How does Schema Markup influence your SEO?

By Roman Berezhnoi June 14, 2019 2.35K views

How does Schema Markup influence your SEO?

Nowadays it is very important to know what is SEO and how SEO can help your business.
Search engines constantly improve the algorithms to determine the ranking of websites on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Therefore, the ranking is influenced by more and more factors. Today, it is not enough just to fill the resource with texts and keywords as Schema Markup started affecting search engines.

Why do we need Schema Markup and how does it work?

Schema markup is a sort of code or microdata that is writing in a website on HTML code to allow Google and other search engines to understand its full content and display more improved results or improved snippets to searchers.

Implementing schema markup is part of website development services. It is very important especially for the promotion of online stores to be effective. Here, the data of the store must be structured very carefully, in a way to help the Search Engines understand where the name of the products, the prices, the descriptions, and reviews come from. Based on this information, Google displays very relevant information about your website any time a search query is made. The easier it is for Search Engines to understand the content on your website, the faster you will be able to rank high and drive more traffic to your site. In other words schema tells the search engines what your data means, not just what it says.

What are the vocabularies?

The website Schema Markup for promotion is divided into vocabularies. One vocabulary contains a specific set of attributes for data. For different purposes, different dictionaries are used.

Schema Markup Dictionaries


This dictionary allows you to customize a snippet for an online store, movie or music website, any organization website or local business. Also, this dictionary is suitable for blogs and any information sites. There are hundreds of markup types — from toy e-stores to medical dose schedules. All Schemas can be found here.
Rich Snippet is a summary of the webpage displayed on the search engine result page. It helps users understand whether your website is suitable for them without visiting it.

Rich Snippet
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The dictionary allows you to specify:

  • Product Name and type.
  • Price.
  • Event.
  • Recipe.
  • Description.
  • Rating.
  • Reviews.
  • Offer.
  • Author or Developer.
  • Genre.
  • And much much more…

Thus, micro-markup increases attendance and reduces the bounce rate on your website.

Microdata looks like HTML
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OpenGraph is a special dictionary from Facebook, which allows you to customize the page so that the link to it is displayed correctly on social networks and instant messengers. This markup affects SEO indirectly. Traffic from social networks and instant messengers increases. Most often, this dictionary is used to optimize information portals – it can be used to customize pages so that links to articles are displayed correctly.

If you’re feeling a bit intimidated by the code, Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper makes it super easy to tag your webpages.

What is syntax?

Syntax is a set of rules for specific dictionaries that allows you to further improve the markup of a website. For example, the syntax Microdata helps search bots to understand the type of data being processed in order to deal with it much faster. This syntax is considered the most popular, as it is the easiest. It is used for the dictionary. But recently, experts and even Google itself recommended the syntax of JSON-LD. It appeared relatively recently and is notable for its particular simplicity. For OpenGraph, RDFa syntax is more commonly used. RDFa is an acronym for Resource Description Framework in Attributes. Essentially, RDFa is an extension to HTML5 and it was designed to aid users in marking up structured data.

The answer to the question, “Does Schema Markup help in ranking a website?” The answer is simple: It doesn’t just help promote the website; It is an integral part of search engine optimization. Are you need search optimization services, tech SEO or just the right implementation Schema Markup with website development setvice?  Don’t hesitate to contact our specialists

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