The best Figma features for website UI/UX design

By Roman Berezhnoi December 23, 2021 752 views

The best Figma features for website UI/UX design

Figma is a web design tool that makes User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design processes easy. 

Figma offers designers a wide range of features to create collaborative designs. F5 Studio’s UI/UX designers use Figma for our UX/UI web design projects

So, irrespective of being an amateur or a web design expert, you can use Figma instead of other web design software. Let us present you with the best Figma features.

Use of Variants 

Variants is another name of the Figma components library. It is a component management tool. You can remove the copied variations of the same component and collect those together to arrange a library.

You may also use a single container to keep various similar components. Variants enable the team members to find the places they search for during collaborative web design projects. You can eliminate the guesswork from the design system by customizing the properties and values of variants.

Use multiple Figma Accounts 

You can get access to all your Figma accounts and community profiles on a single screen. And, you can log in and stay logged in to up to a maximum of 10 Figma accounts.  Open the account switcher by clicking on the top-right corner. It is a very smooth process to move to any workspace via the top-left corner of the account screen.

But you should remember about the performance of your desktop.  

Instance Swap Menu

Figma improved the Instance Swap Menu in 2020 and incorporated a push-style menu system. The menu enables the designers to browse through the components smoothly.

There is one drop-down selector to move between team libraries. You can use the sleek thumbnail to preview the components.

Use of Bullets and Numbers

The upgraded feature of Figma enables you to add bulleted and numbered lists in your User Interface (UI) or User Experience (UX) web design projects. Lists help the designers to arrange the data accordingly and focus on the associated information in vector design. The feature allows you to put in a maximum of five indentations. Visual color modification is also possible with different text colors, fonts, and effects.

Inspect Tab

Figma revamped and renamed the Code Panel to Inspect Tab. This feature allows collaborators, especially web developers, to get the values and codes of the designs of those you are working on. The team members can clip variants, colors, shadows, properties, contents, typographies, and borders from the tab. It makes front-end development easy and reduces the cost of web development services.

Community files & plugin library

Figma comprises an enriched community platform where the designers and developers can publish their design projects for the convenience of their fellow members. If necessary, fellow designers can have the project on the platform and check them or modify them. Thousands of creators are working with Figma and, you can access the resources like,

  • Remote design print
  • Open figure illustration library
  • Figma templates
  • UI web design kit,

Developers enjoy several advantages from Figma Plugins. The plugins are highly functional and very safe to use. Around 50 unique Figma plugins are available for the writers and the number is on a constant hike with time. You can share private plugins between the company members during enterprise subscriptions. You can use the following plugins,

  • Error Detection Plugins
  • Task Automation Plugins
  • Data Population Plugins 

Real-time project updates

In the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design projects that do not involve Figma, the designer needs third-party tools to get the project updates and design samples. You need to transfer multiple files to make every team member access the current status.

At the same time, the real-time updating feature of Figma monitors the exchange of prototypes and updates each team member about the work progress. 

In Figma, you do not need to transfer the web project from UI/UX designers to web developers. Only you need to use Confluence to distribute the previews of the web design, and the front-end developers will receive updates on each project detail and change. The updates will show up to the web developers as a live activity on each file.

It is a great Figma feature if you provide WordsPress development services

Clear and intuitive prototyping

Prototyping has been much swifter and hassle-free with the assistance of Figma. The module enables frame-to-frame transition. Figma is an all-rounder tool that does not make you need any third-party involvement.

Designers can share Figma prototypes with the team members just like they share the web design files. You only need to share the prototype link with edit permissions. All the records remain intact and any comment or review stays within the tool.

With the assistance of Figma, web designers and web developers can understand the workflow, leave comments and suggestions for the designers and receive CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) attributes.

Sharing design review 

Last but not least, review or feedback on UI/UX design projects is a simple team conference when you use Figma. While giving reviews, the team members can work on a single screen, record all comments, and resolve issues with the same Figma design frame.

The UI/UX designers, product managers, SEOs and digital marketers, project managers can comment on the design modes and the core components. Any slack keeps all the comments and suggestions. 

To conclude

While creating a user interface or user experience web design, the Figma module is one of the best choices for the designers for its advanced system and technology.

If you need a professional website UI/UX design, contact F5 Studio to get a quote.

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