Wordpress development services

Our WordPress developers create reliable websites and applications that provide you with the best business results over a long period. Thanks to our clients who have achieved their business goals, F5 Studio web agency has gained recognition in the development of WordPress-based products.  All WordPress development services we will be glad to offer to you!

F5 Studio comprehensive WordPress development services

We create WordPress websites to help you to achieve your business goals with extended functions and expanded the capabilities of your WordPress website.

Looking for a powerful, compact and high-performance WordPress website? 

F5 Studio web design agency specializes in creating effective web projects with clean code and a clear user interface using advanced web technologies. Thanks to our extensive customer support experience since 2013, we understand all the subtleties of WordPress in order to provide you with exactly what their business needs for a specific task. We also develop highly convertible WordPress websites or application with easy navigation, user interface and responsive design to help you differentiate your brand from the competition.

Webpages layouts and logo of WordPress show schematically WordPress development

Your benefits. Our key expertise

Your future revenues. Our aim to create a profitable WordPress website for you in the cost-effective way. It means that we focus on your client needs.

The enjoyable UX. We deliver an user experience your customers will enjoy. We provide the customer research, use the best practices to create your site.

The website scalability. Your business will grow. We create websites which will be ready to add new functions and the increasing of visitors at minimal cost.

F5 Studio approach to WordPress website development

F5 Studio has been providing WordPress development services for many companies which locate in USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Norwen, Sweden, Israel and other countries, maintaining the best quality standards since 2013.

Our WordPress developers good at developing custom WordPress themes and adheres to certain strategies and plans for developing the best themes for your sites. We create a theme for the specific needs of a particular project. As a result, you will receive a high-quality web site with affordable price that is not overloaded with excess code, works quickly and is very easy to edit. Also, when developing WordPress sites, we preferring to write custom functions, that reduce the cost of a website maintenance and improving.

To develop a powerful eCommerce WordPress based website we can use WooCommerce.

Our WordPress web development services include the development of various plugins and functions, a load speed optimization for your website, adaptation to various platforms and integration of third-party services.

To give you the best of services, we begin with an in-depth analysis of your audience, and then study the purpose of your project and its goal. Then we develop a wireframes, UI/UX web design of the future site. After the final approval of the design, F5 Studio WordPress developers start the work and after proceed to test. A flexible Agile methodology will allow us to optimize our development process and take into account your wishes at any stage of project development, which guarantees absolute satisfaction with the final result.

The quality of our work, our willingness to complete projects and our unbeatable prices are the assets that set us apart from other WordPress web development agencies. If you are looking for WordPress website development quotation or professional WordPress development agency, please connect with us.

Want to use WordPress for multiple sites? The F5 Studio is ready to provide you with assistance, be it a complex system or a WordPress plugin for several sites.

Migration from another system to WordPress seems difficult? Let us handle it. We will help you to safely convert your website into WordPress from absolutely any other system.

We can convert any website to WordPress without sacrificing the site functionality. 

Focus entirely on the development of your business and provide us with all the difficulties with the maintenance of your site. Our WordPress developers will completely relieve you of headaches regarding any of your online projects.

Any business is a unique and unrepeatable structure that cannot be described by a standard module. We offer only unique solutions and custom code, with the help of which we can expand the functionality of a website in accordance with the requirements of your business.

Our integration and programming experience API provides any client with a comprehensive solution that will help take care of the needs of business integration.

How much should a custom WordPress website development cost? – Get a quote from our Project Manager!

Why do we choose CMS WordPress?

Many years ago, with the help of WordPress, it was possible to create web sites of only a certain type. Today, WordPress is the market leader in web building. Web projects that can be created on this platform are just limitless thanks to the huge number of ready-made plug-ins and the custom solutions that we develop.

TOP 10 types of website you can create with WordPress

Personal Blogs

Websites for Business

Social Networking Websites

eCommerce websites

News Websites

Job Boards

Classified Add Websites

Membership Websites

Directory Websites

Portfolio Websites

WordPress can be a much powerful tool in the entrepreneur’s hands than just “One more WordPress website”. Building a different kind of websites with WordPress much easier than any other CMS.

TOP 10 features can be easily integrated into the WordPress website

Auction functionality

Online Exams

Coupon website

Booking system

Customer feedback

Support desk functionality

Customer reviews

YouTube look-alike

Twitter Look-alike


Why do customers value our work?

In cooperation with us you get:

Full access to edit and customize the site – we create websites in a way that makes it easy for you to make changes yourself whenever you want.

Absolutely clean and valid code – we write clean code that can easily be understood and reused by any other developer.

Thoroughly tested site functionality – when developing any web project, our specialists thoroughly test all functions. Also, final testing of the finished product is carried out, which completely eliminates the appearance of bugs on your site.

Cross-browser, responsive WordPress design – we create cross-browser compatible and responsive websites that are optimised for search engines. Simply put, your website will be accessed from any browser independently of the version and will display well on every screen sizes.

SEO friendly structure – we understand the importance of further promoting your web site, so we provide all the conditions for this even at the design stage.

Free customer support – once we have received payment and launched your website, we provide you with free technical support. Get a WordPress website development proposal now!