How to increase relevant website traffic

By Roman Berezhnoi December 17, 2019 640 views

How to increase relevant website traffic

So, you have created a website for your brand or service. You have filled the website with unique and useful information, using modern and attractive designs with right UI/UX that will turn your visitors into customers.

You might have even achieved some measure of popularity and are seeing an increase in traffic. However, this is the stage for many websites where the growth is stunted. Usually website owners will try to increase their websites traffic. While you can use many SEO techniques to bring traffic to your website, it is possible that they don’t end up working. Maybe your website traffic is increasing, but conversions still remain at their previous levels. This means that your website is bringing in irrelevant traffic.

The Captain Obvious Tip: using of professional SEO services  or relevant sources to increase website traffic from web search.

Now let us take a look at ways to increase relevant website traffic with relevant sources.

1. Avoid irrelevant sources of traffic

It can be tempting to use techniques that generate website traffic as private blog networks (PBNs), paid backlinks, or getting backlinks from random sources. Also, it is a bad idea to publish your website links on low-quality site directories and social bookmarking. This article will help you to avoid harming your own site: 11 Link building tactics that will hurt your site rankings

How to identify irrelevant sources?

You should check each resource manually.

If the source seems spammy, it is best not to use it. The spammy source will hurt your reputation instead of helping your website. This is example of spammy website:Spammy website example

Avoid websites which are irrelevant to your industry. The content of the source should be related in some way to the topic of your website. For example, the selling of carpets and the cleaning of carpets are close enough to be considered relevant to each other. The selling of carpets is close to the topic of  interior design as well. However, the cleaning of carpets is irrelevant to the topic of interior design in most cases.

Definitely avoid automated tools that generate traffic as well as SEO agencies with a shaky reputation.

2. Recognise your customer

We have all been in the phase where we think we know everything. When we  know everything regarding our products, services, and business. But in reality, we knew little of our customers’ needs. Who is you target customer? What do they really need?
The truth is that different customers have different needs, and this is vital information in any business or public service institution. Make sure the customer is on the same “wavelength” as you and understands what you are talking about. You may know your job and the intricacies of various situations very well, but your customer may not have the same knowledge.

If these needs are identified and met, your customer will be more likely to work with you again in the future.

In F5 Studio (it is a digital agency) we use a Value Proposition Canvas approach to determine customers needs. As an experienced web development agency we understand how to create a website that will attract visitors. This does not take too much time and has a wide range of positive effects on your website.

You can use other techniques to identify your target audience, their needs, pains, doubts, and desires. Also you can discover new target audiences, which can increase the group of potential customers.
We recommend checking the quality of your services and product prices. It is useful to check reviews about your company on the internet as well. In some cases, the cause of the conversions stagnation is due to negative customer experiences.

3. Check your website content

Now, once you have identified your customers and their needs, you need to check your website content. Is it helpful enough to your visitors? Do they want to share the content on your site with friends? Did they find necessary information? Also, check queries in Google Search Console. You need to understand what people experience when they make a search for your product or service.

If you find issues you need to improve your website content.

In many cases this will be enough to increase relevant traffic. Unfortunately, competition or other factors can sometimes have negative effects on your website traffic, which only means that you need to work harder and used different strategies.

4. Forums and communities

Participate in online forums and communities that are related to your niche. Establishing yourself as a thought leader in your field and increasing your visibility in relevant online destinations will help to bring readers back to your website on the basis of substantiated trust.
You can use communities in Facebook, Reddit, Linkedin, and forums for professionals like PlumbersForum, TruckersForum and others. For local businesses, it will be helpful to use local community websites or forums like a City-Data Forum.

professional forums is good source of traffic

Certainly this way won’t give you fast results, and sometimes you will get negative feedback. There are more detailed information how to use a crowd marketing to achieve business goals and to increase traffic on your website.

However, if you help your readers they will appreciate the effort you make.
The bonus: you expand your personal network.

5. Guest blogging

You can use guest blogging on related sites, and invite others to guest blog for you. You should contribute content to other blogs related to your market or niche. Leverage the opportunity to let readers know what your company does and how it would help them.

Regardless of you whether you get a link to your site, contributing to other blogs will pique your audience’s interest. If you write a top-quality post, expect traffic to start flowing to your site once it goes live. In some examples, websites got a lot of traffic using only brand and product mentions without backlinks.

Guest blogging is also a great way to grow your social media following.
The first step to a successful guest blogging is picking the right websites. It is also important for you to connect and build partnerships with influencers.

6. Online advertising

Online ads (for example Google Ad) can be expensive, but they are an effective way to attract relevant traffic. The settings of advertising platforms allows you to focus an ad on your audience.

If you’re advertising on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, make sure you set up smart targeting options to drill down to your audience. You can filter by age, gender, language, or even precise interests like music, pet lovers, or sport fans. These options will help your posts find the audiences most likely to respond to your brand.

Use geographic targeting when you advertise on Google if necessary. This can help you expand the reach of your local efforts and generate website traffic.

Remarketing is a technique that tracks customers through cookie placement so you can target specific ads to specific people.

Check out these features on Google Ads and Facebook. Also it is a good idea to get professional PPC services.


You can say that these ways to improve traffic are expensive, but not as much as you might think. Relevant traffic means a higher conversion rate, which means a higher return on investment for you.
Also you leave this work to professionals as SEO agencies, freelancers, or you could hire digital marketer.
It is better for you to entrust your project to a digital agency with a full range of services, because many factors have an effect on website traffic. These factors are marketing strategy, UX UI design, quality website development, content, technical SEO and on-page SEO. Web agencies should be able to identify the key problems that limit your website traffic and solve it in the most effective way. That is why you will be saving money in the long run.

You can also try to use our tips by yourself to improve your digital marketing skills. Check your Google Search Console to monitor SEO performance.

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