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Today’s online business environment is so healthy that every small business is encouraged to order a business website development. Don’t fall for the misguided notion that designing and supporting a successful ecommerce site is so expensive that it might hurt your profit margin. Recent studies, prove that innumerable businesses are reaping huge profits by selling their products online.
We recommend you start from understanding of who your buyers are (Define Your Ideal Customer Profile In These 7 Steps + How To Optimize Your e-Store To Attract These Highly Qualified Leads)

However, online commerce is very competitive that’s why, in this article, we will try to discuss some of the tried and tested tips which can help create great websites, generate more traffic, and thus give you a head start over your competitors.

Make Your Website as Interactive as Possible

If people simply visit your business site, browse for a couple of seconds and then leave, your online store is headed for a crash on the rocks of a failed business. You need to capture the attention of your visitors and make them stay on your website. This is what engagement is all about. There is a vast range of fun ways to engage your visitors. You could use visuals such as photos and videos, audio clips, online competitions, surveys or even offer freebies. However, the goal should grab a visitor’s attention and keep them on your site. Bearing in mind that today’s average shopper has a very short attention span, your website should be structured such that your engagement leads target customers to the intended offers.

F5 Studio designed and developed the ecommerce website that sells used devices, a couple (man and woman) on backtound symbolizes an ability to sell or to buy an used device in the easy way
See the full presentation of the F5Studio ecommerce project

Gives Your Store A Magnificent User Interface

Ensure that the e-commerce website developed for you lets a user achieve each and every goal so long as it is offered by your business. First of all, every piece of info that helps you sell your products should be readily and easily available to visitors. The information must also be concise and easy to understand. Next, customers should experience absolutely no problems browsing through your store. All links should be fast and highly responsive. Everything should be so straightforward that customers find what they want and make purchases in just a few clicks.

To order UI UX design service is a right solution that will make profit for your ecommerce website. Also you should order the banner design to attract more customers with an efficient website banners.

Nevertheless, every info on your site should be directed towards engaging customers and then make a sale easily and quickly.

Clarity in Communication Is Paramount

Your Website must be crystal clear about how your business can solve the challenges faced by your visitors. This way they build trust in your product/service. Filler content and fluff that fails to address the main concern of visitor may confuse and even drive away potential online customers. Be warned, it’s easy to get sucked into becoming a site that tells rather than a site that sells. Your communication ought to be goal-directed. Don’t simply tell visitors what you presume they need to hear; show them the results they need and demonstrate the value that your business gives them.

F5 Studio work of ecommerce project from Netherlands, the website sells bikes
The full presentation of a ecommerce project on F5 Studio’s Behance profile

Hire the Professionals

Unless you are extremely skilled and experienced in building e-commerce stores, it is unwise to DIY your online store. Some other people may even advise you that all you need is to log onto Shopify, WooCommerce or Magento to set up a superior e-commerce site. However, the success of any online store lies in having a high conversion rate. This conversion rate is highly influenced by your user interface, your site’s user experience, and your business’ marketing strategy.

A professional freelancer or website development agency will greatly boost these three aspects to help you achieve excellent conversions. You should thus enlist the help of a web development agency that knows and understands the ins and outs of web development for e-commerce stores. Such a specialist will help you design, build, launch and even scale a powerful website that generates remarkable sales.

If you have a tight budget but want to start your ecommerce business F5 Studio offer you to order Ecommerce businnes package. This business package means the ecommerce website development for fixed price, only $4,000.

Here are 5 proven ways to drive traffic to websites in 2019

  1. Promote your brand by making live broadcasts on Social Media

Making broadcast is very effective and can bring remarkable results. To draw the attention of your audience, think about topics that could benefit them in the first place. Let’s say you sell different type of bicycles, your broadcast should guide your audience on the appropriate bicycle to choose according to their various needs, and if possible teach them how to ride professionally. Add your website Url (a link to your site) to your broadcast so that anybody who follows it can click on the link and immediately get redirected to your website.  

Facebook Live, Instagram Live, YouTube are very popular and widely used for live broadcasts.

  1. Engage Influencers

Nowadays, there are ordinary people who have a great number of followers on Instagram or Facebook than some celebrities. Engaging such people in your business is advantageous in the sense that, it is easier to get in touch with them than real stars, and they can introduce your business to their large audience for quite a reasonable amount of money.

For example, if you created a facebook page for your business and you want to it, you can partner with an influencer in your niche and ask them to advertise your page. In the same, If you are selling some beautiful products on Instagram but lack an audience, you can look for a popular Instagram blogger and propose to barter your product for a post that they make on their page.

This kind of advertisement has proven to be efficient, even than Google AdWords in many cases. The most important thing is to choose the right audience or opinion leader. You can order F5 Studio social media marketing services to promote your ecommerce website.

  1. Optimize your Website to make it appear on the first page of Google.

Sites with large product catalogues are well advanced using contextual advertising and  Google AdWords. But owners lose hundreds of customers, focusing only on these ways of attracting an audience.

You might have heard the expression “SEO” before. The  Search Engine Optimization is a site optimization for search engines which includes on-page SEO, off-page SEO, tech SEO, SEO copywriting. It allows the website to appear on the first page of Google when a search query is entered. Some people believed that in 2019 it makes no sense to optimize online shopping for the keys since getting to the top of google page is unrealistic.

Take advantage of this misconception, hire an SEO expert and a good copywriter to optimize your site, promote it and appear on top of the first page of Google, while your competitors do not believe in SEO.

  1. Set up Facebook and Googlwe My Business to target your local community.

If you’re promoting a business like a cafe, a  beauty salon, a barbershop, or any other local businesses, you surely want to target the people in your community first. So customize your advertisement settings on Facebook in a way to cover a given range(1 or 2 km from your business area) in your community. Then attract more customers or audience by making discounts. For instance, you can add a secret code to your advertisement and offer a discount to everybody who comes to your shop and has that secret code.

Add your company to Google My Business listing.

  1. Offer a free package to attract, and a paid package once the customer sees the result.

You see on the Internet hundreds of direct offers for money to learn German in 30 days, learn to play the guitar in a week, or build a website in 10 minutes. These sales techniques are outdated and fail because many people tend to avoid them as they believe they’re deceptive.

Now the game has changed. So to attract more customers to your products you need to build sales funnels.

Of course you can use modern marketing techniques as FOMO-marketing and others.

Let your audience see the usefulness of your product. Allow your them to try your product and see the result. Thereafter, you can offer the paid package.

This is the most effective way to attract thousands of people willing to buy from you.

These 5 above-mentioned techniques are not new, but they work and bring results to those who apply them. It is just a matter of choice.


A good online commerce website is worth a hundred salespeople because it can serve thousands of people on a daily basis when it is fully optimized. Your E-commerce sells for you 24/7 even when you are out of your office, however, to drive more traffic to your site and increase sales, you need to consider the five methods discussed above.

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