What is user experience design (UX Design)

What is user experience design (UX Design)

Web applications continue to grow each day. The methodologies and technologies that power these web applications also become more advanced and complex with each waking day. User Experience Design takes advantage of these tremendous advancements to develop systems and products that are efficient and user-friendly.
UX designers in any good Web Development Agency look at the changes in technology, trends and methodologies and tweak them to work together in giving users the best digital experiences possible.


How User Experience works

Every website, software, or web application has an important component of HCI- Human-Computer- Interaction. Thus, the success of such systems is primarily pegged on how the users perceive it in terms of usability, accessibility, and performance among a myriad of other factors.
UX designers therefore study, analyze and evaluate a website and enhance it in terms of performance, ease of use, perceived value to users, utility, and efficiency and so forth, creating a superior User Interface Design as per your business goals and consumer needs by:

  • Formulating a strategy that matches your goals to the needs of the users
  • Developing web-systems that are perfectly matched to the functional specifications of your business and content preferences for the target consumers
  • Creating a unique web structure based on the desired information architecture as well as the trends and flow of users on your website.
  • Relying on a bedrock of highly-responsive and interactive web designs to create inspiring user interfaces.
  • Employing the very best in creativity to build aesthetically-pleasing visual displays.

How User Experience works

A Brief history of UX Design

In the earlier days of Web Design, building a website paid little attention to such factors as user-centred design, web accessibility or even its usability. As such, website coding was merely based on what the creators thought was cool and what they wanted their clients to see.

However, as the early 1990’s saw computers proliferate in the workplace, tables began to turn. Slowly Web Development Services came to realize that they had to develop interfaces that resonated with their users. Thus, a famous user experience architect, Donald Norman came up with the concept of making design decisions based on user needs and wants. This was termed as user-centred design-later christened as User Experience Design.


How Is UX Important?

All systems benefit from a solid design of their user experience. As a matter of fact, almost every product offered by any Web Development Agency in the market today features one form of User Experience Design or another.
Any UX/UI Design Agency must ensure that every website as a minimum is:

  • Functional in that it works as it was programmed to and just as users expect it to.
  • Reliable to users by being always available, accessible and offering accurate information.
  • Useable and user-friendly
  • Convenient to the user in terms of ease of use and performance
  • Leaves the users with a pleasurable and memorable experience that compels them to spread the word
  • Offers a meaningful and personal significant experience to the user.


Examples of Some Ideal Beneficiaries of UX Design

  • Complex websites such as e-commerce sites that are multifaceted and involved interaction-rich applications need UX design since their success is hinged on users finding them as being valuable, efficient and pleasant.
  • Small enterprises and startups may lack the manpower and resources to hire full-time
    employees to interact directly with every user. Hence UX will not only helps the company stand but will also enhance customer satisfaction even without direct interaction.
  • UX designers are an excellent choice when trying to cut both cost and time simply because they do most of the tasks traditionally done by web designers and web developers.

When talking about the importance of UX in web systems, Susan Dray said that if a user isn’t able to use a system, then that system doesn’t work and is bound to fail. Therefore, why don’t you contact UX/UI Design Agency today and see how best to improve your site through our impeccable UX designer services.