Benefits of UI/UX Design for Startup Website

By Roman Berezhnoi September 1, 2020 372 views

Benefits of UI/UX Design for Startup Website

The user must have a good experience when visiting your website. That is why UX designer have to create a website in which the visitor feels comfortable and easy to perform specific actions: fill out a form, subscribe to a newsletter, or make a purchase. Investing in usability will give us a tremendous competitive advantage in real-time. Facing this digital need, entrepreneurs are searching for the professional website design services for startups at affordable prices.

However, it will not be enough to design a beautiful website. UX design is a complex process. As a preliminary step, you have to know the audience very well. You must know their profile, purposes, and objectives, preferences, level of involvement, etc. After collecting all this information, a prototype will be designed, and it will be given a specific interface design (UI). Subsequently, user tests will be carried out to evaluate if your page meets the objectives set. UI/UX design is an important part of web design. It is a complex process but has essential benefits for startup websites. That is why professional UI/UX design services are in high demand particularly among IT startups, Financial Technologies, Education Technologies, Health Care and Food. 

Difference between UI and UX design

There are specific terms that fall under the UI segment, such as ease of use, aesthetic of the design, the graphics, etc. UI is mainly focused on enhancing the looks of the application. A proper User Interface (UI) must be visually appealing and comfortable to operate. On the other hand, User Experience (UX) focuses on emotions, feelings, and preferences. It is related to the fact of how users feel while operating the application or website. UX Design can bring countless benefits, both for the user itself and for the business.

So when we talk about user experience (UX), we are referring to the way the client interacts with the website. On the other hand, the user interface (UI) is about the set of visual elements such as colors, textures, images, and forms that offer a more attractive web design, also more comfortable to understand. Therefore, in this article, we speak about some of these benefits that can bring significant competitive advantages to your product and startup website.

Improve the customer’s perception of your brand

Interacting with your page will be easy for users, and they will feel comfortable. Navigating through it will not involve any effort and will give you a reasonable degree of satisfaction. Navigation is an intuitive process. For this, it is essential to use usability patterns to which the user is accustomed. It will give the user a positive image of your brand and be more faithful. They will buy more from your site, and recommend it to other people and visit your site more often.

Therefore, it will also increase your online reputation. If customers have a good experience, they will help raise awareness of the brand. An intuitive layout will help customers find what they need faster.

Also, you better hire professionals in the brand design and logo design. A logo enhances business success significantly, especially when you grow your startup. Because it is a way to differentiate your business from competitors with visible graphic elements, which support your messages and image to bring your business closer to customers.

F5 Studio created a website for  the largest hairdressing salons in Ireland. It is preview of the full project presentation that shows website design and features on different devices on th black background
F5 Studio designed and developed a website for the largest hairdressing salons in Ireland.

Increase in sales

When we talk about online presence of a business, good usability will have a direct impact on the conversion rate of your website. On the Internet, it is essential to take care of the purchase process. It has to be short and straightforward without asking for unnecessary data. You must also inform users about the remaining steps to finalize the purchase. 

A well-designed checkout process is critical to reducing the number of cart abandonments. If you can improve this rate, you will get more sales and generate more revenue.

Experienced UX designers can modify design elements more efficiently. The good design allows web developers to define more clearly the development phases of a site. In other words, a good website design helps you to save money. Because the more clear the process, the less ineffective actions.

Cost reduction for startups

Good usability will make it easier for the user to reach the goal, especially in complex processes (SaaS products, FinTech). Ideally, the user will not have to review additional documentation or use help services. Providing the necessary information in a simple and integrated way will also minimize the number of subsequent incidents, as well as the queries to customer service. The user will stay longer if the website has good navigability and finds what they are looking for quickly and easily.

The key feature of F5 Studio’s web development services for startups is the ability to build a straightforward web product.

Products that meet users’ needs

With a well done UX Design, the products will meet the user’s real needs. If UI/UX designers are experienced, if they follow the design process, that focus of the project, the final product will naturally meet the user’s needs. And this will reflect on the business itself. If more people use it and more people like the product, the company will likely be more successful and profitable.

F5Studio UI/UX designers created unique design for a Moodja company
F5 Studio created new design, developed new website for Moodja.

Less touch-up on the final product

Since during the web site or web app planning and development process, UX Designer has the user as the center of the project, naturally, the web product will need less touch-up after being ready and after being released. UX Designer has tested the product even before its launch. This approach is cheaper and easier to correct product errors, since most problems are fixed during development, even in the drafting stage. A good UI/UX design improves efficiency and productivity. Errors will be eliminated, and therefore customers will stay. A usable page for mobile and computer will be much better rated by Google. As you know, Google announced a future ‘page experience’ update as SEO and UX increasingly overlap.F5 Studio website development agency has already integrated some practices in the web development process. Now our web specialists are continuing to improve the process to deliver successful web products. You can see, it is important, if you bet on organic traffic.

Less risk of getting out of scope

Once you have proper user experience planning, and you genuinely understand their needs, you will have a well-defined scope, with stable business and UX objectives. When the range is exceptionally well defined, it is tough to go wrong. And this avoids wasting money and time since the schedule and budget will also be well defined. With a great UX Design, you can develop more competitive products. And this is very important. The UX research phase means that you must know what the competition is doing and how your product will be "better" than theirs. That’s where you get ahead because you did an incredible and powerful benchmark and market analysis.

Optimize the route to boost ROI

Information architecture is a crucial subject in UX Design. What information is the user looking for first? How to offer information to the audience in the most transparent and fastest possible way? The aim is to optimize the layout of the experience to aid navigation and boost satisfaction. This consideration makes it possible to reduce the bounce rate because the information is easy to find, and the course is fluid.

The definition of an active user journey depends on the objective of the product/service and will generate different optimizations. However, combining UX into the design of your site creates a virtuous circle. The Google algorithm takes this factor into account in its natural referencing, and the site appears more in searches, which generates a relative increase in traffic and, therefore, potentially conversions.


In the fast-paced world of interconnectivity, it can be said that those who do not have a website do not exist. And it is also essential to understand and handle all concepts which we face daily in the digital environment. Two ideas that today are found in every conversation that surrounds the good practices of web design are UX and UI.

An excellent UX design can bring many benefits for the user and the business. With web development professionals, who understand UX planning and strategy, it is possible to reduce costs for web development, because the projects are better defined and follow a correct schedule, within a proper budget. If the UI/UX for a web product is right, you will have happy customers. Customer satisfaction will be much higher when the product is designed for a good user experience. By the way, right UI/UX design also generates a lot of savings, for example, the good UI/UX will reduce the burden on support teams and customer services.

So, the intelligent move is to hire a professional web development team. Their hourly rate seems expensive, but it’ll be worth it.

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