Brand identity

Brand identity is a way to differentiate your business from competitors with visible graphic elements, colors, and fonts. Every element of brand identity supports your messages and image to bring your business closer to customers. F5 Studio designers will create specific visuals which will work for your business goals.

How brand identity helps your business

Brand identity consists of the elements that were created to portray the image of the company to consumer.

The main goal of brand identity is to identify and distinguish the brand in the consumers’ minds. This is particularly important for small businesses and startups which face intense competition without financial resources. 

Brand identity allows you to build a memorable and positive image of your business. The positive image helps to make sales more successful.

The improvement of brand identity can help existing businesses too. Because timely responses are important to changes in target audience, economy, and society. Even iconic brands are constantly changing and evolving.

Your benefits. Our key expertise

Personality. Your business is truly unique even if you sell commodity products or provide commodity services. We highlight the personality of your business which will be difficult for competitors to copy.

Relevance. Brand Relevance is a part of business success. Our secret to be customer centric to integrate your business into the lives of customers through constant change, which brings heightened customer expectations

Consistency. Brand consistency is the practice of presenting brand elements in the same tone. Over time, brand elements become ingrained in the minds of consumers, and they’ll remember your business.

What does brand identity include?

Businesses can use brand elements for of a variety of marketing strategies. 

Professional typography

Fonts are powerful because they make your messages readable, recognizable, and persuasive. Our designers help you pick a font that will work with your logo and color scheme.

Color palette 

Colors convey emotions. Our designers help you to select one to three primary colors and a few additional colors for you business. They will also help you to pick eye catching color combinations.

On-brand supporting graphics

It is a variety of graphic elements which convey a business’ visual language. These can be images, icons, buttons, motion graphics, data visualization, or design assets. Our designers will create these elements to strengthen your brand identity.

Design System

When all elements have been chosen or created you need a system to bring them together. It makes text and graphic messages more clear for customers.

Our designers will help you introduce business to people in the best possible way. 

Brand identity creating process

Business goals and brand personality

It is vital to have some directives to begin creation of brand identity. We analyze your business, competitors, market, and customers. 

At this stage it will be a great help if you brief us about your business. Our practice shows that not all businesses are prepared for the creation of brand identity. The designer need to identify the persona which business owner wants to present.

Moodboards, mind mapping, sketching

At this stage, our designers set the visual direction. You need to choose the best idea for your business. This helps you save time and resources because we will focus on one direction at the beginning. At the same time it is better for you to become more open-minded to designer’s ideas.  

Digital proposals

This stage we do logo design or logo redesign in many cases. There are many elements to focus on, such as typography, color palette, and supporting graphics. Based on the idea that you’ve decided on, we will create four or five versions. In this way, step by step, our designers will create elements of brand identity.

Your feedback is very important for us in this stage. As a result, we will create a final version of your brand identity.

Design system creation

When all the elements of brand identity are approved, we will join them into a harmonic and professional style.

At this stage we create corporate brand style for every item offered. It could be a website, social media, internet ads and billboards, business cards, apparel and company vehicles, product packaging, brochures, reports and flyers, email, or correspondence.

Specialists of the web development afency F5 Studio will be happy to create an excellent design to be a part of your business success!