Figma: Pros and Cons

By Roman Berezhnoi March 17, 2020 9.75K views

Figma: Pros and Cons

Are you planning to switch on to the most exceptional U/UX design tool? Then it would be best if you learned about this web design tool nicely to understand its pros and cons. We wrote this article from the experience of F5 Studio’s UI/UX design team. That is why we hope this post will help you get an overview of this tool and also find out the reasons why you should use it for designing websites.

About Figma

Figma is a web designing tool that is entirely based on cloud computing. It allows the user to work with his team members simultaneously on the same file without any hassle. Working with this designing tool has made the task easier for our web development agency as we can save time and resources of our clients. It helps in achieving a flawless performance and bringing out the best design in the website business.

Screenshot of the home page of Figma website

Pros and cons of using Figma

Every coin has two sides, and so does this website designing software named Figma. There are many amazing features in this tool that can buy any user for sure. But on the contrary, there are also things that anyone would love to get an alternative to. The details of the pros and cons are mentioned below:


Working together simultaneously

This is undoubtedly one of the rarest features that a user can find in website development software. Many web development agencies have got a team of more than one member for designing a website for the clients. The members will surely need to work together in the same application, and doing this separately is quite disturbing. It becomes a matter of distraction as each member has to be switched for the other to get a chance to work on his expert areas.

Figma has made the task more comfortable as it allows all the members to work together in a real-time frame. This makes the work transparent as each member can watch the editing done by his fellow teammate. Everything is visible on the screen as Figma is a cloud-based website designing software.

This feature is especially important now when the ongoing pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) created a need for the remote work.

Figma, a robust design tool for WordPress sites

Figma is an incredibly exciting addition to the design tools we have available for building WordPress sites. Of course, to turn your Figma design into a fully functional website you need the professional WordPress development services. But Figma was made to convert design into code in the best way: web developers can inspect, copy, and export CSS and design assets directly from Figma design files, removing guesswork and making handoffs seamless. Figma incorporates many of the core features of other tools all in one product for a more efficient and powerful workflow. It makes Figma is a good tool to build corporate websites, including for enterprise business.

Easy to share files

It will take a few minutes to share data if Figma is used as the web UX designing tool. There is no need for searching through every conversation held with the client, and with just a few clicks, everything can be sorted. This can be of great relief if a developer has to deliver some files to his clients in short notice. He would have to waste almost an hour is he uses the traditional process, but Figma can get it done in just 5 minutes.

An all-round package for developing design prototypes

Figma helps in preparing the web prototypes most conveniently. This software is built with all the tools that are required for making the prototype design, and a user can access them readily. Thus no need for buying multiple tools for designing a website anymore as Figma shall provide the services with a one-time investment.

Screenshot of Figma work space with the prototypes of the real web design project that includes prototypes of webpages

Also it is possible to convert Figma designs and prototypes into a WordPress website. You can contact F5 Studio to order professional WordPress development services, if you want to get a fully functional responsive website.

Cloud-based website designing tool

This feature of Figma makes it highly attractive for the buyers as they can open the required files from any computer connected to the internet. There is no need for downloading a large file or copying it manually for transferring it to another computer. The entire system is automated and thus considered efficient by all web design developers. All the major operating systems and internet browsers give access to this software, and there is also an app that runs Figma seamlessly.

Numerous plugins available

This feature of Figma will surely steal the heart of every website designer as they need not search externally for a useful plugin. Some of the best plugins are Unsplash, Iconify, Content Reel, Component Replacer, Blobs Maker, Remove BG, etc. The list shall continue, and this is why web development companies prefer this software over others available in the market.

The useful feature of Figma Mirror

A website designer needs to do a self-checking while he is designing a website. He cannot be 100% perfect with his designs all the time, and there will inevitably be specific scopes for improvement. The feature of Figma Mirror will help the designing professional in analyzing his work in the best way possible. He will be able to figure out where improvement is required and also consult the client for his review. Another feature that helps us to save time, money of our clients and to offer the high-level of quality.

Numerous methods for selections

All the elements placed on a website file need to maintain a certain amount of distance. Figma has got more than one way through which a user can select the distance he wants between the elements in the web prototypes. This makes the designing task easier for the developer as he can measure the gap between the items easily and place them as required.

You can read more about Figma’s features.


Cannot be used without an active internet connection

This is a significant reason why many people refrain from switching on to Figma as it demands an active internet connection all the time. The software is based on cloud, and thus, if a system is not connected to the internet, then working is impossible.

Global colors are absent

Colors are an essential component every website developing company has to invest in for achieving flexibility. Figma does not have global colors in its module, and thus it becomes difficult to customize a file. Global colors shall help in improving the performance of many systems at just one go. There will be an added element for numerous components that need not be changed each time with the change in color.

Searching options not available with local components

Users can search for a file only when it is uploaded into the team library, which can be a difficult option for freelancers. They work independently and do not have a team of designers working together, unlike a website development company. A freelancer does not need the features that are dedicated to a team, and thus Figma can prove to be a bad deal for him.

Requires a right amount of RAM and decent Graphics Cards

Figma will not run on a system that has got below 4GB of RAM and a Graphics Card of high quality. This is not a very simple demand that every website designer can afford, especially freelancers. Clients also face problems in getting access to the websites designed with Figma due to the system mentioned above requirements.


There are undoubtedly numerous pros and cons tagged to Figma, but still, it can be considered as a superb UX design tool for teamwork. The developers are working on the cons, and it is expected that the latest version of the software will come up with many advantages.

Therefore, we find Figma useful so we use it for web projects of our digital agency‘s clients to create websites and web apps which help to achieve business goals.

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