Even when people can’t read, they will remember signs

Karl Lagerfeld

In today’s highly competitive world, your business logo gives you a visual edge over other firms in your specific niche. Every good market plan, therefore, considers the creation of strong visual brand identity through tools such as logos.

A good brand mark or logo enhances significantly business success, especially when making entry into new markets. But some business owners mistakenly try to save on the cost of logo design. We strongly not recommend doing this.


Logo Designs Should Be Memorable

Many people remember a business not only by its name but also by its logo. Your logo should facilitate easy recall. This way onlookers will remember your product or business even after the quickest of glances. A customer is more likely to engage you in business if they can remember you.

Logos must be Memorable

An easy way of making a logo memorable is by designing it from a unique concept. Do not go for logo designs that have been overused especially by other key players in your niche. Pepsi and Coca-Cola have logos that are very distinct from each other and thus each is memorable to its customers. Chanel and Gucci, on the other hand, have logos that are quite similar and it isn’t uncommon for customers to confuse one with the other.


Keep the Logo Simple

Most appealing logos aren’t overly complicated. The concept from which your logo is built should be simple and concise. The design should be simple enough to give your audience a clean uncluttered sense of what you are all about. Think of successful companies with some of the most iconic logos such as Apple, Microsoft and Mercedes. Their logos are incredibly simple yet people still recognize and respect the companies behind those simple logos.


Choose the Logo Color Strategically

When working with people, emotions always have relevance to their behaviour and interaction. Colours have the unique ability to evoke emotions thus a clever use of colours when designing a logo will definitely promote business in the appropriate market group.
Orange is a colour that represents fun, enthusiasm and cheerfulness. Some psychologists have argued that it stimulates brain activity. An Orange logo is consequently excellent for a firm that wants to come out as friendly, cheerful and light-hearted. Fanta, Crush and Nickelodeon are examples of companies with orange logos.


The Logo Should Be Versatile

You probably will have your logo printed on a wide range of surfaces. The surface may be a small paper sticker or a large roadside billboard among many others. The details of your logo must always be visible irrespective of the surface used. If, for instance, you have a complicated logo that isn’t visible on a small stamp, then it’d be prudent to redesign the logo.

Good logos are also scalable. This means that the logo maintains its proportion whether it’s on a pen, t-shirt, mug or any other promotional merchandise for that matter. Remember also that the digital world is so diverse currently, so your logo will be viewed across different devices including mobile phones, tablets, iPads, PCs etc.

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The Logo Design Should Be Timeless

It’s ill-advised to redesign a logo after every short while. Doing so often confuses customers and leaves most of them directionless with regards to your brand. The logo design you choose should withstand the test of time and shouldn’t become outdated after a certain trend passes. Working with a skilled logo designer will help you create a logo that will never become obsolete. The scallop shell logo has been used by Shell Oil Company since 1904 and it’s never gone out of style.



Companies should try to create brand pictures that are visually striking and appealing to their targeted customers. A logo is one of the vital elements of this brand picture. Therefore, an excellent logo is a priceless asset. It is therefore important to streamline every logo design project to ensure that the final logo delivered is as compelling as it is formidable.