Why add a company to Google Maps and how to do it

By Roman Berezhnoi June 13, 2019 1.04K views

Why add a company to Google Maps and how to do it

Novadays, local SEO is the important part of company’s marketing. So, it’s very popular service that many SEO agencies provide to. F5 Studio provide this SEO service too.

Can you add your business to Google Maps by yourself? Yes, you can.

Google Maps service has become a part of the daily life of most Internet users. It is the most popular navigator in the world, where information is continuously supplemented and updated. Its users can get not only the cartographic data and public transport timetable, but also learn more about places of interest.

If you are providing either offline or online services, then adding your business to Google Maps will have a wealth of benefits for you. First, it will make you earn the confidence of your customers and make it easier for them to locate you. Second, it increases your chances to have more customers as Google Maps also provides a section for reviews, where your current customers can recommend your business and services based on their experience with your brand.

For example, our company provides services online, but we also have an office in the city and the link below clearly shows our location which is a sign of trustworthiness:

F5 Studio on Google Maps

In a word, knowing your location creates trust in your customers’ mind and assures them that they are dealing with real people and not online scammers.

How to add a company to Google Maps

Make it easy. To add your own location to the map, just go to the Google Maps service, right-click on the desired address and select “add a missing place”.

how to add company to google maps

Here you can specify the name, type of activity, as well as basic data:

  • schedule;
  • contacts;
  • link to the site;
  • a photo.

In general, it takes a few minutes to complete, then you will have to wait some time while the service checks the specified information. If there is any change, you will receive an email notification about it.

You can also add your company to Google Maps and manage your company data at the same time. To do this, register with Google My Business, and then enter your address on the map. We recommend it because in this way your detailed description and photo will appear not only on the map but also in the search for branded queries and activities.

add your company to Google Maps using Google My Business

Go to the service and create an account there, or select the item “add your business” in the maps.

Complete a simple company registration. After you write the address and also indicate that you want to make the data available to other users, and your company will automatically appear on the map. Further, confirm the data convenient for you.

Does registering with Google services affect search rankings?

The position of the site in the issuance will not grow simply due to the fact that you have registered with Google My Business. Alas, Google is still objective 🙂 But your data and photos will be displayed if someone enters the name of your company. And this is a good way to increase the number of transitions.

Example F5 Studio on Google Maps

There is also a little trick: use keywords when filling out a company card. It is important that card issuance is available for these keys, so you can get into the advanced search results not only by branded queries.

Regularly update information: add data about promotions and discounts, work with reviews, ask customers to leave ratings.

A competently filled company card is a great way to earn the trust and loyalty of customers before they reach the site. In this way, you can increase the number of clicks in Google search results and reduce the bounce rate. Behavioural indicators are one of the ranking factors, which means that registration with Google services can still indirectly affect your position.

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