Technical SEO

If your site meets the technical requirements of search engines, it will be ranked higher. On the other hand, technical issues can greatly reduce the position of your site in the SERP. Technical SEO from F5 Studio is the complex task of optimization of your website for crawling and indexing processes.

How technical SEO can affect you business?

Technical SEO issues significantly affect your business, especially if your website is the largest source of revenue for your company. Technical issues prevent your website from capturing traffic, which could block potential income for your business.

What is technical SEO?
Technical website optimization refers to fixing tech issues and implementing tech aspects in accordance with search engine requirements to get higher ranking. The higher the ranking, the more traffic from searches you get. 

Basically, tech SEO makes your website more friendly for search engines. Technical SEO fixes crawl, index, international SEO, duplicate content, 40x-50x and “soft” 404 errors pages, redirects, and other tech issues. Additionally, technical SEO helps improve your website ranking through optimization of the website performance, structured data markup, clear robots.txt files, and sitemap.xml.

So, your website captures more traffic that can increase the amount of conversions on your website. 

Your benefits. Our expertise

Standardized processes. This means that we use organized, time-tested processes to help you. This approach can decrease ambiguity and guesswork, guarantee quality, improve transparency, and boost productivity.

High level of personalization. Your case is unique, which is why we tailor processes and recommendations to your business needs. So you will get solutions best fit to help your website.
Leads and sales generation. These are really the output of technical SEO implementation. Although technical SEO takes time and you may not see results right away, we focus on the details that make the most sense for your business.

Technical SEO elements

Technical SEO covers many factors. There main factors that require close attention to be paid.

Website security

Obviously security is the most important  factor and plays a big part in unfair competition. Our devs will ensure that your website is free of any security issues, manual actions, or penalties.  

Webmasters and analytical tools 

If your website is not already registered with webmaster and analytical tools, we will register it for you. You need to measure your SEO and marketing results in order to see the areas of strength or weakness in your strategy. Our specialists will implement all of the necessary tools.

Crawl and index issues 

It is important to identify crawl, index, redirects, and canonical issues for pages of your website. All important pages of your site must be indexed without errors. F5 Studio devs can fix most of the technical errors that you could come in contact with. 

Internal linking structure 

A well-defined structure helps to pin-point to search engines the important content of your website. Our SEOs help you, if necessary, to improve link structure.

Mobile-friendly optimization

If you are not sure that your website is mobile-friendly, we can help you with our manual tests and Google tools. Our specialists can implement the responsive web design for your site.

Speed your site up 

If your website is too slow, it can have negative effects on your SEO and is also bad for user experience. It can be a difficult task to speed up your site because of how many factors have an effect on site speed, however our developers are best fit to help you with this task. 

Structured data markup 

Structured data helps Google to understand the content of your website. Our web developers help you implement structured data for SEO purposes in order to get your site better positions in search results.

Hreflang tag implementation 

Multilingual and international websites attract more visitors.The hreflang tag will help Google point visitors to the appropriate version of your page by language or region. Our devs and SEOs implement hreflang tags properly for your site.

F5 Studio tech SEO process

This is the main process which will be tailored for your purposes

Technical SEO audit

We always start technical website optimization based on the information we obtain from the audit. The audit checklist depends on a few main tech factors of SEO. We pay special attention to identify crawl and index issues as well as  “soft” 404 errors because these factors can really hurt your SEO.

For the tech SEO we need access to your Google/Bing webmaster tools, Google Analytics property or other systems you might use. Also we use additional tools to gather a complete picture. 

Technical SEO plan

We create clear plan based on the technical SEO audit results. After this, the plan will be corrected based on your budget and goals for your business. The fact is, we all are faced with budget restrictions, so, we will focus on the most critical factors for your business.

Sometimes the problem may be in the web technology stack of a website. This could require a significant investment in a website rebuild and could also affect technical SEO audit costs.

Implement SEO recommendations

There are two possible options to implement our technical SEO recommendations. The first option is that all our tech SEO recommendations are implemented by your team of web developers. The second option entails that recommendations will be implemented by the F5 Studio web team. In either case, our project manager and SEO specialist will monitor the implementation. This way, we can be confident with the results.

Monitor technical SEO results

Results as structured data markup from some parts of the implemented solution will come immediately. Results from other parts of the solution, such as crawling and indexing pages, may come a few days or a few weeks later. But the overall result of technical SEO will have come in completely after a couple of months. This is due to the specificity of how search engines work.
You also need to keep in mind that technical SEO is only one part of the full SEO strategy and process. 

Make your website tech-friendly for search engines with the F5 Studio team