Design Services

Here you can get a wide range of services including web design, UI/UX design, mobile app design, logo design and brand identity.  F5 Studio designers are experienced and qualified for projects of any complexity. The result of our work is an appropriate design that creates user engagement, trust and action.


Web design

Mobile app design

UI/UX design

Logo design

Brand identity 

Ad banners design

Our design technologies stack

Photoshop – Illustrator – Sketch – Creative Suite – Axure – Adobe XD – Figma

How can design help your business

Exceptional design can make your website, software, application, company orservice stand out from the rest.. A high-quality design  makes your business memorable for customers and business associates. In short, design is the beauty, emotionality and functionality which help your business interact better with people. 

That’s why it’s important to choose the right designer for your project.

Experienced designers from F5 Studio will develop high-quality modern designs for websites, web and mobile applications, ecommerce, social networks and banner ads.

Your benefits. Our key expertise

The main benefits you get from our design services:

Memorable. Our expertise is in expressing the uniqueness  of your business to people through design. We use approaches to make design memorable: combination of color schemes, managing contrasts, using originality and engaging the senses.  

Emotions.  Emotions can strongly influence user perception of your website, app or elements of  brand identity. Emotions are what transform first touch into enduring experiences. There are two main points we focus on: beauty and positive experience.

Practical. Your business solves a real problem. A design should be results-driven and solve challenges. That’s why it’s important to think about function first. We create designs that will be effective and successful in real situations.

Our principles that may influence your design choices

The functionality of the design serves its purpose

First, the design has  to solve your specific challenges. We account for the basic functions to ensure that everything is working the way we want before we even start thinking about how the design will look. 

Your client

How does it look for your clients? Is it helpful? We combine your vision, our ideas and the needs of your clients to make a great design for your audience that you will be proud of.

Brand Recognition

In addition to your audience, you must remember your brand. Each element of design is a reflection of your business and brand. That is why we make sure each  element speaks to your brand’s tone and style. Also we make sure design elements create brand messaging that truly resonates.

Devices and browsers

The variety of devices and browsers limits the design bounds of what can and should be done. We create responsive design based on the devices and browsers preferred by your audience.