How to create a page for a business website

By Roman Berezhnoi July 28, 2020 1.13K views

How to create a page for a business website

Everyone knows that a company need a corporate website to have a presence on the Web. To help entrepreneurs take the right steps in the business world, we present this guide on how to create a perfect page for the business website.

F5 Studio experts of a corporate website development wrote these tips, and they will help you to grow your business. Of course you should understand buyer’s decision process to help your visitors buy or to make an actions on the page.

The perfect page must have a descriptive headline

What do you offer? If it is not clear, then you are losing potential clients at each moment. So, to avoid any unpleasant situation, the header of the page must be descriptive. Clients must not take more than a few seconds to understand what you offer and how you offer.

Why let them scroll and scan the whole text? Let them understand at the very beginning: what you offer and how you can help them. For example: “we offer excellent service near you” – can you understand which service is referred to? “WE OFFER THE BEST SERVICES NEAR YOU AT REASONABLE PRICE” – now this makes sense.

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Give preference to focused keywords for better engagement

Clients search for services all the time. A defined and focused keyword is essential for a business website as the business page is easier to optimize. How will people find your brand if they don’t know your brand? Apart from making the header descriptive, you must include the key phrase in it. Also you should use keywords in the body text.

Professionally planned B2B page is search optimized with a complete structure: Title tag, Header <h1> tag, and body text. Remember this simple formula: make your business page transparent and professional. In return, you will get visitors and gain their trust.
But you should avoid over-optimizing a text content of the page. 

F5 Studio SEO specialists use own methodology that based on the natural language processing technology (NLP) and the theory of a semantic search to create a quality textes.

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Visual identity is very crucial to your B2B website

Having a clear idea of what you want to offer your potential customers to ensure that they can easily identify your business page. Don’t complicate things by trying to accomplish something that has already been done. It is better to use pre-existing templates rather than using something that does not reflect your business or service. You don’t need to start from scratch.

Visual identity differentiates (logo, banner, awards, partnerships, certifications, etc.) your brand from the competitors. An image is said to be worth a thousand words. It is more than a visual identity: a global trust.

Apart from the heading, the subheads have true meaning

Now you have the attractive heading, which explains your service. But it is not all. Apart from having a cool and attractive heading, your business contents must have proper subheadings. Subheads keep the potential visitors flowing through the content. The introduction must be crispy. It must tell exactly what you want to say to your clients—nothing extra and nothing less.

If they find it interesting, they will read it further. Often, visitors get no time to read the 700 words contents. But, they see the heading, introduction, and subheadings. Instead of vogue subheads, if the subheadings are meaningful, the visitors will keep reading the details. They will not slow down, and there will be less bouncing rate.

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Answers to a visitor’s questions

The visiting a page of a business website is the same thing as a selling process. Visitors have a questions to your company. What they do? How they do? Is it the right place for me?
It is important to create selling points to answer all questions of your visitors. You can read about how to find your target audience.

So a perfect page is your sales assistant.

Short paragraphs and plenty of formatting

After a proper heading, subheads, and key phrase, here comes another important aspect: formatting of the contents. Nothing will work if you make the business page bulky and dense. There must not be any long paragraphs.

Remember, you invest in digital marketing not to publish essays, but readable contents with short paragraphs, which get read and solve queries. If your contents are not informative and easy to read, readers will simply leave a page to move on competitor’s website.

Competition for attention is fierce. Follow this method: paragraphs not more than 4 lines. Add some space to make it readable. Make the page neat and clean: bullet and numbered lists, bold and italics, internal links, readable words, and several images, etc. It’s up to the writer, but the web designer helps.

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Using videos related to service is mandatory

Want to let your visitors understand what service you provide and how? The most important thing is to have high-quality videos on your service page because otherwise, you will not get the results you are looking for. Never upload images or videos that do not reflect your service. The videos must be related to your service page. Although it is not mandatory to upload HD videos. Leave it if you feel unnecessary. Instead, you can upload short videos, maybe a video message from you to your visitors. It gives confidence.

If possible, try to incorporate the client’s testimonials

What could be more important than someone else approves of what you do? It generates great confidence and trustability among your potential visitors. However, if you’re just getting started, conducting a market survey is suggested. Going live without having the testimonials is not what you want. If you have potential clients, let them say the words. You must showcase your potential clients and their feedbacks online to ensure your robust presence. The testimonials can be video or text.

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Statistics is also important to showcase the brand

Publishing testimonials is not always easy for brands. There can be several reasons. But, there must be alternative evidence. You can simply highlight your business details on your business page. Publishing business data is very crucial, and it attracts new clients. Data about your business or the value of your services can help nudge the visitor toward conversion.

There are many things you can add to show: years of operating business, number of clients / successful projects, details about the team members, investments, annual returns, etc. If you don’t have evidence that shows “yes, your brand can be trusted,” no one will take the brand seriously.

Conclusion – Do not forget to have the call to action

Don’t just end your sales page with the traditional “lead generation” option. It is very common. Why don’t you try something else? Instead of offering a CTA implicitly, you can think of these: scroll backward and next, top of the site, click the contact, hit the back button, close the tab, etc.
The important thing is to have at least one option so that you can show visitors that you are waiting for them. It shows the value. A great call to action triggers demand.

For more information, consult with professionals who specialize in corporate website development

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