Landing Page Development

A Landing Page is a standalone web page, developed specifically for marketing purposes and advertising campaign. A Landing Page is designed with a single focused objective known as a Call to Action (CTA) and demonstrates the highest conversion rates, turning website visitors into potential customers.

Landing Page Creation is magic of web designers, developers and marketing teams.

It can be both the main selling resource, and a supplement to the main site. An important rule: one page – one conversion. Why? Because, a landing page sharpened by several tasks, only disperses the user’s attention as the users wouldn’t know what exactly to do.

That’s where our landing page best practices come in. A targeted, well-crafted landing page with a solid format will get almost anyone to do your desired action.

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Components of a landing page: 

The development of a landing page can take several days or a month. It all depends on the complexity of the project, the design, as well as the presence of additional elements, such as animations.  

When creating a landing page you should emphasize on:

  • Design.
  • The Content: attractive commercial texts, photos and videos.
  • Reviews plus a call to action.
  • Functional Landing Page: order form or feedback, online consultation.

Ideally, the Landing Page should be created based on an existing corporate site, business card site or online store.

What you will get using landing page development services of F5 Studio:

  • A deep analysis of the business-niche and competitors.
  • A unique text designed to reflect the portrait of the target audience.
  • An SEO-optimized page, ready for further promotion.
  • A comfortable CMS that can be easily managed (Landing Page on WordPress).
  • A connected analytics system for collecting data and analyzing the effectiveness of the landing page
  • An adaptive layout that guarantees the correct display of the page on mobile devices and PCs.
  • Modern UI design.


Landing Page Development

  1. Sale of goods. The landing page works great on sales. It will help to focus on a particular product, draw attention to a seasonal or exclusive product, or get rid of storage deposits.
  2. Selling services. Do you offer hardware manicure or Thai massage, Landing Page Creation on WordPress or Website Development? The range of services your salon or agency replenished with an interesting novelty? – A well-built landing page will help to share this with potential clients.
  3. Base collection of subscribers. To build an e-mail strategy and quickly reach subscribers any time there is a promotion Engage your audience with useful thematic content – and plan a chain of letters!
  4. New Product Announcement. Develop a landing page if you have a new product and want to present it correctly to your target audience. Landing pages are a great way to advertise your product and tell about its advantages and features.
  5. Event Advertising. The concert, master class, workshop, online marathon – any event can be promoted using the landing page. So you quickly collect the required number of participants and justify the organizational costs.
  6. Startup promotion. Starting a business does not always have the opportunity or need to create a full-fledged website for a startup. While a startup is at the stage of promotion, a Landing page is enough for him to attract leads and analyze demand.


Fast promotion

Landing pages provide lots of benefits. They are a great way to promote your business and get potential customers easily. The development of a landing page helps novice market players who have ambitions but not enough funds to make themselves known in the market.                                                                                                                         

Equivalent competition

A landing page helps you compete on equal terms with competitors. Only the best marketing strategy and service will win here. It is good to make retail sales and have regular customers. However, a regular increase in conversion is the best indicator of business development. And if you have it close to zero, it’s time to look for new customers, new markets and new formats of business promotion.


It is important to remember that creating a one-page site does not in itself work for conversion. To quickly attract targeted visitors to the site, you need to connect additional marketing tools:

  • Setting contextual advertising. Choosing the right key requests and platforms for displaying advertisements. With this tool, you will quickly collect customers data from search engines.
  • Targeted advertising in social networks. The optimal budget, fine-tuning the choice of the target audience will accelerate the attraction of visitors to the landing page from Facebook and Instagram and other social media platforms.
  • Email marketing. If you have a subscriber base, you can use E-mail marketing to increase traffic to the landing page. The main thing is to correctly build a sales funnel and use sales texts, taking into account the type of audience you are dealing with.

Remember that landing pages cannot fully compete in organic delivery with large websites. Therefore, traditional SEO methods in landing pages do not work 100%.

In addition, to get the most out of a landing page, the most important factor is the constant collection and analysis of statistics. Based on the obtained results, we can draw the right conclusions about the strategy for further development of the one-page site and the advertised product or service. And also, make the necessary changes promptly.

In a word, the landing page development process is quite complicated and time-consuming. If some background in web development and the will to spend time on your project, you can develop your own landing page. Otherwise, consider entrusting this task to professionals and we would love to assist you here at F5 studio.