users from their first click on the site to the purchase of the product.
  • We optimize your website loading speed. Speed is everything. The period where websites took more than 5 seconds to load is now a thing of the past. Customers do not waste time on websites that have a slow loading speed. They will immediately close and move on to the next one. That is why we always make sure to optimize the website loading speed before it is published.
  • We help you reach more customers. The Google search engine since April 2015 has changed its algorithms, giving more credits and prioritising websites optimised for mobile devices. Needless to say that mobile devices are widely used to access the internet, and even much more than desktops at times. We, at F5 Studio, made it a priority to optimise every single website for mobile devices, and thus increase the chance for our clients to reach more people.
  • We help you appear on top of the search result page. Search Engine Optimization is very important as it helps drive more traffic to your website. Our aim is to help our clients appear on top of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). The rule is simple; the website that appears on top of the SERP is the one that gets visited first. And we have great SEO Specialists who work hard to achieve that.
  • We make your admin panel as convenient as possible. When working with an online store, you and your employees will have to deal with large volumes of information: deleting/adding goods, correcting prices, changing currency rates, adding stocks, articles. Therefore, the admin panel should be as convenient as possible, intuitive for the content manager, marketer and SEO specialist.

In short, our eCommerce website development packages are made for customers who are looking for a fully featured eCommerce website that is a mobile friendly and optimized for search engines.

Top 10 features included to our eCommerce website development package:

  1. Mobile friendly custom web design.
  2. Best UI\UX practice.
  3. Unlimited products.
  4. Unlimited categories.
  5. Payment gateway.
  6. Import/export functionality for products.
  7. Discount coupon engine.
  8. On-page SEO.
  9. Google listing.
  10. Unlimited technical support.

Also, we can be your reliable outsourcing eCommerce website development partner, that provides a full range of services for the development, consulting, support and maintenance of websites at a reasonable price.

What is the cost of building an E-commerce site?

Among business owners, there is an opinion that the development of a commercial website is very expensive. In fact, this is not true. Of course, quality products cannot be free. However, prices should be reasonable. So Let’s talk a bit about what influences the cost of E-commerce websites development.

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Here are a number of factors that can affect the cost of developing an e-commerce website:

  • Exclusive design & development services. If you are going to promote an exclusive product or premium-class products, then you will have to pay a bit more for that especially when it is meant to be memorable. But the cost should still be reasonable. Designers are usually paid on an hourly basis so it will all depend on the time within which the designer expects to get the work done.  
  • Customized content management system. If your eCommerce project fully non-standard and you don’t want to use ready-made solutions that can be customized or re-developed as per your needs to manage your own e-commerce website then you would have to pay out extra money for a customized CMS development.
  • Development of specific functionality. The development of additional, non-standard features affects the cost of development more than other factors. The ability to perform banking operations through your website, shipping tracking system, extended product filters, machine learning algorithms for both eCommerce website business owner and buyer, chatbots integration, a currency converter integration and all additional functionality that most likely cannot be implemented by connecting ready-made solutions or templates.
  • Content. The products of your store should be described in details; nice advertising slogans should be used; beautiful, high-quality product images and video reviews of a certain group of goods be uploaded to give buyers a complete picture of your products, and stimulate the buyers’ desire to purchase from you. However, all of this content (texts, images, video) have to be created by a specialist and you will have to pay for their services.
  • The eCommerce website development company you choose would be the factor to affect pricing. A world-renowned web agency obviously delivers the top-end product at high prices. On the other side, if your budget is limited, you can always choose a cheaper option. Finding a company to develop a website at some point can be a daunting and very tedious task. In addition, it is a big responsibility when it comes to a huge and long-term eCommerce project that requires large-scale financial investments. In short, whoever you choose, just make sure that they are reliable and are always available.

What is important to know when choosing a CMS for an online store?

CMS (Content Management System) allows the owner or content manager to add the necessary information or products to the site without having an extensive IT knowledge. And in some cases, choosing the best CMS for your E-commerce can help increase sales

Some CMS are free (open source), while others are paid. However, both free and paid versions have their own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, creating your site on a free platform does not mean that you have set yourself up for failure, just as paying for an expensive platform is not synonymous with success.

It is important to remember that the use of CMS requires an understanding of some programming languages ​​in case you need to make changes to the structure or logic of its work. Therefore, it is better to seek advice from experienced professionals if you have no experience before proceeding to work.

It is worth noting that using free CMS like WordPress(WooCommerce), Magento, OpenCart, Joomla or PrestaShop to create an online store without the necessary extensions is quite difficult. In most cases, there is a need to install third-party modules or plug-ins, which are often paid.

However, paid CMS, such as UMI.CMS, NetCat, Shop-Script or CS-Cart, cannot guarantee you all the functionalities needed for your specific purposes. Therefore, to benefit from great e-commerce website development services, you would at times need to contact a specialist to create a custom theme or some additional functionality.

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Why you should pay attention to WooCommerce for eCommerce websites

WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin. It expands the functionality of sites on the most popular CMS in the world: it turns them into full-fledged online stores. WooCommerce repeats WordPress main advantages:

  • Working with the engine and plug-in for e-commerce can be without knowledge and experience in web development.
  • In addition to the online store, you get your own blog and a web portal with the ability to create and customize webpages whatever you want.
  • Access to a huge plug-ins database that significantly expands the functionality of the website.

As of end-spring 2019, the number of active plug-in installations exceeds 4 million. According to the builtWith analytical platform, WooCommerce is the most popular online trading platform in the world.

What does the statistics mean? WooCommerce remains out of competition when choosing a platform for small and medium-sized stores. Large online merchants also often use this platform, but many use alternative solutions.