How to choose a web agency: 7 simple steps

By Roman Berezhnoi April 19, 2019 2.22K views

How to choose a web agency: 7 simple steps

Finding a company to develop a website at some point can be a daunting and very tedious task. In addition, it is a big responsibility when it comes to a huge and long-term project that requires large-scale financial investments. We offer a few steps that will simplify your life and help you choose a web development company.

7 steps to a simple and correct choice of web agency

1. Decide on the main goal of the site.

How to choose a web agency. Step 1

95% of all projects are projects focused on achieving a specific goal. First of all – the sale and calls from the site. Understanding this on your part and the developer’s side is an important point that concerns web design.

Do not look for agencies that offer you only a beautiful picture. The most colourful site cannot give the result, which is achieved only by competent usability, functionality, optimization and excellent performance of the site. If you recall the most popular and well-known websites, then you will understand that in addition to corporate identity and logo, there are no extra graphics that take up space and overload the overall look.

The main tip:
Appearance is not the main thing. A good web development agency will first determine the ways in which the conversion will grow, and only then implement the design into the overall concept.

But this only works in the case of online stores. If the task is to create a company website or a personal website of a photographer, the conversation is completely different. And you have to bring it to the developers, and they offer corporate identity and modern design.

It may seem a little strange that we contradict ourselves, but in reality, this is the case. If the main goal to sell a product is to make the purchase as convenient as possible to the detriment of the design, if the goal is to sell yourself – a beautiful design is the best way to show yourself online.

2. Portfolio

A track record will greatly facilitate your decision. First, you look at the examples of work and evaluate the overall competence of the web studio, and second, you can personally see the viability of the finished projects and, perhaps, find an already finished and similar to your project.

At this stage, it would not hurt to contact the agency’s clients in order to learn everything that interests you about work. See F5 Studio’s Behance profile:

How to choose a web agency. Step 2

Also, the portfolio of a web development agency should be open. A good web studio is proud of its work and parades them. If you are offered a portfolio only on demand or insist on a personal meeting, avoid such agencies.

3. Experience

How to choose a web agency. Step 3

The longevity of a website development agency is the main indicator of its successful work.

The longer the company stays in the market, the more experienced it becomes in its field of activity.  I addition, a company that has been operating for a long time will always keep pace with the latest events, from competitive companies. Also these companies in the Top Web Development Companies
In a word, old or well-established companies always know what they do. Therefore, choose only agencies that have 5 or more years of experience.

4. All in one!

Choosing the services of Web development agencies based on the criteria mentioned here has many advantages:

  • Speed of work: Imagine developing your website from one agency and then optimising it for Search Engine at a different agency and again paying a marketing assistant for the promotion. The process will not only be cumbersome, but time-consuming. Entrusting the whole process to one team save you much more time and money.
  • A clear understanding of technical requirements at each stage – for example, the designer draws with regard to the future functionality, guided by the support and advice of the programmer.
  • the site is “honed” for SEO – website optimization for search engines begins with the first stages of development (the same design). This saves time and resources and directly affects the success of the site promotion campaign, for which the web development agency is responsible and tries to do everything as best as possible.

Naturally, gathering specialists from different areas under the same roof is a difficult task. And this may raise doubts about their professionalism. Therefore, once again pay attention to the portfolio and experience.

5. Read the budget

The most important thing for a client is to determine the website development cost. If you compare a regular freelancer with a professional web studio, then only the project manager with whom you will communicate will be able to send you a detailed business proposal.

Clients want to have a clear idea of the cost and a detailed explanation about the workflow. Web agencies provide a project management service to communicate the clients on a regular basis, to give them updates on the progress of the project.

This document will list all stages of web development project, the individual characteristics and your wishes. All information on the cost of each service will also be detailed.

This means that only a professional web development company can show a client a complete commercial offer with a detailed description of how the cost of developing each page of a site is made.

The freelancer will most likely offer you a price that is not backed up by facts (ie. average price of service in country where the freelancer lives).

The main thing is that each item should be justified, and you should be interested in why it is needed here. This will help to avoid imposed services and unnecessary cash losses.

In addition, the project manager must explain why this or that service has such a price, why you need it, and offer, if necessary, the best alternative.

F5 Studio web agency proposes a fixed price model of the website development. It is a good way to get a professional website at a reasonable price. If you want a little bit more customizations you can contact WordPress website development team. WordPress is rightfully considered one of the best and certainly the most popular website platform in the world. For its usability, security, and versatility, it is a leader among all existing CMS. Also F5 Studio WordPress developers can combine WordPress with modern JS libraries or frameworks to add specific functions and features.
Do you need some interactive? A web agency have specialists for many technologies stacks.
Why Vue.js the right application development framework for your next project?

In any case the project manager can offer the most appropriate option for your needs and budget.

6. Always in Trend

A web professionals in their field always knows what is “in web development trend” at the current time.
If now it is absolutely necessary to develop a mobile version of the site, then a professional will offer you this option when ordering a web site.

7. Terms of Reference

How to choose a web agency. Step 7

Professionals will never work without a technical assignment (detailed requirements for a website). If you are offered to create a site without a spec. file – feel free to go to another web studio.

Sum up

Many factors can affect your choice. You can always turn to a web agency on the recommendation of a friend, but always follow these 7 simple steps to choose a website development agency and to get a great website with positive emotions from the creation process.

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