Company brand sign is the image that works. What is why you need the professional logo design. Our F5 Studio specialists can develop a logo for your company. We provide professional services in the field of graphic design and create bright and memorable printed products to distribute for promotional purposes.

How logo design helps your business

Corporate identity – the face of business.

The brand, name, and logo for a company is the basic requirement for it to be represented on the market. This also distinguishes the company from its competitors. 

Professional logo design service

Your benefits. Our logo design key expertise


In order for your business logo to be effective, it must be interesting and memorable. That is why our team begins always pushes to be on the edge of new trends with unexpected and bright ideas.


Offering the best quality at a reasonable price is one of the basic principles of F5 Studio. We believe in giving our services at a fair cost that will allow you to save funds for the other needs of your company.


The most important factor in the quality of a brand is its uniqueness. With a unique and distinct logo, a brand is quickly identified and remembered.

Which the type of  logo design do you need?

Each type of the professional logo design has pros and cons. You should select the type that will be consistent with the the goals and specifics of your business. 

  • Logotypes or wordmark
    The type strongly ties a visual identity to the name. The best known examples are VISA, Samsung, SONY and Google. The most important thing is the choosing font because the shape, style and color of the letters are very important.
    We recommend use this type for: new brands, companies which have a short name, your personal name is a brand.
    The main cons this type of a logo is the need to update a logo regularly if it seek to stay fresh.
  • Monogram or lettermarks
    The initials make a cool word. The best known IBM, HBO, CNN. The font are key with monograms.
    We recommend this type for companies which name consist of few words. For example, Louis Vuitton.
    If the monogram is ungainly, we recommend use other type of logo.
  • Abstract or brandmark
    Usually the abstract logo is a graphical part that evokes a feeling. You know Nike logo. The uniques is the key point. 
    We recommend use this type for truly unique business and new companies. Also this type is good if product’s name is lacking in personality. For example, browser Chrome. 
    The abstract logo convey emotions what might not always be appropriate.
  • Mascots
    Some brands use a character (a person, an animal or a fairy-tale character) for their logo.
    We recommend use this type of logo to create fun and friendly brand or to create a strong relationship with customers.
    Actually this type works good for limited number of industries. 
  • Emblems or crests
    The emblem is the type of logo that includes text inside of a symbol. In nowadays emblems are rarely used. The best known Harley Davidson, Harvard University, Starbucks old logo. So you can use this type if you want highlight a sense of tradition.
    This type of a logo is wrong for modern industries. 
  • Combination logo
    It is normal to combine any of the above types of logo. There are can be many combinations for any case.
    If you prefer simplicity, you can choose other type of a logo.

F5 Studio logo designers happy to help you identify what type and of logo is best for your business and create it.

F5 Studio logo design process

In result the logo must be original, memorable and compliant with the message of the company.

  1. Create a creative design brief
    We get all information about your requirements, company, products, services and customers.
  2. Research & Discovery 
    We analyze your industry, competitors, trends to understand the project before getting started.
  3. Concepts creation
    We generate ideas of the possible visual directions in the creative approach.
  4. Sketching
    We create 5-6 logo sketches to present and you need to judge them to select the one of concepts.
  5. Logo design execution
    Using your feedbacks we develop and tweak a chosen concept.
  6. Revisions and approval
    Together with you we create a final version of a logo through little changes.
  7. Delivery
    Deliver the approved logo and logo variations horizontal, vertical, icon or text, monotone, reversed.

The original logo design  is what forms a connection with the people who buy from your company.